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Best 80cc Dirt Bike 2019 Reviews 2019

Best 80cc Dirt Bike 2019

This article is about best 80cc dirt bike, now keep in mind that very few manufacturers are into the 80cc category. Here I have given details about 80cc bikes which I have personally used and recommended for my readers.

Monster Moto MM-B80-BR Classic Gas Mini Bike

So you are looking for a completely unique designed bike with an overall different look, well packaged in a metal cage and have been assembled proudly in Ruston, LA USA. Its full name is Monster Moto MM-B80-BR Classic Gas mini Bike.

Personally, I love the structure and look of this classic mini bike and I have gifted it to my nephew on his 7th birthday. It is just wow and very much easier and safer to ride for a kid. So if you are also looking if you are also thinking of taking this bike for your little one, I will help you by telling its features and specs.

So, let’s begin;

Features of Monster Moto MM-B80-BR Classic Gas Mini Bike

Features of this classic mini bike are very much cool and they will help you to get an idea that either it is that bike which you are searching for your kid, or not. By knowing its features you will better make your choice and this mini bike is absolutely a perfect choice for a little kid. So here we go;


This classical mini bike for kids is built with the highly durable steel and has tough no-dent polypropylene fenders. You will see welded tubes on it or may be thinking about their strength, so let me tell you that these steel welded tubes are built to last with the powder coated gusset reinforced and present a very strong framework. It’s perfect strong welding and highly durable and reinforced framework is specially designed for the rugged outdoors. So take the bike on rough and do the fun safely.

Gas engine

So talking about the gas engine of this classic mini bike for kids, it’s a four stroke, 80cc, heavy duty overhead valve (OHV) gas engine with an automatic, no shifting, and centrifugal force clutch.

Engine power

 Power of the engine of the Monster Moto MM-B80-BR Classic Gas Mini Bike is 2.5 HP (horsepower).

Adjustable handlebars

As it is a mini dirt bike, specially designed for the kids, so it has each and everything made for the kids comfort including the handlebars. The handlebars are adjustable so you can assemble them perfectly for the easy reach of your kid because every kid is different according to height, arm length, so you can easily adjust the handlebars according to your kid’s comfort.

Max speed

The max speed of this mini bike is 23 mph (miles per hour)


Brakes are another important thing in a bike so this bike has hand operated, cable actuated, rear disc brakes. Teach your little one that how to apply the brakes so that he can use these easy and simple brakes for a safe and comfortable stop.


Monster Moto MM-B80-BR Classic Gas Mini Bike has the off-road pneumatic tires which are tubeless. These are 14.0 X 5.7R6.0 super grip tires with steel rims, especially for the best performance on the rugged areas.

Color schemes

Monster Moto MM-B80-BR Classic Gas Mini Bike has a classic black color that looks just fantastic. It is also available in American Flag, Monster Moto Muddy Girl, and Phantom Flame color schemes.


All of the Monster Moto mini bikes are although pre-assembled, yet for your convenience, they have given adjustable handlebars so that you can adjust them according to your kid’s easy reach. This bike is proudly assembled in Ruston, LA USA. You just have to adjust the handlebars, add gas. Go ahead and do the fun.


The tough steel frame and no dent fenders of this classic mini bike ensures the durability

Easy to operate

Monster Moto MM-B80-BR Classic Gas Mini Bike is very much easy to operate because of its automatic clutch and 80cc overhead valve engine, each and everything ensures an easy operating for a little kid.

Warranty and support

This classic mini bike for kids provides a good support and warranty for its users. Actually, it’s the 90 days warranty from the date of its purchasing.


Monster Moto MM-B80-BR Classic Gas Mini Bike is cost effective. You can easily purchase it without any worries about the budget. It is affordable to all, take it for your loved ones and make them happy and see them enjoying on this classic mini comfortable bike.

Specifications of Monster Moto MM-B80-BR Classic Gas Mini Bike

The amazing specifications of this unique bike are listed as;

  • Product dimensions are 15 x 50.3 x 25.5 inches
  • Item weight is 1 pound
  • Shipping weight will be 96 pounds
  • This item is not available for international shipping
  • Item can be shipped within the US
  • 8 out of 5 stars according to customer reviews
  • The manufacturer is Monster Moto, LLC
  • Large comfy seat
  • Rear disc brake
  • Custom Monster Graphics
  • Highly durable steel with tough no-dent polypropylene fenders
  • Tubeless pneumatic tires with Steel Rims
  • Starter type: easy pull
  • Transmission is automatic, no shift, centrifugal force


  • Ready for rugged outdoors(tubeless pneumatic tires)
  • Steel frame
  • Hand operated cable actuated rear disc Brakes
  • Engine power is 2.5 HP
  • 23 mph max speed
  • Strongly welded tubes with power coated gusset reinforced
  • Awesome color schemes
  • Highly comfortable and easy operated for kids
  • Heavy duty overhead valve (OHV), 80cc gas engine


  • Small turning radius
  • No further cons found

Final words: Best 80cc Mini Dirt Bike

So I have given each and every minor detail of Monster Moto MM-B80-BR Classic Gas Mini 80cc Dirt Bike that will be hopefully liked by you. The purpose is to help you people by telling you all the good and bad things about any products so that this can help you decide to take the good bike for your loved ones.

Enjoy the adventures of life by riding on the good bikes. I have also selected this bike for my nephew after thinking a lot and checking all its specifications, most of all its comfort and safety and now I am glad for my perfect choice. Life is like riding a bike so stay happy and keep moving on.


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