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Best 49cc Dirt Bike 2020 Reviews

Best 49cc Dirt Bike 2020

This article is very special to me, I was looking to gift my friend kid and I decided to go with a 49cc dirt bike. He has just turned 10 years old and my friend was looking for a suitable dirt bike. When I came to know, I decided to give him Best 49cc Dirt Bike. Now the question was, Why 49cc Dirt Bike?

49cc dirt bikes are ideal for kids. These are super-safe and your kids will enjoy riding these small dirt bikes. 

Best 49cc Dirt Bike 2020 Reviews

I have given a detailed review of 49cc Dirt Bike and once you go through the article, you will know, Why I selected this 49cc Dirt Bike.

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XtremepowerUS 49CC, 2-Stroke Gas Power Dirt Bike

XtremePowerUS 49cc 2 stroke dirt bikes are really awesome. Good dirt bikes with a good name and fame also, So if you have decided to take this bike for you then I will explain you all about its features and specs so that you can get to know all about this dirt bike from here without any need to go on another page.

This gas off-road bike will give you a chance to roam everywhere you want. This 49cc dirt bike appears to be small but doesn’t let its mini size fool you. Blaze through the dirt in a stunning style and let the people know that you are coming. You will love riding this dirt bike so let’s begin.

Features of 49cc dirt bike:

This dirt bike has got the applausive features that you would be interested to know. So, let’s start to know about its features immediately.

Here we go,

Quality material

This 49cc dirt bike is made of high-quality material so that you can easily handle all type of tough situations, you can take this bike on rough terrains, over the bumpy places or any unpaved pathways. This bike will perform best even for many years because of its high-quality durable material.


This 49cc dirt bike has strong 49cc, 2 stroke gas engine that performs at its best peak level. This engine provides a strong kick out for your bike and you will also appreciate it when you use this bike as the engine is the main basic thing of any bike and a bad engine means that your bike is nothing but a piece of metal, so that’s why they have made a high-performance engine.

Max control 

This bike has front and rear disc brakes that provide a maximum control whenever you want especially on the rough terrains or rugged areas. You will find this bike very comfortable and friendly while riding in such areas and can stop safely and immediately.

Age limit

 For XtremePowerUS 49cc dirt bike, the recommended age of the rider is 13 years and above from this age but reviews of people show that their 8 years old, 11-year-old kids are extremely happy using this bike.

You can check your adjustability by sitting on this bike. I gave this 49cc dirt bike as a gift to my friend’s son and he is 10 years old. I have seen him many times riding this dirt bike comfortably.

Weight limit

This dirt bike can bear the normal weights. Max weight carrying capacity of XtremePowerUS 49cc dirt bike is 128 lbs.

Certified parts

The parts of XtremePowerUS 49cc dirt bike, are all certified by EPA and is completely safe to use or ride and totally environment-friendly so that you can take it or ride it anywhere you want.

Color available

The available color of this bike is blue, many people just love this color and truly saying this color attracts everyone. Other available colors are blue, red and green also. Choose the color which you like because the choice is completely a personal matter.

Comfortable ride

You can take this lightweight bike with you anywhere. This bike can take you to those places where you have never imagined going before. This dirt bike provides a comfortable ride and all the things used in it are comfortable just like the handlebars and comfortable foamy seat etc.

Easy start

This dirt bike provides an easy kick start. Just kick the bike and go to the faraway places where you want to be or where you wish to go. Just go and do the fun

Special designed

XtremePowerUS 49cc dirt bike is specially designed to ride fast and in a stylish way, like you just blaze the mud in the far area and distant people will get to know that somebody is coming. This sounds super cool and when you will ride on it you will be amazed by it. Moreover, it’s a good looking dirt bike, unique and decent design, fenders also look super cool.

Distance coverage

This dirt bike will keep going perfectly over miles. It is estimated that this bike can go to 15-20 miles range and you can use it for a long period of time

Warranty and support

This dirt bike provides a good warranty and support to its users or buyers. You can send it for repair in case of any damaged or broken part or you can also ask for delivery for any broken or improper spare part and after that adjust it by your own.


XtremePowerUS 49cc dirt bike is cost-effective and in easy reach of a common man. So take it for your elder kid or for yourself for enjoyment purposes or to give someone as a gift. I am damn sure that you will love riding this dirt bike.

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So the marvelous specifications of this dirt bike are;

  • It has a 49cc, 2 stroke engine
  • Item weight is 45 pounds
  • Shipping weight is also 45 pounds
  • Some assembly required
  • Manufacturer recommended age is 15, 16 years and up from it
  • Customer ratings are 4 out of 5 stars
  • Provides warranty and support
  • Affordable range
  • Easy kickstart
  • Comfortable ride
  • The high-quality material used in manufacturing
  • Weight-bearing capacity is 128 lbs
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Large pneumatic tires with knobs


  • EPA certified parts
  • Stylish design
  • Powerful 2 stroke engine with the best performance
  • Provides maximum control
  • Quality material
  • Handle every tough situation very well
  • Max weight capacity is 128 lbs
  • Comfortable
  • Speedy dirt bike
  • Comfortable seat and overall structure


  • Plastic fenders are thin if improperly used then they will get damaged earlier
  • No other cons found

Final verdict:

I hope that these details would have made your mind to buy this dirt bike and if you have already decided to buy then go for it and if you do not know about its specs and features than read this whole review carefully. Buy now from Amazon. Enjoy riding, Have fun.


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