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We are living in the technology era and because of that, our kids can spend fun time as we never had imagined. Thanks to latest gadgets and video games, kids are heading to a less active lifestyle. Now here comes the best part, with advanced and safe Dirt Bikes for Kids, not only your kids will fall in love with riding but you will also have the amazing time with Dirt Bikes.

Now when it comes to selecting dirt bikes for kids, parents are often concerned about the safety features and also which size dirt bike to select. Not only this I have seen many parents who want every detail related to the bike, they are planning to buy.

How to Ride a Dirt Bike-Beginner’s guide to Ride like a Pro

This is a good approach, you must know all the features of the bike when you plan to buy one. It is always a hectic yet enjoyable task to select best-suited dirt bike for your kid. Now here at Last Cart, we have given every detail that parents must know about dirt bikes.  Now it is never easy to choose the right dirt bike but after going through this website, you will find it quite easy.

How is Dirt Biking benefiting your kids?

Dirt biking is not just another way to ‘have fun’. It does much more than that. It has a lot of health benefits for your child that he can relish with pleasure and a high sense of self-esteem.

Some of the benefits for Dirt Bikes for Kids are listed as follows;

  • Your child will develop a sound muscle strength. While you master the art of gripping the handlebars of your bike the right way, you exert on a higher level and hence your body strength naturally increases.
  • You greatly enhance your stamina while riding a dirt bike. You have to constantly maintain a stable body posture, which requires a lot of energy. You also use your muscles to drive the dirt bike for longer periods of time. As you ride more and more, you find out you have an increased stamina for physical exertion within you.
  • Your child will experience a mood booster that will enhance his overall mood in daily life. It is a therapeutic activity. Your child will feel thrilled, adventurous and happy while riding a bike while this thrilling activity will also maintain a sound blood circulation in his/her body. Endorphins and dopamine that are natural mood enhancers are also released in the body while dirt biking.
  • Riding a dirt bike regularly will help your child learn how to implement strategies in his daily life as well. He will learn patience, as a lot of patience is required to ride a dirt bike while maintaining the right body posture through every bump and hurdle.

Dirt biking has a lot of profits, let us learn more about them! Keep reading!

Electric Dirt Bike for Kids:

While these are the many benefits of riding a dirt bike, there are quite a lot of good things that come out of riding an electric dirt bike for kids. Electric bikes are so much better, comfortable, safer and convenient for kids to ride. You just have to charge the batteries, and your kid is good to go. The weight bearing capacity of an electric dirt bike is commendable, with highly advanced designs incorporated within their structures.

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An electric dirt bike will have your children have a real motorized vehicle experience that will help them compete with other kids as well. Maintaining an electric dirt bike is also much stress-free as compared to other dirt bikes. Read detailed article on Electric Dirt Bike for Kids.

I remember once we all had to shift into a house located near the hills. While it was a beautiful area, it also had a lot of unpaved roads. That is when we first made the decision of buying the first dirt bike for my nephew. My nephew was a total crack-head for bikes. He loved adventures and all he wanted to do was to explore the world around him. We thought it would be a nice gesture to gift him something that would actually benefit him in reaching his dream or goal of exploring the world.

When we first decided to buy him a bike, we were pretty confused about what to buy him and what not to. We read a lot of articles and finally had some sense of what to look for in a good and safe dirt bike. With the help of Google and a lot of our colleagues, we manage to buy the first electric dirt bike for our nephew. Since then, my nephew and the dirt bike have been inseparable. He has grown up to be an aspiring dirt biker, giving us a lot of insight about appropriate dirt bikes for all weights and ages. 110cc Dirt Bikes are a good choice for kids 9-10 years of age. 

2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke Dirt Bikes– Detailed Guide with comparison charts.

Since I had a lot of trouble finding the perfect dirt bike for beginners, I want to save the rest of the people that sweating. I remember how I had to read a lot of articles, which ended up to be fake or spam. I also had a lot of difficulties choosing the right size of the dirt bike for my nephew. I was new to the business so it was definitely not an easy ride for me. This is why it decided to write this article, in order to help every little dirt biker’s parents in choosing the right equipment for their kids. You can always customize your dirt bike and that too at home.

Read this guide about Places to Ride Dirt Bikes, for all those riders who don’t own their own track or who are looking for some real adventure. I love trail riding and for that purpose, I use my 450cc dirt bike. Always maintain a regular oil change for your dirt bike.

Let us move further as I provide you with my personal insight on some of these best brands of dirt bikes for kids. While brands are extremely important, because they ensure a person’s trust in the quality, durability, and efficiency of the product, one must not entirely rely on brands. Keep your dirt bike, well maintained if you want it to run for years.

Top 5 Brands of Electric Dirt Bike for Kids-Dirt Bikes for Kids


This is hands-down the best brand for electric dirt bikes for kids. It has a greater battery capacity, with a fairly decent weight bearing capacity in all of their advanced designs. They ace their bike’s looks and also are pretty good with the performances of their dirt bikes. Razor is not only a well-established brand, but it is also very popular for its provision of excellent quality dirt bikes for kids for years. This popular brand was established in 2000, and since then they have managed to sweep away the hearts of their buyers with advanced technologies incorporated into their bike designs. Read here about: Razor MX350 vs MX400.

2-Jetson Jr. Mini:

Their bikes feature simple yet unique designs. These bikes come in fairly decent price ranges, making them economical while also non-compromising on the quality of their building materials and performances. The tires of their bikes feature a sturdy grip and traction on the ground, adding to the safety of your child. Their dirt bikes are not only lightweight with enhanced driver’s ease but are also stylish looking and trendy! Most of their electric dirt bikes can run for a whole 10 miles, on one single battery recharge. I have riders who used led light bars, I would suggest using street-legal led lights.

3-Pulse Performance:

This brand features dirt bikes with top-notch speed and extra security. They use stainless steel as their building material which further certifies their good quality performance. These electric dirt bikes are durable, with added features. They feature various bright colors to choose from when it comes to their electric dirt bikes. You can make a style statement there too!

4-Monster Moto:

This Company has set really high standards for other companies to match when it comes to their customer care services. Not only do they believe in quality, but they also know how to make their products look desirable in terms of their price ranges and added features. Make your little adventurer shriek with excitement with these beautiful and absolutely amazing electric dirt bikes for kids.


These bikes are especially famous for being extra durable. Who does not like to pay for something that has the potential to last for a while? Their durability, along with the sturdiness of these bikes has made everyone drool over their designs. 

While all of these brands are great manufacturers of some of the best dirt bikes, but there are also other brands that have manufactured specific electric dirt bikes with amazing features. Such as Tao Tao and Black Widow. These two brands have efficiently manufactured some of the best electric dirt bikes for kids to ride on!

Dirt bikes can be such a great friend for kids. And also a great productive activity for them to indulge in. Instead of lying around and wasting their time on the internet, or some games on their smartphones, it is always more pleasant to spend some time outside. Some studies have suggested that seeing the sky is also therapeutic. Our kids need to go and participate in outdoor play more often. It is proved to be good for their mental capabilities, along with their physical capabilities. Children learn how to implement strategies, and get physically and mentally stronger with such types of play, like dirt bike riding.

Dirt Bike Sizes;

While many dirt bikes come in various sizes, be it electric or not, one must always know and identify the right size for them. I remember I once almost bought a wrong sized bike for another nephew. Different dirt bikes, support different weights and heights. Usually, a dirt bike comes with a chart that notifies the buyer on its technical details. These technical details state which age, weight, and height is this specific dirt bike suitable for. If you are unable to find such an instruction manual or guide, read here for details about Dirt Bike Sizing Guide.

Dirt Bike Helmets;

Safety comes first. You have to always ensure a protected ride on your dirt bike. This is why it is extremely important that you have the right equipment for it. A helmet ensures a much safer and harmless dirt bike ride. This is why you should always wear the right helmet. Make sure the helmet is not too tight or too lose, and also make sure it allows the decent amount of air to pass through it so you do not feel de-oxygenated. This will not only make you uncomfortable but will also decrease your stamina and affect your overall performance on your dirt bike in a negative way. This is why you should put some thought into the process of choosing your helmet for dirt biking. Read here about: Helmet Size Chart

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