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Best 500cc Motorcycle 2020 Reviews

Best 500cc Motorcycle Reviews for 2020

If you are the one planning to grab a new 500cc motorcycle. Then this review will help you to find the best one and I will personally recommend you to choose one of the best 500cc motorcycles.

Being in the intermediate class of motorcycles, 500cc is best for you because it is easy to handle and freedom to ride. It is also best if you want some adventures in life or a street rider and taking it to the next level.

Many motorcycles manufacturing companies with their brand name all around the globe manufacture 500cc motorcycles. The following five are best in our opinion from each possible angle. 

Comparison Chart for the Best 500cc Motorcycles in 2020

500cc Motorcycle Engine (cc) Features
Harley Davidson Street 500 500 ABS braking system, electric speedometer
Honda CMX 500 Rebel 471 Latest design, super suspension
Honda CB 500F 500 ABS braking system, super fast
Kawasaki Vulcan 500LTD 500 Max 7300 rpm, super-fast, latest design
Yamaha YZF-R6 599 Fully loaded, super suspension

Best 500cc Motorcycle Reviews 2020

In this article, our editors have done all the research and we will present these best 500cc Motorcycles in 2020. If you are planning to buy a new motorcycle, go for a 500cc engine. This is powerful enough to take you through off-road and even mountains.

Below is the detailed product reviews for 500cc motorcycles.

Harley Davidson Street 500 in 2020

The world-famous Harley-Davidson is not only the brand name. But I think it is an Idea, an imagination. They are one of the pioneers in the motorcycles industry. Throughout their glory, they had never compromise on quality and elegance.

Street 500 is recently launched. If you are especially the one, who loves street riding then you must go with it. It will blow away your preconception about riding a motorcycle. This model is specially designed to ride the city streets. Street 500 with its dark costume looks very elegant at roads. This black beauty comes in multiple dark colors.

When the question about the engine comes in mind, let me remind you. There is nothing better than Harley-Davidson. Street 500 has 41NM torque, 500cc liquid cool engine. It is gracious. It has a V-twin engine which is best to escape the hot and heavy traffic of urban streets.

This powerful engine gives you the best riding experience with its great sound when you concur with the streets. If we talk about the brakes of Street 500, it is simply amazing because it has the Anti-Lock Brake system (ABS). It adds safety and confidence when you are riding it. So under your foot Street 500 will behave as you like.

Street 500 had specially tuned shocks adding comfort during the ride, it also enhances the beauty of the overall geometry of the motorcycle. Street 500 shocks are dialed in and tuned for the weight of the bike and position of the rider. This is one of the Best 500cc Motorcycle.

 With Street 500 you will definitely experience the perfect handling, smooth comfortable ride whenever you encounter rough urban pavement. Also, it adds definition to the typical Harley-Davidson accent.

The good thing about Harley-Davidson which I have found is they had never compromise on any individual of their motorcycles, for example when you look at the seat, Street 500 has low seat height (720mm), with narrow frame and seat.

That is why it is easier to reach and you know what the benefit of low seat height is! It gives you confidence whenever you are negotiating traffic, it can roll you away slowly through a parking lot if you look for a spot.

Lights are an integral part of any motorcycle and Harley-Davidson has a good sense of that. Following all the regulations, Street 500 lights have magnificent features like it has front light with high beam, neutral with low oil pressure and elegant turn signals. Low fuel warnings and engine diagnostic are also electric. Street 500 gauges are just amazing.

 It has a 3.5inch electric speedometer, has blade key ignition and fork lock with locking gas cap. Street 500 wheels are another example of art and design. The front wheel is black with 7spoke cast aluminum; the rear wheel is also black with cast aluminum. One more amazing thing about Street 500 is its gear system.

 At the primary drive, the gear ratio is 36/68. At 1st (overall) gear its ratio is 14.272, at 2nd it is 10.0. 3rd gear ratio is 7.4; gear ratio at 4th, 5th and 6th are 6.0, 5.0 and 4.5 respectively. Other specifications of Street 500 which you must have to know are pretty fascinating. Street 500 has a fuel capacity of about 13littre and oil capacity 3.1littre.

Dimensions of Street 500 are also good. It has a total length of 2,215mm with 720mm seat height and ground clearance of 145mm. The total weight of Street 500 is 223kg.

With all that good stuff, I think this piece is just amazing and I personally would give Street 500 the 1st rank in 500cc motorcycles.

Honda CMX 500 Rebel, Best 500cc Motorcycle in 2020

With a huge network around the globe, delivering quality and trust, with a range of genuine accessories, you can define it in the term “Honda”. Yes! It is the brand we can trust blindly. Honda is serving in many countries. It has gained enormous experience in motorcycling industries as well from the decades.

CMX 500 Rebel is recently launched a 500cc motorcycle. This beautiful piece of art and quality is definitely design for a person who has a riding passion. Rebel is outstanding in the category of 500cc motorcycles. Its heart robbing design will instantaneously make you passionate about it on a test ride.

This raw and simple piece of elegance is definitely going to make you express your individuality. So this is it. Now let me turn your attention towards its unique features that will seriously blow off your mind. This is one of the best 500cc motorcycles in 2020.

Rebel is recently launched and is custom cool, with A2 license. This black beauty comes along in combinations in three different colors.  Graphite black, millennium red and matt armored silver metallic, and the last one is my personal favorite also.

Actually, Rebel has a 471cc engine and is liquid cool DOHC. With a maximum power output of 335Kw/8,500rpm and has maximum torque 44.6Nm/6,000rpm. With all these amazing features Rebel engine roar at the city streets. For me, this amazing bike is the Best 500cc Motorcycle.

It screams under your feet and this moment you will definitely find yourself at a peak of confidence. Rebel engine has an electric starter with an oil capacity of 3.2litres.

Now just shift your focus towards its slim overall look. Rebel has a low height (690mm) which means it is easy to handle even if you are a beginner. Now you are free to ride through the streets. With perfect handling, the riding position is very relaxed.

 Rebel has a tubular steel frame which adds more to its beauty. If we talk about ground clearance Rebel has 136mm. The fuel tank of rebel has a maximum capacity of 11.2litres with an average fuel consumption of 26km/liter.

The transmission system of Rebel is just is user-friendly. For example, a clutch comprises wet multiple hydraulic, which gives you better control over it. It has a 6-speed transmission type.

The front headlight of this 500cc motorcycle is round with a beautiful design and 55W bulb. All the instruments are digital. Taillight has 8.3W bulb, with flashing sidelights. All these things make Rebel truly awesome. So overall innovative is in your hand if you have Rebel under you.

Rebel has a minimal speedometer with LCD display and blue backlight. It has a high front which inspires an early era style. It has suspension front and rear wheels. Front tire measures 130/90-16M/M 67H while rear tire size is 150/80-16M/C 71H. Rims fat boober style and matched rubber so nicely. Rebel has an ABS brakes system.

Because of its 41mm front fork stanchions, Rebel has a very smooth ride. They are designed in a way that gives Rebel stability, style, and comfort. Rebel has a 45mm tubular steel swingarm which is best when works with twin shower shock absorbers.

 Plus loaded with mid-mounted footpegs which give you a relax riding position. Also, Rebel`s slim style reduces fatigue during a long journey. With all such good features, Dear fellow, believe me, or not, will be a Ghost Rider on your Rebel.

Honda CB 500F

Let`s do it! ride freely and dust the streets with attitude and versatility, because CB 500F is a masterpiece. With CB 500F you are free to explore the city or even if you are a player of an open road. It is built to radiate your confidence and I think it is one of the best 500cc motorcycles.

CB 500F is offered to you, loaded with the adorable specification, gives you an unforgettable 500cc riding experience. This streetfighter has the following specifications, which attract you on his side and let me put some spotlight as evidence.

The new 2020 CB 500F engine is an 8-valve power machine. It has a liquid cool system and has parallel twin-cylinders, which means it produces 35KW/8,500rpm power. CB 500F is A2 license compliant having a peak torque of 43Nm/7,000rpm. With all that stuff and much more CB 500F is power loaded. Also, the free-spinning two-cylinder engine of CB 500F produces an evacuative roar and exhaust makes its experience special.

The CB 500F is easy to handle, so you have absolute control. It is featured with a steel diamond-tube frame. The suspension system is just great, once you are on the road, your focus will automatically shift on enjoying the journey. The CB 500 is designed to give any rider neutral steering. It has elegant lightweight 17-inch steel cast-aluminum wheels with Y shaped spokes. The size of the front tire is 120/70-2R17 and that of the rear 160/60-2R17. This is one of the best motorbikes in 2020.

So basically its streamlined structure makes it a rocket because it is all about the speed that it matters here. Like other 500cc motorcycles, the CB 500F braking system is standard dual-channel ABS, which means giving you the freedom to ride. Now you are free if riding in the rain or on a dry summer day. This is a perfect example for Best 500cc Motorcycle.

So all, in short, 320mm front wavy disc and 240mm rear disk make the CB 500F braking system outstanding. It makes you to romance on every road, street and everywhere. The transmission system of CB 500F is outstanding with wet multiple A.S clutches and 6-speed gearbox, it is all class.

The CB 500F has LED headlights and other electric features. It has a digital speedometer with digital bar graphs, digital fuel level, fuel consumption gauge, digital clock, and gear position. It gives you a better riding experience.

When the question about the overall look of the CB 500F comes; it is designed to match your confidence because it is truly a street fighter signature. It has a seat height of just 785mmm and weighs 189kg less than other ordinary 500cc motorcycles in comparison. CB 500F has a quite large fuel tank with a fueling capacity of 17litres.

The average consumption of the fuel is 28.6km/L or 3.5L/100km and this 500cc motorbike is just awesome in acceleration and speed. You can also add a Sidecar to this motorcycle.

It is simply awesome to watch when CB 500F with conventional suspension front roars on the highway. So with all these unique features, CB 500F is something legends need. Now be fearless because this bad boy is what that matters you.

Kawasaki Vulcan 500LTD

Kawasaki needs no introduction. It manufactures quality motorcycles in every category, whether in hyper sports, supermarket, adventures or classic with the range of genuine accessories. Kawasaki had manufactured some classical models that are the world around famous.

Vulcan 500 LTD is an ideal 500cc motorbike that fits in everyone’s perceptions. With its powerful engine, it will make your ride memorable each time you kick it. Vulcan 500 LTD delivers legendary performance with its dark beautiful costume, truly suits your lifestyle. Vulcan 500 LTD has many other great features and lets me shed a spotlight on these wonderful features.

Vulcan 500 LTD is designed to deliver power. Its powerful engine helps this cruise to outmuscle competition. Vulcan 500 LTD is also built up with a two-cylinder engine which makes it special for your temperament. You can also put bells on your motorcycle.

Another great thing if you are going to buy Vulcan 500 LTD is, it has a 4-stroke engine with DOHC and 4 valves per cylinder. Vulcan 500 LTD engine has a maximum 4890/30.4cy capacity. It has a liquid cool system that makes it delivers performance.

 The ignition system is digital TCBI. The maximum torque of this 500cc motorcycle for 2020, is 4.8kgf-m/32.616-ft at 7300rpm. So all these things together deliver the power of 50hp/36.5kW which means you can escape with 160.8km/h at 8500rpm speed. This latest 500cc motorcycle for 2020, has a 6-speed transmission system, easy for you to take-off.

Clutch system is awesome consisting of wet-plate. It has a maximum fuel capacity of 15litre. With such fueling capacity you are free to adventure anywhere and anytime without any fear, so let explore and adventure with this amazing 500cc motorcycle.

Now let’s shift your attention towards Vulcan 500 LTD dimensions. It has just 714mm seat height and 1595mm wheelbase which adds comfort to your ride. Maximum weight is 199kg. These features of Vulcan 500 LTD add beauty to its look and most importantly to handle it with your own rules, making it free to ride.

This 500cc motorcycle has a brake system, that is just great; it has a single disc front brake with single-piston pin slide clipper. It has 180mm rear drum brake. This latest 500cc motorcycle in 2020, has chrome-plated wire spokes in both front and rear wheels.

While the front tire is narrow (100/90-19) and the rear wheel is wide (140/90-15). These orchestrations add style and give this 500cc motorcycle extra road grip once it is on track. Suspension system of

This 500cc motorcycle, on the front, comprises of two beautiful telescopic forks which give the ride smoothness at every track road or street. The rear suspension system is a dual preload adjustable. This best 500cc motorcycle has unique tank-mounted speedometer with turn signal indicators.

It has also lamps. This unique feature of Vulcan 500 LTD gives you the important information’s at a closer look. It has round-shaped outward protruding single front headlight which is specially designed for the compact elegant design of Vulcan 500 LTD.

So putting all these things together this 500cc motorcycle is an ideal choice, because what less is there? This 500cc motorcycle has a name, design, elegance, comfort and more, and you must lean forward if you are imaginative.

Yamaha YZF-R6 2020 Review

Well, you might question about YZF-R6, hey! This is an amazing 500cc category motorcycle. It might little confuse you but YZF-R6 599cc and it come in the 500cc class. Also, the other reason why you should go for YZF-R6 is Yamaha has no recent 500cc model except the old one. So it would be an excellent choice. This model is super loaded with many sports bike features, all that other heavy Yamaha motorcycle have.

Yamaha has named last Moto GP in its title. It is the brand with huge experience in a sports bike. Yamaha sports and street bikes are popular all around the globe. That is the reason why I pick this model. It has all you need, everything you are meant to be. This is the reason I will recommend you to choose YZF-R6 because it is the value that matters here.

Now let me get you aware to you about this black-blue beauty. It is loaded with great features and technical specifications. The latest 500cc motorcycles for 2020, come in with increased aerodynamic efficiency and elegant design. It has an electronic control system and a unique riding position. It is loaded with aluminum fuel tanks and a high-performance engine.

YZF-R6 has a powerful, high-performance 4-stroke engine. It has liquid cool DOHC with forwardly inclined parallel 4-cylinder, 4 valve engine. YZF-R6 engine has a displacement of 599cc with bore stroke 67.0×42.5mm.

The compression ratio of YZF-R6 is 13.1:1. It produces a maximum power of 87.1kW (118.4Ps) at 14,500rpm with torque 61.7Nm (6.3kg-m) at 10,500rpm.

This power loaded engine has a TCI ignition system and electric starter. You had all that stuff in YZF-R6 and it awaits your courage now. On this latest 500cc motorcycle deck, you are on fire. It is designed for an enhanced riding position.

You can shift weight quickly and more easily. This is the reason, this amazing 500cc motorcycle for 2020, will have ultimate handling. Seat and fuel tank are designed in a way to enhance the riding and accelerate your courage.

This 500cc motorcycle has magnesium, rear sub-frame the purpose of which is to reduce the overall weight of the motorcycle. This orchestration is to improve your controllability and improved aerodynamics. This beast is the Best 500cc Motorcycle.

The true design suspension system of YZF-R6 is elegant. It has a front suspension system with telescopic forks, rear suspension system with CSwingarm. It has YZ1-R1(100cc) type 43mm forks that deliver great performance and handling everywhere. To make the transition with forks, YZF-R6 is fitted with dual 320mm discs with 4-pot piston clippers. It has an ABS braking system that gives you outstanding stopping power and improved control in any circumstance.

YZF-R6 has tubeless tires. The front tire is 120/70 2R 17M/C and the rear tire is 180/55 2R 17M/C. The purpose of this is to deliver a perfect road grip. The speedometer of YZF-R6 has next-generation R-series design.

YZF-R6 has an aerodynamic design. It has an overall length of about 2040mm and a width of 695mm. It has seat height 850mm and wheelbase 1.375mm. maximum ground clearance of YZF-R6 is 130mm. YZF-R6 has a fueling capacity of 17litre which means…. Move on.

With all this amazing stuff, you must go for YZF-R6. It is truly a supersport breed, and if you are the one looking for such thing YZF-R6 is best. It offers you all in one model. And now it is over to you to explore.


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