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Best 50cc Dirt Bike 2020 Reviews

Best 50cc Dirt Bike for Kids 2020 Reviews

My journey around dirt bikes started a couple of years back when I decided to buy a 50cc dirt bike for my son. He had just turned 7 and I promised him that on his 7th birthday, I will gift him a 50cc dirt bike.

As I said in the previous article, kids nowadays are looking for outdoor fun and dirtbike riding is an awesome experience when it comes to thrill and fun. However, it was a tough journey for me that made me go through the struggle to select the best 50cc dirt bike for my son.

Now the market is filled with so-called brands that claim to have the best 50cc dirt bikes for kids. I started searching at google and I came across a number of blogs which were just spamming and giving fake reviews.

After that, I started an interaction with some other parents who had just bought a 50cc dirt bike for their kids. It took me 3 months before I decided to buy the bike, I had to go through a number of different 50cc dirt bikes in detail. I will share my experience of a couple of 50cc dirt bikes that I found to be best for young kids.

Best 50cc Dirt Bikes for Kids 2020 are:

  • Yamaha TTR 50
  • KTM 50 SX
  • Suzuki DRZ 50

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Best 50cc Dirt Bike for Kids 2020 Reviews

I have selected 5 of the best dirt bikes in the 50cc category for this article. You can always select according to your needs. Whenever you buy a 50cc dirt bike, always read the buyers reviews first. There are few things to look for when going for a dirt bike for kids:

  • Select a decent-sized dirt bike.
  • Price should be with-in your limits.
  • Add a kill-switch.
  • It should come with electric start.
  • Keep it well maintained.

KTM 50 SX (Or KTM 50 SX Mini)

Now KTM 50 SX is one of my favorites when it comes to dirt bikes. This brand is world-famous for the quality and stability of their dirt bikes. KTM 50SX comes with a powerful and strong engine, I have seen kids laughing with joy when they ride this sporty looking 50cc dirt bike.

KTM 50SX features 22-inch seat height and it has a weight carrying capacity of around 88 lbs. However, it may be expensive for a few. Also, it comes ready with top of the line, hydraulic disk brakes are present in both front and rear, that offer one-stop brake.  It is equipped with a kickstart engine.

Now let me talk about the engine of this 50cc dirt bike. KTM 50 SX comes with a 2 stroke engine. Now many of us are a fan of 4 stroke dirt bike, however, is an excellent option for you, if your kid seriously wants to ride a dirt bike, also if you can afford then go with this 50cc beast. Among the advantages of the 2 stroke engine is a low-end grunt.

HONDA CRF50 2020

Now, this is my favorite when it comes to dirt bikes. Honda CRF50 looks like a real-life beast. This dirt bike comes with a 50cc engine and among the top in the wishlist of every boy. Honda CRF50 features a 4 stroke engine that is a 4 cylinder air-cooled. 

It is also less expensive than KTM 50SX and is priced less than 2000$ and offers a wonderful and thrilling riding experience for kids. I have suggested many friends who asked me which 50cc dirt bike to buy? and my answer is always the Honda CRF50.

I bought this a year back while I was looking for dirt bikes for kids and I came across this amazing dirt bike for kids. One of the best choice for kids who love trail riding.

Honda CRF50 comes with a kick start that is amazing and if you ask me it should be added in every dirt bike in the market. There are many benefits of the kickstart and it saves battery if you have an electric dirt bike, however it may be difficult for kids to kick-start a dirt bike.

My 7 years old boy struggled a lot with the kickstart. Kickstart is recommended for parents or elders only as it may cause damage to kids. Honda CRF50 comes with a seat height of 21.8″.

The Honda CRF50 and the Yamaha TTR50 are the most suited options because they are equipped with features that are user-friendly and are placed at a good and reasonable price.

Now let me compare Honda CRF50 is with Yamaha TTR50, there are few similarities and differences also. One of the major differences is among the speed of dirt bikes. Honda CRF50 is not as fast as the Yamaha TTR50. Honda CRF 50 offers 25mph top speed while Yamaha TTR50 top speed is 30mph.  Read here: How to Ride a Dirt Bike


When it comes to reliability Yamaha TTR50 is the name that comes to mind. A very well reputed brand among the dirt bike industry manufacturers. Yamaha TTR50 is priced at a good manner for all the buyers out there. I bought this for my younger son who is 6 years old and is crazy about dirt bikes.

Now you may be thinking why I purchased this 2nd dirt bike, these boys were going crazy with one dirt bike. I had no option but to buy another for the younger son.

I believe I paid around 1600$ for this bike at that time however the exact amount may vary few $. 

Now let me tell you about the riding experience of Yamaha TTR50. This dirt bike runs smoothly even at extreme off-road conditions, I tried it in my backyard where I have specially made track or dirt bikes.

My kids just fell in love with the amazing dirt bike. It was difficult for me to teach the boys to use turn off switch instead of just killing the engine with the kill switch. Yamaha TTR50 does not offer a kickstart which is good in a way that it is not easy for young kids to use kickstart. You can always customize your dirt bike for a better performance.

Yamaha TTR50 top speed is 30mph and Yamaha TTR50 is faster than Honda CRf50. 30mph is an accepted speed for young kids, I would personally not let me, my kids ride above this speed.

My elder son who is now 8 years old can easily kick-start a dirt bike, kickstart gives an advantage if in any case, dirt bike battery fails. Kickstart is always a savior for me when I go for riding dirt bikes.


Suzuki DRZ 50 is considered a great bike when it comes to riding experience and is often compared with Yamaha TTR50 and Honda CRF 50 as all of these belong to same engine category. Suzuki DRZ 50 comes electric battery and a kick start, this is awesome. I have found it to be the best part of Suzuki DRZ 50. 
However, I don’t have any experience of riding this dirt bike but I have seen it many times in my colony where kids play and ride dirt bikes. Read here: 2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke Engines.

Suzuki DRZ 50 comes with a lightweight body structure which is strong enough to handle all kinds of off-road experience. Suzuki DRZ 50 features a 3L gas tank and is equipped with a 49cc engine. It offers a dynamic suspension which is equipped with a strong set of springs.


This bike offers a great riding experience and resembles a lot with TTR50. Now if I talk about the details TTR50 offers a 4 stroke engine but Yamaha PW50 comes with a 2 stroke engine. Yamaha PW50 is you the younger kids (3-4 years of age) while TTR50 is best suited for kids aged between 5-7 years as I selected that for my 7 years old kid.

Yamaha PW50 the considered cheap dirt bike as it comes with a low price tag. However, Yamaha always brings out the best when it comes to dirt bikes. Yamaha PW50 offers an automatic transmission with a seat height of 18.7 inches. Keep dirt bikes well maintained for the proper functioning of the engine.

Differences between YAMAHA PW50 and YAMAHA TTR50:

There is not a lot when it comes to their differences, however, I will mention a few here for my readers. The major difference is of their engines, Yamaha PW50 features a 2 stroke engine while Yamaha TTR50 comes with a 4 stroke engine.

Few other differences are mentioned here:

  •  Yamaha TTR 50 cost only 100 USD more than Yamaha PW50, so select wisely.
  • Yamaha PW50 is slightly lighter than Yamaha TTR50, you should go with the lighter dirt bike.
  • Yamaha PW50 doesn’t have a foot brake while Yamaha TTR50 offers this feature.
  • Yamaha TTR50 is a little faster than Yamaha PW50.
  • Yamaha PW50 has a kick starter but no electric start and this may be a trouble for young kids.
  • Yamaha PW50 has Mag-style wheels and I personally love this feature.

 SSR 50cc

Now let me talk about the least expensive of all dirt bikes and SSR is at the top of this list. SSR dirt bikes can be bought with a few 100 dollars and are favorite of many budget-friendly buyers. however, I personally don’t recommend this brand as I am not sure about the quality of this brand. One of my friends called SSR dirt bikes as the lawn movers and I was shocked at this comment. Are you?    Read here: How to Bleed Dirt Bike Brakes.

Quality may not be at the top level but still many of buyers found this dirt bike to be suitable if you are just starting. Not all have the bad experience with SSR since I m not sure that’s why I am not recommending this dirt bike to my readers. One of the riders told me that he has been using it for 6 months now and it is going great. As I said not all have the same experience if you are tight on your budget then go for this. Learn here: How to Clean Dirt Bike Air Filter.

This type of dirt bikes are the cheapest, you can buy one for less than $750. But this type bikes crashes very often so you need to be a hande man and repair them, if not I will recommend staying away from this type of dirt bikes. Read here: Helmets Size Chart

How Much Maintenance Does a 50cc Dirt Bike Require?

Dirt bikes are the strongest in their build among all other types of bikes. I have personally used a couple of dirt bikes and O, Boy they are tough. However, they require proper maintenance. It all starts with keeping your 50cc dirt bike clean and all checked at regular intervals. Read here about places to ride dirt bikes.
You should do a regular oil change along with keeping the air filter clean of all sorts of dirt and sand particles. Dirt and mud are usually attached to the chassis and gearbox which should be cleaned after the riding session is over. It must be done immediately otherwise, as they say, you will get lazy.
Now when you will regular maintenance and oil change at specified intervals, you will enjoy a trouble-free ride and your dirt bike will be shining like a gem. Read here about how fast does a 150cc dirt bike go?
Here I have mentioned a few things for you to remember when you buy a 50cc dirt bike:
  • Put gas in it and enjoy the trouble-free ride.
  • Change the oil once per year as the manual says.
  • Check the air filter and clean it at regular intervals and this is a must.
  • Detach the battery once dirt bike riding session is over and charge it properly for the next ride.
  • Enjoy the dirt bike riding experience.

 How to Get a Good Deal on a 50cc Dirt Bike?

50cc Dirt Bike comes with a legacy of minimum maintenance so I would suggest not to spend more than a 1200$ unless you are going for something KTM.

  • Brand new 50cc Dirt Bike– $1,200 or $1,300 list rate, it may vary at different stores but you should access the market before you finally plan to buy. Also, it may include a few hundred $ in the tax so add 200-300 $ more to your budget.
  • For kids, 1-2 years old – $1,000 to $1,100
  • For Kids, 3-5 years old – $850 to $1,000
  • For Kids, 5-8 years old – $750 to $900
  • For Kids, 8 years+ old – $600 – $850 may depend on the condition of the dirt bike.

Read here: Guide for Buying a Used Dirt Bike

Are Dirt Bikes for Kids Safe?

My 6-year-old son started riding his first dirt bike and he learned in a week, I personally consider dirt bikes safe. however, you are required to keep an eye while your kids ride their bikes. Also, safety gear is a must, kids should wear proper helmets and gloves that come with the kit. Remember to add a kill switch in your dirt bike.
Speed should be monitored while kids ride dirt bikes, the majority of dirt bikes for kids comes with a top speed of less than 30mph that is safe for kids. I don’t recommend going above 30mph for young kids. Choose the best dirt bike for your kid that suits his height and weight. Read here about: Razor MX350 vs MX400.
Read here:

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