Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure

 Federal Trade Commission published  new rules for Disclosure Compliance in 2015.

These decisions were made to ensure that users or viewers of websites be aware that blog publisher endorsed, sponsored or partnered with different company. The viewers should if blog publisher is making any money or not by sharing links abut certain products. We at follows all federal and local laws.

In compliance with the FTC guidelines, please understand following points:

All/ few links  on are affiliate links and if product are sold from these links than a small compensation is paid to publisher.

When someone clicks on affiliate link given on to buy something, user will buy directly from Amazon website and not from our website.

Prices are always exactly the same for users whether they buy  through an affiliate link or not.

Going for an affiliate link or clicking a non-affiliate link does not change anything about the product.

sponsored content?

we at Lastcart do not appreciate sponsored content. What we do is to review all products with honesty and give you genuine details and we only select those products that we will recommend for our family  too.

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