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2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke- Detailed Guide with Comparison Charts

2 stroke Vs 4 stroke Dirt bikes

2 stroke versus 4 stroke is a never-ending, popular debate that is still continued. A complete difference between two stroke and four stroke dirt bike will be discussed here. Although their difference is quite clear but it totally depends on you that which one you want to take.

Be ready to read this interesting hot topic from which you get a clear-cut comparison between these engines and after that you will be able to choose the better one for you.

How does the engine work?

First of all, my readers should know that what is a stroke. It is basically the movement of the piston in the engine.

The basic difference between 2 strokes and 4 strokes is that, if the piston moves two times in a cylinder, it means that the engine is 2 stroke and if the piston moves 4 times in a cylinder than it is obvious that the engine is 4 stroke. The difference between 2 strokes vs 4 stroke dirt bike is quite obvious yet the difference is described here because it totally depends upon you that which engine dirt bike you want to take.

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To calm down the debate between them, we have also given the comparison chart between 2 stroke and 4 stroke dirt bike so that you people may get our point of view because comparing these both engines of the dirt bike have been a hobby of dirt bike riders.

2 Stroke Vs 4 Stroke Dirt Bike Comparison Chart

So, here’s the comparison chart for you people by which you can get a more clear idea about the difference in the 2 and 4 stroke engines of the dirt bikes because I have mentioned here, a lot of things about both of these engines which will highlight all the aspects of two and four-stroke engines. 2 stroke vs 4 stroke differences is also mentioned in the comparison chart.

Characteristics 2 Stroke Dirt Bike 4 Stroke Dirt Bike
FunctionsCompression and combustionIntake, compression, combustion and exhaust
Power handlingEasyDifficult
Torque productionHigh torqueLess torque
MaintenanceLess requiredMore required
Crankshaft revolutionOne revolutionTwo revolutions
Fuel passageUses port for fuel inlet and outletUses valve for fuel inlet and outlet
Thermal efficiencyLessMore
PowerHigh power to weight ratioLess power to weight ratio
FlywheelRequire lighter flywheelRequire heavier flywheel
LubricationEasy lubrication, oil mix with fuelComplicated lubrication, yet better than others, keeps everything finely lubricated
Oil requirementMore lubricating oil requiredLess lubricating oil required, separate compartment for crankcase oil
NoiseCreate more noiseLess noise, eco friendly
Efficient engineLess efficientMore efficient
Environmental ImpactBad effect, creates more smokeGenerates less smoke
ManufacturingEasy manufacturingComplicated manufacturing
QualityBecause of poor lubrication, more wear and tearLess wear and tear of moving parts
Engine repairingEasy to repairDifficult to repair because of complex structure
UsageMostly used in scooters, ships, mopeds and motorcycles etcMostly used in cars, trucks, buses and other automobiles.
Fuel consumptionMore fuel consumptionLess fuel consumption
Coverage areaEngine requires less spaceEngine requires more space
Cooling systemEngine runs hotter earlier so it has air cooling systemThis engine runs cooler than others and is water cooled
Engine designSimple due to absent valve mechanismComplicated due to valve mechanism
OutputFresh charge mix with hot burnt gases that gives less outputComplete charge intake along with full burnt gases exhaust gives more output
Engine priceCheapExpensive

So, first of all, I will explain these engines completely one by one and then we will move towards their comparison chart.

2 Stroke Engine Dirt Bike

The basic and main functions of 2 stroke dirt bike engine are compression and combustion. So, this engine will be very convenient and easy to use for a new dirt bike rider because of just two primary and easy functions. 2 stroke engine will need only 1 combination exhaust and intake to perform a power stroke and crankshaft rotates only once in 2 stroke engine. 

I will personally recommend choosing the 2 stroke engine dirt bike because their operation makes the dirt bike much lighter and simpler than many other heavy bikes and this could be the best option for the beginners also. Although the 2 stroke engines are very easy to use but let me tell you that they also require a proper maintenance and if you are not so good in properly maintaining this engine that it would not work for you well. 

Another important and convenient thing is that the 2 stroke is very much simple in its designing and having 30-50 % of the simpler parts that are easy to maintain and is much cheaper than the 4 stroke engine. So it’s a good thing because you will not have to invest much more money in this. Along with this, 2 stroke engine is easier to clean of water.

2 stroke engine dirt bikes are very much lighter in weight and faster as compared to the dirt bikes with 4 stroke engine which makes them a good choice for the dirt bike riders and also for beginners because they can control this safe and simple engine with ease. 2 stroke engines are easy to manufacture also and they require lighter flywheel as compared to the 4 stroke dirt bike engines.

The engine that is 2 strokes can be easily lubricated because of the lubrication oil mixed with the fuel but they also required more lubricating oil because some of its oil gets burnt along with the fuel while in operation that is not so good. 

On the other hand, these bikes are also difficult to manage because their two-stroke engine requires more and more shifting, but as a solution, you can easily increase the speed by applying more power.

4 Stroke Engine Dirt Bike

4 stroke engine is an internal combustion engine. In this engine, crankshaft requires two revolutions. It has 4 essential steps for the four distinct piston strokes that are;

  • Intake
  • Compression
  • Power
  • Exhaust

These engines are very much efficient than the two-stroke engines and make less noise that will keep the people happy around you and also you would love its quietness. Along with this, the two-stroke engine makes very less smoke, so it is completely eco-friendly.

Four stroke engines are very much convenient and have a smoother power band which makes them easy to handle especially for the beginners. They have a controlled power system and hence more convenient to ride and have very clean emissions. So more good to use for the beginners.

This engine does not require any extra oil to add to the fuel. Although it has a complicated fuel system truly it keeps everything lubricated because it has a separate compartment of oil inside it to keep everything frictionless. Four stroke engine gives completely excellent and efficient performance even during trail riding.

You will spend pretty much less time to worry about its shifting, clutch, and brakes because more parts are moving inside and itself performing a lot of functions in this four-stroke engine, that is very convenient and require less effort to ride. Also, these things make four-stroke engines, ideal and perfect for trail riding. 

On the other hand, the four-stroke engine is heavier than the two-stroke engine because of many of the moving parts inside it. Just because of the inclusion of many moving parts, 4 stroke engine requires more money as well in case of repairing and overall price of this engine is costly when compared to the two-stroke dirt bike engine. 

This engine is difficult to manufacture but very convenient to use. Most of the dirt bike riders having both of the 2 stroke engine and the four-stroke engine bikes, often say that four-stroke dirt bike is very much easy to ride, maneuver and control. You can always customize your dirt bike for a better performance.

2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke Difference

Here, comes the major differences between the two and four stroke engines that will let you get a better idea about them and enable you to make a choice among them that which engine dirt bike you want to take.

choose wisely and as per your requirements. Below I have mentioned 2 stroke vs 4 stroke difference. So, here we go;

  • 2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke Power

The power stroke is an engine operating stroke and definitely, in a four-stroke engine, it has some of the things improved in this. So in the case of the comparison between the 2 strokes and the 4 stroke engine, the four-stroke engine got an upper hand because of its good power performance.

The main reason of saying this is that many of the latest versions of the 4 stroke dirt bike are very shows very amazing performance and dirt bike riders are showing their sole interest in this engine in these times. 

Absolutely, you should never get confused about their powers because 2 stroke engine also provides a high power performance. It is such high power that it is not said as good when comes to the handling and controlling of such a powerful engine bike while riding on the rough terrains or while trail riding. 

Advancements in the new technology and thousands of dirt bikers preference has made us to write that four-stroke engine is the good one. Because when it comes to the power management and handling, then it is sure that 4 stroke engine provides the properly managed and an improved power system. Don’t forget to add a kill switch in your dirt bike.

  • Oil mixing of 2 strokes vs 4 stroke 

4 stroke engine is pretty much good in lubricating the whole inner parts and avoiding any kind of friction. As it has the separate compartment for the crankcase oil and utilizes very less lubricating oil yet keep each and every inner part finely lubricated. Although it has a complicated lubrication system comparative to the two-stroke engine. Yet 4 stroke is still better enough than the 2 stroke engine. 

While 2 stroke engine has no direct crankcase lubrication system. It just needs a lot of oil to lubricate and work properly. Along with this, 2 stroke has always the requirement for oil to be added with the fuel. Always wear protective gear with a helmet whenever you ride a dirt bike, for kids, I recommend a 50cc dirt bike. I recommend going through this dirt bike sizes guide to select the best dirt bikes for kids.

  • Handling of 2 stroke vs 4 stroke 

Talking about the handling of both of these engines, 2 stroke engine dirt bike is very much easy to handle and control. Because 2 stroke engine is much lighter in weight and thing made them superior while in case of handling as compared to the four-stroke engine dirt bikes. 4 stroke engine has many parts moving inside it which makes it very heavy and a little bit difficult to control.

But this handling issues can be easily resolved by using the good suspension kits or by aftermarket parts available. 

  • The efficiency of 2 stroke vs 4 stroke 

Four stroke engines come at the top while discussing the efficiency of two and four stroke engines of dirt bikes. Four stroke engine is pretty more efficient and generates very less smoke as compared to the two-stroke engine because for example if you are starting your 2 stroke dirt bike in your garage then everything around you will become smoky and it will not only irritate you but also to the people living near your house.

So the four-stroke dirt bike is more efficient and produces no hydrocarbons in the air, means that it is completely environment-friendly, Along with this, 4 stroke dirt bikes are also free from noise pollution.

  • Repair of 2 stroke vs 4 stroke 

Both of the engines, 2 stroke and 4 stroke have their comparison in repairing too and it is quite obvious that 2 stroke dirt bike is very much easy to repair because you know that it has very less moving parts as compared to the heavy four-stroke engine.

If you are buying a used dirt bike, you must be familiar with repairing techniques. I have met riders who were struggling to start their used dirt bike. I suggest using a trailer if you need to visit the local mechanic.

So, in case of easy and fast repairing, 2 stroke engine acquire the upper hand completely. because of its easy manufacturing, the repairing also takes less time and most important of all, very less money.

You can easily repair the 2 stroke engine of your dirt bike in just a few bucks. So, repair of 2 stroke is very cheap while 4 stroke repairing will cost you more with a lot of time also because it has a lot of moving parts and it takes time to repair such a complex system.

  • Maintenance of 2 stroke vs 4 stroke

The difference in both of the engines of 2 stroke and 4 stroke is not much. But when we talk about the maintenance, 2 stroke engine is always a winner.

As you are now clear that 2 stroke engine has very few parts and is very much lighter. This point clears the thing that because of these factors, it is obvious that 2 stroke engines is easy and comfortable to maintain. 

While on the other hand, complex manufactured 4 stroke engine with many moving parts is difficult to maintain. So, the four stroke engine requires more maintenance and two stroke engine requires less maintenance that makes the 2 stroke engine better than 4 stoke. I suggest maintaining your dirt bike after every off-road ride if you like to travel to far-off places, go with a good engine. Read this if you are planning to true your dirt bike wheels.

  • Torque of 2 stroke and 4 stroke 

While talking about the high-efficiency torque, 2 stroke engine can generate a high torque. So that’s why in case of high torque production, two strokes is good but in most of the thing,s 4 stroke is better than 2 stroke engine.

While on the other hand 4 stroke dirt bike engine can generate less torque in comparison to 2 stroke engine dirt bike.

  • 2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke Engine

Putting all the differences between the 2 stroke engine and the 4 stroke engine aside, the personal preference is something which matters the most. So if you are interested to take the 2 stroke dirt bike than go for it but if you want to select the 4 stroke engine dirt bike for you, then you should go for this also, means it totally depends upon you that which one you are interested in and want to take according to your preferences. 

2 stroke engines are very lightweight which along with the other mentioned factors that make it a good choice but they are extremely powerful and difficult to handle on the rough terrains. Through these pros and con,s you can select one regarding to the things that you want to see in your engine.

If you do not like the noisy and non-manageable engine then do not select the 2 stroke and if you like a lightweight engine, you can go for it. I hope I have cleared all major differences among 2 stroke vs 4 stroke engine.

4 stroke engine is extremely eco friendly, easy to control on rough terrains and a powerful manageable performance but everything has some of its good and bad things. Also, the 4 stroke engines are very much heavy and have less torque.

4 stroke engine gives you a maximum power output and is highly efficient. Oil lubricating system of four stroke is complicated yet pretty much good enough to keep everything properly lubricated. Read here about: Razor MX350 vs MX400.

Since now, I will just say that it totally depends upon you people that which one do you like the most and which engine dirt bike you want to select for yourself. Go for quality tires, if you are love desert riding. For desert riding always check air filter for a trouble-free ride.

Final Words:

Still, this argument between the 2 stroke Vs 4 stroke Dirt Bikes is never ending but definitely, now we need to sum it up. I hope that this detailed article have cleared your mind a lot about the 2 stroke and the 4 stroke engines and made you able to choose one for you. You can always customize your dirt bike as per your needs, I suggest maintaining a quality braking system.

Because this debate is long lasting and confuse most of the people so I have given my part to explain you much about these engines. So my dear readers give this whole article a complete view to clear your minds because I have done a lot of efforts to write this and tell you about the features, pros, cons, in fact, each and every single thing of 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines sincerely.

Most important thing is that you should know that which things you prefer the most in your engine, which of the features and pros attract you the most, or which engine you find most convenient and best for your dirt bike.

Then, after reading this article, which ever engine you find the best, either 2 stroke engine or 4 stroke engine, go for it. Hoping good for your best engine selection. Good luck!


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