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2 Stroke Dirt Bike Maintenance

2 Stroke Dirt Bike Maintenance

Maintaining a dirt bike takes a lot of time if you just do things haphazardly. 5 Years back when I started my dirt bike journey, I had limited knowledge of maintenance of dirt bikes and it was not until I bought a brand new 2 stroke dirt bike.

My old bikes were having issues starting up and this was all due to my negligence and with this 2 stroke dirt bike, I decided to make my own schedule and checklist for 2 stroke dirt bike maintenance.

Dirt bikes are similar to cars and require maintenance at regular intervals. Almost every rider knows about air filter and oil change, but my questions is, That’s it? 2 stroke dirt bike requires much more than that.

If you do not follow a regular pattern for maintaining your dirt bike you may end up spending thousands of dollars for replacement of expensive parts.

For maintaining a 2 stroke dirt bike, check the engine for oil leakage, access tires, suspension, plastic frames, check bearings, nuts, and bolts, keep the air filter clean. Use good lubrication for cables. Maintain a regular schedule for maintenance of 2 stroke dirt bike.

One of the benefits of a 2 stroke dirt bike is the process of maintenance, it is so easy with a 2 stroke engine. But I always recommend following instruction manual that comes with the bike. Follow all instructions step by step and you are good to go.

2 Stroke Dirt Bike Maintenance

Here, I will share what I do to maintain my 2 stroke dirt bike. Now many of us just leave the 2 stroke dirt bike after any event without a proper inspection. I suggest accessing your dirt bike in detail after every event and don’t leave it like that.

It may cost less if you keep replacing broken parts and maintaining a healthy inspection routine.  Below is the list of contents that I will cover in 2 stroke dirt bike maintenance section.

Check Oil

Now you must understand one thing, you should never leave a dirt bike with used oil in the case during the winter season. If you are planning to put a hold of riding and freezing it for winter, better check for oil status in the crankcase.

If you just took out the dirt bike after a winter season and you forgot to empty the oil, change it immediately.  If you have left it with the fresh oil access the levels before you head out for a ride.

I must mention about the fork oil, it too requires the change at regularly prescribed intervals. By doing so you will not only extend the life of fork and seals but your dirt bike will run better and in a controlled manner.

Cleaning Cables and Lubrication

The whole control mechanism of a 2 stroke dirt bike depends on the cables that are scattered all around the bike. Among the important are clutch, throttle and braking cables. I would suggest cleaning the cables after every ride to prevent any damage to the dirt bike.

Not only this but you must lube all the cables at a regular interval and it will extend the functional life of your dirt bike.

To, lubricate dirt bike cables, you should disconnect the cables from the plug carefully and clean it from one end to the other before you use lube. After adding proper lubrication, re-connect the cables with the plug and you are good to go. Lubrication not only prevent the dust and mud but it also prevents wear and tear that normally starts after some time.

Maintaining 2 Stroke Dirt Bike Chain and Sprocket

Remember never to ride on dry chains and sprockets. If you want a smooth ride, always go for well-lubricated chains. This will not only increase the functional life of the chain and sprockets but you will also have a smooth riding experience with knocking off the chains.

Keep looking for any sort of wear and tear in the chains of 2 stroke dirt bike and if you observe any significant tear, replace the chain immediately to avoid an accident.

I will suggest checking dirt bike chain lubrication every time you leave for an event or far-off places for trail riding. I like waterproof lube for the 2 stroke dirt bike chains it will not wash away while you maintain it.

Air Filter Maintenance

Fresh air is a must for the 2 stroke dirt bike to run properly and dirty air filter will damage the engine. Remember air can only enter the engine via air filter and the main purpose of the air filter is to trap the dust particles etc.

Now if the air filter is already worn out, it will severely damage the function of the engine which may end in the total collapse of the engine. Keep dirt bike air filter clean and soaked with oil and it will keep your dirt bike engine smooth.

Fortunately, I have already written a detailed article on cleaning dirt bike air filter. I have also added step by step guide for new riders on cleaning the air filter. Give it a read and if you still have any question, write in the comment section.

Don’t forget to soak it with air filter oil, once you are done cleaning the air filter. If you need to take the dirt bike to the mechanic, I recommend transporting dirt bike with a trailer.

Pipe Maintenance

Again an important step in 2 stroke dirt bike maintenance, check the outer surface of the pipe for any dirt or rust. You need to maintain the pipe and it should be cleaned off any sort of mud or dirt that can eventually result in rusting.

Now checking the rubber ring that is present at the junction of exhaust and cylinder, it should always be properly sealed. Access the seal and if you are in any sort of doubt, replace the ring. You can use WD-40 after cleaning to prevent corrosion and rusting of the pipe.

2 Stroke Spoke Maintenance and Tightening

For this you will need a dedicated spoke wrench, normally riders have it in their maintenance kit. Now for tightening the spoke, you have to to be patient and work slowly to ensure best outcomes. For my readers and visitors of lastcart.co, I will a technique for tightening of spokes.

You cant tighten all spoke, in one go, so go for every third spoke and you will complete the process in 3 rounds. Access all the spoke patiently and if you need, go back and start from the beginning.

Carburetor Maintenance

One of the first part of any 2 stroke dirt bike to fail, if not maintained properly. As the engine runs, it causes fumes and gases can leave their residue on the carburetor.

This can result in the failing of carburetor and eventually, dirt bike engine will not work smoothly. For a better and smooth riding experience, always maintain carburetor regularly.

Maintaining Plastic Frames

Dirt bike frames are normally made of plastic and there is a reason for that. The main purpose of these plastic frames is to protect you and dirt bike from the dirt, mud, and debris. You will always thank these plastic frames in any crash event. You can always customize your dirt bike with designed frames, now these colorful stickers come in all sizes.

For a better and longer life of these plastic frames, these should be cleaned off any sort of dirt or mud immediately after any event.  Regular cleaning will prevent fading of the plastic and these will look new for a long time to come.

Reed Maintenance

Essential or a 2 stroke dirt bike, reed maintenance is among the top when it comes to maintaining a dirt bike. I will suggest accessing and carefully monitor the outer surface and corners of the reed that are located within the reed cage.

Whenever you feel problems in starting a 2 stroke dirt bike, immediately check the reeds. If the problem still persists then replace the reed pedals.

Check Spark Plug

I always recommend having a spare spark plug whenever you go for a ride. If there is a problem you can easily replace it with the new spark plug. For far-off places, you must take a spare plug with you.

Maintain Good Coolant

If you ever ride in the summer then having a good coolant in the radiator is a must. Now if you are starting a bike after a while, its better to check the coolant level and access radiator. You don’t want to end up with a heated engine.

Grease Bearings

Check the bearings for lubrication and if need you can use grease to properly lube them. Good and maintained bearings are essential for a longer functional life of the dirt bike. Read this guide about differences among 2 stroke and 4 stroke dirt bikes.

Check Nuts and Bolts

If you planning to put down dirt bike for a while or starting it after a while, it is strongly recommended to access the nuts and bolts. You may need to tighten a few nuts here and there.

But it is better for a safe journey and good for the structure of the dirt bike. You don’t want nuts hanging when you ride.

Brakes Maintenance

Remember that, “you have to go slow to go faster”, now this implies here, you have to access the brakes immediately before starting any event. Start the dirt bike and accelerate and then brake.

You may need to bleed the brakes to keep them in good condition. If you are into trail riding and also enjoys desert riding, you should go with a well-maintained dirt bike.

Tire Maintenance

If you want dirt bikes tires to stay in a good condition for long, then always put a dirt bike on a stand in your garage. In this way, tires will not touch the ground and they have will be safe.

Also keep tires properly inflated, if they are not inflated as per recommendations, wear and tear will start early. Cracked tires must be replaced with new ones. If you love trail riding, always use crack free tires. Always add a kill switch for dirt bike security.

Final Words

I have given all the necessary details for 2 stroke dirt bike maintenance. Follow this guide and you will always enjoy the trouble-free ride. Always wear safety gear with helmet whenever you ride a dirt bike. Feel free to contact me if you have any question, you can use the comment section below.

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