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Apollo 125cc Dirt Bike Reviews 2020

Apollo 125cc Dirt Bike Reviews 2020

Apollo is a company best known for its various designs and best performances of dirt bikes and since 2005 they have been manufacturing a lot of great dirt bikes from cheap to expensive, different prices dirt bikes which you can buy according to your budget.

Apollo has just launched their bikes that are 125cc for 2020. New 125cc dirt bikes by Apollo are just awesome.

Apollo dirt bikes have unique styles all their own and struggling hard to make the best dirt bikes and yes their dirt bikes are very popular.

3 Best 125cc Dirt Bikes by Apollo for 2020 are:

Apollo Precision – Pit Bike with 17-inch tires

Apollo DB-X18 – 125cc Dirt Bike with 4-speed manual clutch

Apollo DB-007 – Powerful engine, ideal for off-road

Apollo Precision Tools Dirt Bike

 One of the popular dirt bikes that racers loved to have is the Apollo Precision Tools AGB 37 125cc big dirt bike that is specially designed for the adult riders so they can enjoy this dirt bike ride with speed and can compete others in racing. Riding this dirt bike is really fun and thrilling experience.

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Big size

Its big size is specially designed for the elders and the youth to have a truly fun and a thrilling riding experience. It’s a pretty decent size for all, looks very cool and gives you an amazing experience.


It has a 125cc, 4 strokes, single cylinder engine which works very well and maximum  horsepower us 6 KW/8.2 HP and the maximum torque of about 9.0/5500 while the stroke is Bore*stroke 54 MM * 54MM

High speed

This Apollo dirt bike has the maximum high speed of 55.89 MPH/ 90 KM/H. You will have a thrill and fun always by riding this dirt bike

Climbing ability

One of the best features of this dirt bike is that it has the climbing abilities and you can easily ride over the mountains, slopes, bumpy areas, rough terrains and on all other rough areas with greater ease.

Also, the large knobby tires help in riding on the rough terrains and you will leave other dirt bikes behind and this is something that gives the racers, a true joy.

Cooling system

There is also an air cooling system in this dirt bike because traveling on hard rough terrains and bumps will generate more engine power that generates heat. No need to worry because this dirt bike has an air cooling system that keeps the bike cool and you wouldn’t even bother about it.

Starting system

This dirt bike can be started by just a kick, it has also the Ignition C.D.I starting system.


It has large front and rear knobby tires. Front tire is 60/100-14 and the rear tire is 80/100-12. It has actually chain driving wheels


This classic dirt bike has front brakes that are obviously hand operated and also the rear foot brake. You can use any of the brakes you like and according to the situations.

Max load bearing

This dirt bike can bear the load of about 220 lbs or one hundred kg


The gram weight or net weight of this dirt bike is 180.4 lbs/ 149.6 lbs (82kg/ 68 kg)

Fuel capacity

The max fuel storing capacity in this bike is 3.5 L

Colors available

Colors that are available in this dirt bike are Black and white. Both colors are awesome, you can choose one which you like the most. I personally like black color because no color has any depth without the black color.

Operating system

This dirt bike doesn’t operate on a battery system, instead, its engine uses oil to run the bike, JINKE engine oil 15W/40-SE (GB11121) gear oil.


The chassis of this dirt bike is very much strong and all the materials used in its manufacturing are highly durable

Best riding experience

It is also used as a pit bike. For racing purposes it is the best dirt bike will make you win and you will love speeding on this amazing dirt bike.

Other features and dimensions

This dirt bike has manual clutch transmission 1N234 Driveline, assembly required  F/R Shock, Front wheel, handlebar. Decals(Y/N) Y, Toolkit(Y/N) Y, Remote start(Y/N) N ,Remote engine stop(Y/N) N, Remote alarm(Y/N) N and Speed limiter(Y/N) N.

Wheelbase 45.28″/ 1150 MM OA, L x W x H is 66.93″ x 30.71″x 43.31″/ 1700 x 780 x 1100 MM while the carton size is 46.85″ x 314.96″ x 25.59″ / 1190 x 380 x 650MM. Minimum ground clearance is 12.6 inch / 320 MM and height of the seat from ground is  32.28 inches /820 MM.

You can buy this from Amazon.


This dirt bike is cost-effective; a common man can have an easy reach to this dirt bike. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Final words

 I have given all the details of this amazing dirt bike which you people will be looking for. I hope this information has cleared your mind about each and everything about this dirt bike because I have done a lot of efforts to tell you guys about this by compiling up all its information.

You will love riding this dirt bike. Buy one and enjoy your off-road fantasies. Check price at Amazon.

Apollo DB-X18, 125cc Dirt Bike for 2020

Hey, you are interested in another amazing dirt bike of Apollo brand named Apollo DB-X18 125cc dirt bike. I will tell you about this fantastic and stunning dirt bike that will amaze you when you ride on it and give you more enhanced riding experience.

It’s a pretty much lovely bike. So no more wait, let’s start about this dirt bike’s features;

Features of Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike

Features of this dirt bike are just amazing and super cool. So here we go;

Engine type

The engine of this Apollo DB-X18 125cc dirt bike is 4 stroke having a single cylinder which works very efficiently and this feature of this dirt bike is truly laudable.

Displacement and starter

It has a 125cc displacement as mentioned in its name also and a kick starter system, you do not have to do anything complex to start this dirt bike, just kick start it and boom, enjoy fast riding as you want to.


This dirt bike has a max speed of 55 miles per hour. It also varies depending upon the size of the rider or the road conditions, either bumpy, rough terrains or plain areas. You can go as fast as you like, if your weight is normal than cool, you can ride faster while leaving others in the mud. If you do racing with others, then this dirt bike will make you a winner for sure.


Apollo DB-X18 125cc dirt bike has a 4-speed manual clutch transmission.

Powerful dirt bike

This dirt bike has the max power of 6.5 Kilo Watt / 7500 rpm                 

Knobby tires

This dirt bike has got the large tires with big knobs on it, especially to deal with the rough pathways and ride over the mountains, terrains and slop area and to maintain a firm grip on the ground and enjoy a safe and sound ride. Front tire is large 17 inches and the rear tire is a large 14-inch tire.


The framework of this dirt bike Apollo DB-X18 125cc is a twin spare heavy duty frame which is absolutely durable and all the manufacturing materials used in it are strong and long lasting but if you treat it badly then you may damage your dirt bike.


It has front and rear hydraulic brakes for a safe stop without sharp jerks because hydraulic brakes have proven for their effectiveness in safety testing. These brakes are more preferred over the traditional brakes.


Apollo DB-X18 125cc dirt bike has front and rear suspensions. The front suspension is 750mm non-adjustable and rear suspension; non-adjustable 320mm

Fuel capacity

This dirt bike has a fuel capacity of 1.03 Gal and has a steel constructed fuel storage tank

Weight of bike

The net weight of this dirt bike is 147.7 lbs, a total gross weight or about 180.8 lbs that is pretty much easy for an adult to balance and control.

Other dimensions

Seat height of Apollo DB-X18 dirt bike from the ground is 36.5 inches while the wheelbase of this bike is 48.03 inches.

Assembly required

It is suggested to fix the spare parts of this dirt bike or assemble them if you are an expert, otherwise, it is more preferable to make it done by the professionals or licensed mechanics.

After assembling is done, check it twice before operating it to prevent any unnecessary damage and make sure a safe riding experience by doing this.

Colors available

Colors available for this dirt bike are red, blue, green and others also.


This dirt bike provides a good time warranty also so you can give it back in case of any damaged part but very earlier after the purchasing date.

Age recommendations

Actually, exact age recommendations are not given but this dirt bike is completely for the usage of adults, never ever do a mistake to hand over this bike to a kid mostly age 3 or may above. Youth and elders can safely ride on this without any issue.


 Another one of the features of this dirt bike is that it creates sound. This dirt bike pretty much loud. Maybe you like this feature the most especially during racing


It is available in an affordable range, everyone can buy it easily. Buy from Amazon.


So I have given a complete detail about this amazing dirt bike. It has a sleek design, a decent look, plastic fairing looks super cool and it’s a  good choice to select. I have bought, this dirt bike also and my young 15-year-old boy is enjoying its amazing ride very much. But sometimes we need to tighten up its bolts that get lose often after riding. Other features are just awesome.

Always keep in mind, one thing for this dirt bike that, assemble the parts of it if you are a professional or have a great experience of doing this work, otherwise don’t do it by yourself, any professional will do it for you and it will be just fine. Buy one and enjoy the fast and thrilling ride on this super cool dirt bike. Check price at Amazon now.

Apollo DB-007

Life is riding a bike so continue riding and keep moving on. Another dirt bike of Apollo brand that is Apollo DB-007 125cc dirt bike. If you have chosen this dirt bike for you then keep reading this review to get to know about the features and specs of this dirt bike.

Features of Apollo DB-007 125cc Dirt Bike

Features of this amazing dirt bike are good, it’s a little bit like other Apollo dirt bikes but everything is unique and has its own specification and features. If this seems good to you instead of others than go for it. So, the features are:


The displacement of Apollo DB-007 dirt bike is 125cc.


Transmission of Apollo DB-007 dirt bike is 4 speed with a manual clutch system.

Engine type

The engine of this dirt bike is a 4 stroke, single cylinder engine which performs very well and is very powerful to run for hours.

Starting of bike

For the starting of this dirt bike, there is no need to anything complex, just start it by a strong kick and enjoy your off-road fantasies with your friends or alone. But most of all treat the bike well and take great care of it.

Cooling system

You don’t need to cool this dirt bike with special things like a coolant etc, it has already an air-cooled system in it that keeps the engine cool when it is running for a long time and generating heat.

Max speed

Max speed of Apollo DB-007 125cc dirt bike is 55 miles per hour but the speed reduces if the rider is a heavyweight or if you ride it on extremely rugged areas

Max power

Maximum power of the engine of this Apollo DB-007 dirt bike is 10.0 KW (9500r/min)


The chassis of Apollo DB-007 dirt bike is made of the twin spare heavy duty steel which is strong and tough, provide good durability.


This dirt bike has large pneumatic knobby tires designed for rugged pathways. Front tire is 2.5-17 and the rear tire is 3.0-14


Apollo DB-007 has a front suspension that is non adjustable and is 760 mm and the rear suspension that is also non adjustable and of 320 mm.

Bike’s weight

The net weight of Apollo DB-007 is 148 lbs and gross weight of the bike is 185 lbs that is easily handled by an adult or a teenager bike rider. Easy to manage weight allows you to enjoy your ride more and also enhances your speed because you do not have to take care of or handle its weight.

Manufacturing material

Apollo DB-007 is made of tough and non rust able metal that makes this bike super strong and highly durable.

Bike’s length

The length of the bike from its base is 52 inches which is pretty much good and a normal length that you will love to ride on.


Apollo DB-007 has a width of 15 inches that allows any body to sit comfortable and relaxed. It’s a generous size that is suitable for a variety of riders.


Height of Apollo DB-007 is 28 inches and you know better about your height that either this bike will be perfect for you or not. In my opinion, it’s a normal average height that every teenager or an adult can adjust on.

Other dimensions

Wheel base of this dirt bike is about 49.6 inches and the seat height measured is 36.5 inches

Comfy seat

Apollo DB-007 has a soft comfortable seat that has foam inside it.


It has strong handlebars for a strong and firm grip to do a safe turning and ultimately the safe riding.


It has front and rear hydraulic disc brakes that ensure safe and comfortable immediate stop whenever you want without any jerk. That’s why hydraulic disc brakes are more preferred.

Tank capacity

Apollo DB-007 dirt bike has the tank capacity of one gallon.

Color available

The available color of this bike is sport red, a combination of red and white, both colors that gives a fantastic look to this bike. It’s a pretty much good looking dirt bike and also attention-seeking.

Assembly required

Let me tell you that this bike is not pre-assembled from the factory, you have to assemble the parts and then enjoy the ride. If you have knowledge of assembling the dirt bikes, you can do it as well, it’s very simple and easy.


This dirt bike gives a good warranty after its purchasing date, but you should earlier point out that if there is any defect in any part or something damaged after you purchase it. 


Apollo DB-007 is also available in affordable range like other Apollo dirt bikes and anybody can easily buy this bike easily. It is just awesome to pay less and do fun more, same here for this bike. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Specifications of Apollo DB-007 125cc Dirt Bike

All specifications are compiled up in a bullet form here; look below,

  • Product dimensions are 52 x 15 x 28 inches, 300 pounds
  • Shipping weight will be 185 pounds
  • 125cc displacement
  • This Apollo dirt bike has a kick start system
  • Front and rear suspension both non-adjustable,760mm and 320mm
  • Large knobby front and rear tires
  • Length of the bike is 52 inches
  • 15-inch generous width of this bike
  • Height of the bike is 28 inches
  • Net weight is 148 lbs and gross weight is185 lbs.
  • Seat height of this bike is 36.5 inches
  • Wheelbase is 49.6 inches


  • 4 stroke, single cylinder engine
  • 55 mph max speed
  • Max power is 10.0 KW (9500r/min)
  • Air cool system
  • 4 speed manual clutch transmission
  • Twin spare heavy duty steel


  • A lot of spare parts to assemble
  • Carburetor don’t open for cleaning
  • Different people have different opinions about it you can read customer reviews on this bike.


I have explained everything. I hope it will benefit you a lot. It’s a pretty much good bike. Take one and do the fun.

 Final Words:

I have given details of three best 125cc dirt bikes that Apollo has to offer. Feel free to contact me for any question related to dirt bikes. 


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