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Best ATV for 10 Year Old

Best ATV for 10-Year-Old 2020

ATV is the safest thing for children to ride on. They ensure a great balance, grip, and safety while riding. That’s why the ATV’s are the right choice.  Although, it is difficult to find out the good ones as the market is filled with so-called best brands.

You should always read buyers reviews whenever you plan to buy an ATV for your 10-year-old. We have gone through all the details before posting this detailed guide.

My Personal favorite ATV’s for Kids:

  • Rosso Motors – Electric ATV for 10 Yead Old in 2020
  • Mountopz – Best 110cc ATV for Kids 2020
  • Razor – Electric Dirt Quad with 40 minutes of battery time.

These are selected by my professional’s team. You must give them a read to buy a favorite one for your lovely kids. Among other choices for 10-year-old includes Electric Dirt Bikes.

Comparison chart for the Best ATV for 10-year-old 2020 Reviews

Best ATV for 10-year-old Features Recommended age Price
Rosso Motors 36 Volts battery, 500 watts motor, disk brake system 3-10 years and up Check price
MOUNTOPZ Four Wheeler Single cylinder, 4 stroke air cooled engine 110 cc 10 years and up


Check price
Razor Dirt Quad Pneumatic knobby tires, front brush bar, 120 cc capacity 8-10 years Check price

Rosso Motors Kids ATV in 2020

This is a beautiful pink colored ATV that is the dream of every kid. Rosso Motors can be the best gift for kids. It’s an ultimate electric quad four wheelers for children aged 3-10 years. If your kid loves to ride on a four-wheeler, then you should go for this ATV.

It will keep your kid smiling. They can be happy all the time having and enjoying the ride fully. Kids can actually experience the excitement of real ATV riding in their backyard. It is built for the outdoors as you want to ride on it. You can ride on it for a great time according to your choice.

Rosso Motors uses a 36 volts battery and 500 watts motor. This is quite a great power and range. It will allow your kid to enjoy riding at its peak.  Even he/she can play all day with this ATV.

A kid will learn about how to ride, how to make turns, apply breaks, adjust handles, grip them and many things like this. This will let the strong development of holding things firm or the hand and things coordination. I have seen fellows saying that it is the Best ATV for 10-Year-Old.

For enhanced child safety, this ATV is equipped with the disk brake system. Another thing is the 3-speed governor with reverse. All this make your child safe from falls on any outdoor rough area. Your 10-year-old children can easily apply this break. I love to ride my Mini Bike with my kids.

It is highly durable and versatile. It has advanced specifications and the all-terrain rubber tires. Tires have big knobs on its surface that makes it best for outdoors and safety. They are having the shock absorbent suspension package too. These tires also add to ride safety.

Click here to check the latest price.

Electric power lights equipped on the fronts make the riding area more clearly. It is of pink color that suits to and liked by every child. Actually recommended age for this ATV is 3 to 10-year kids, mentioned by its manufacturer. It is sleekly designed to be the miniature version of ‘’grown-up’’ ATV’s. These versions are Polaris scrambler, Yamaha Raptor, and Can-Am Renegade.

It will give the excitement of riding a real ATV to your kid. Your kid is going to enjoy a lot riding in the backyard. A kid can feel and rides like his dad and mom. It will build up great self-confidence in your children. The weight capacity of this kid ATV is 90 lbs which are 40 kg. It has 12 AH lead-acid battery that is highly durable.

It can speed up to 13 mph or 20 km per hour. Your kid can enjoy the riding time of 2 hours in a day. It’s charging time is 6 hours. After charging use it for 2 hours and again charges it for further use.

You kid can easily reverse it because its design is uniquely featured as such. It’s tyres have height 4.10 and diameter 10 while its base is of 71 cm. You can also inflate your kid’s ATV tires very easily.

Seat height is 48 cm and ground clearance is 10 cm. overall product dimensions that you may want to know are (L x W x H): 39″ (99cm) x 22″ (56cm) x 24″ (61cm). The net weight of this item is 100lbs (45kg) with battery included.

You must give this ATV to your kid and you will be happy when your kid happy. Just because it is especially manufactured for kids, it has a highly affordable price, you can buy it right now from Amazon.

MOUNTOPZ – 110cc ATV for Kids in 2020

Here another source of recreation for your kids.  Guys get the details of all its features and everything about it.  I will tell you about its each and every minor feature details that you definitely want to know.

It’s a gorgeous beautiful burgundy colored kid’s ATV. It has a single cylinder and the engine runs with the four strokes and is 110cc. It’s an air cooled engine. It has an automatic transmission. I love this and for me, it is the Best ATV for 10-Year-Old.

Its front and rear tires are made of strong rubber material. They are tough to bear the rough areas and hurdles and are of 145/70-6. The rear hydraulic disc brake system will allow a 10-year-old kid to easily stop riding. They will learn how to protect them from any hurdle and how to immediately stop the ATV when they want.

It has a remote control shut off. So, if you get don’t apply the brakes or if you concerned about the kid a lot, then you can use this remote control. There is also a speed restrictor that will make your mind calm about child safety. If your kid is smaller than 10 years then he can enjoy the slow riding by the help of speed restrictor.

The overall weight of this item is 350 pounds. It has a durable double A-arm front suspension and the single rear suspension. Its improved engine is uniquely designed for an amazing ride just like a real ATV.

For ensuring the product safety it is also having a foot brake. It has an automatic transmission and in the electric start, it will take your kid to full riding fun.

It has the luggage racks on its rear area. It will help you to carry extra weight without a burden on you. Just put the essentials in that rack and ride with it. It’s a great facility. This ride will give you a bunch of fun and memories.

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It provides the ultimate high performance, facility, and reliability. Your kid can enjoy his/her best riding experience and can do much more fun and believe me this will be a pleasant time for you too. Another best and outclass feature is that it is manufactured under extremely strict quality control by the ISO 9000 system.

It is offered at an insanely amazing price with discounts just for the sake of kid’s happiness. It is extremely lightweight and has low maintenance. This all made this perfect for a yard, field and trail riding. 

You can buy this 110cc ATV from Amazon.

It has a 30-day Replacement warranty for any defective parts. While the neglect, labor, accident abuse and mechanic would not be included in warranty at all. Minor scratches and dents would not be included in the warranty that occurs when shipping.

Razor Dirt Quad

It is a brand new Razor Dirt Quad. It’s fresh black styling and unique design makes it looks gorgeous. It’s a miniature electric off-road dirt quad. It has an authentic quad geometry. The average battery life of 250 cycle’s charge and discharge makes the riding time extra.

In order to ensure the long battery life, you should have to take care of it. You don’t have to store the battery in temperature above 75° and below -10 Fahrenheit. It means you just have to take care of battery and do fun at a greater extent. This is one of the Best ATV for 10-Year-Old.

Smooth riding is ensured by the terrain-tracing droop travel Rear suspension which has the coil shock. It has a twist grip acceleration control which kids can easily handle. I just got this amazing ATV for Hunting.

Adjustable riser handlebar gives a firm grip. Its 13-inch pneumatic knobby tires make it easier to ride on a rough outdoors. The front brush bar clears the area of riding and it’s an amazing feature of it.

You can buy this Electric ATV from Amazon.

It is recommended for age 8 years to 10 years by the manufacturers. It supports the riders of weight 120 lbs. So, no matters your kid is extra healthy or smart. It will bear all the weight and never show a bad performance in any case. Your kids will learn to do professional riding like adults. Razor is an amazing brand, I have just posted a detailed guide on Razor Dirt Bikes.

The product’s weight is 80 pounds and full dimensions are 43 x 24 x 31.5 inches. 2 batteries of 12 volts are used in it which is highly durable. Make your children happy with this extra affordable Razor Dirt Quad. 

Why ATV’s for Kids?

Their benefits are multiple that is truly admirable. First of all, it offers a lot of fun for your kids. It offers safe riding exposure.

A 10-year-old child’s motor skills will polish further when he will ride ATV will all efforts. It’s a perfect thing to increase the physical activity of kids. Many kids of today enjoy lazing indoors but this will make them physically active.

They are best for children who have just started riding any vehicle. Their experience will be much better on it than that of any other vehicles. Your children will develop good habits rather than that of bad and lazy habits. If you are confused between ATV and UTV, read this detailed comparison guide.

Going outdoors is a source of recreation and kids learn more self-confidence riding and playing outdoors. Your kid can be healthier in such kind of activities. It will elevate their moods too.

My story, How I Bought the Best ATV for my 10-Year-Old Daughter?

My name is Cathy. My little 10-year-old daughter Ketty is my love. I have just bought a pink colored beautiful Rosso Motors for her.

Actually, she was a shy girl from the starting. All the kids of her age go outdoors for some recreation, like in playground and for some riding, etc. We asked for all the recreational things to her but she refused. She was getting sick just studying and lying on her bed.

We were worried about her health and physical fitness. One day, we went to her friend home and she was having the ATV. My baby girl took a lot of interest in it. She asked me to buy him an ATV like her friend was having. This was a good thing and most of all she demands things so less. I was suddenly ready to buy her an ATV at any cost.

Fortunately, I bought this vehicle at an extremely reasonable price for my kid. And after that, she started going outdoors and riding on her ATV. Till then, I have noticed that she is really gaining more and more self-confidence. Her health is also fine now. I am glad and thankful to supportive and safety ensured ATV’s.

I will also suggest you buy this for your kid. If you really want your kid to get in some interesting and healthy activities then you must buy it. And if your kid is already interested then you should buy the favorite one for your beloved.

Best of luck.               

Team –  

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