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Best ATV for Hunting 2020 Reviews

Best ATV for Hunting 2020 Reviews

Without an ATV, there is no fun in hunting, in fact, how can we even go hunting without an ATV? I love to ride my ATV whenever I go hunting.

Our editors have selected 4 of the top-rated ATVs for hunting in 2020. Our team spent 2 months, researching and using these amazing ATVs before we decided to write this detailed guide on this topic.

My Personal favorites ATV’s for Hunting in 2020 are:

Before going into the details of every ATV that we have selected, let us have a look at this chart. 

Comparison chart for Best ATV for Hunting 2020 Reviews

Hunt your favorite ATV from here. Get a quick view over all of the best ATV features and prices and buy which you like the most.

Here you go;

Best ATV for hunting in 2020 Features Engine Price
TAO BRAND New Manual clutch, dual brakes, independent shocks. 200cc Check price
Coolster 3150DX-2 12 Volts battery, 4 strokes, Front Double A-Arm Suspension. 150cc Check price
CRT Sportrax 4 strokes, single-cylinder, air-cooled system. 125cc Check price
TAO TAO – ATA125D 10.8’’ front suspension, 11-inch rear suspension. 110cc Check price

TAO BRAND New, Best ATV for Hunting 2020

This is the first best handling ATV that you have ever ride or owned. The more you ride on it, the more you will love it. It is a full adult body-sized ATV with a 200cc powerful engine and a manual clutch. This engine is super strong and has the capacity to remain cool while you are running it speedily. It will stay calm during your whole ride.

The manual clutch and dual brakes ensure the safety of the rider.  An adult body of any shape and size will be handled and adjusted to this ATV. You will feel comfortable in any way on this high-class ATV. These brakes will help you to stop the ATV immediately if you want. Without sudden jerks, it will stop easily and comfortably.

Furthermore, an adult can handle these brakes with a full grip. This will ensure your further safety and make you realize that you are really sitting on some classy product. The best thing is that it is shocking independent. You can guess yourself how comfortable and safer this ATV is. When you will ride it, you will found it amazing.

Full-sized BRAND New 250cc comes with 4 gears with reverse. You can reverse it without any trouble or engine issues. It has taken cared of its each and everything while manufacturing. That’s why now people are demanding it more. You must try it too. Believe me, you can fill up your life with full joy and fantasies when you buy and ride on this ATV. This is among the Best ATV for Hunting in 2020.

The speed limiter is just amazing. If you want to limit the speed by yourself or if you have to slow it down because of riding area issues then, you can lessen the speed immediately without any tiring effort. Just use the speed limiter and within no time you will feel your required change in speed. You can also enjoy a fast ride if you want.  No matters you go fast or slow, it will make your riding experience best ever.

When you will use this amazing product people will get attentive towards this Best ATV. You can do ATV racing with your friends. In short, you can spend quality time on this high-quality product. It has a black strong chassis. The material used in its manufacturing is of number 1 quality. Its manufacturing is done on specific standards.

You can choose any of the colors which you like. It gives you the full liberty to choose and ride. The customer ratings for this product are 3.6 stars. This indicates that how much people love the ride of this ATV. The light weight of just 420 pounds is easy to handle by an adult. It will also bear your entire burden very easily. So, no matter if you are extra healthy or slim, you can ride on it amazingly.

Its 4 wheels are all knobby, best for the rough areas too. These tires also ensure great safety. There is no problem with balancing in ATV. If you are afraid of handling any vehicle, then don’t worry at all, the 4 wheels already balance this vehicle. Even without practice, you can ride on this ATV very well. You will feel fully balanced, protective and secured on this vehicle.

You have to take a lot of care while assembling this ATV. The assembly of its each and every part needs attention. Framing, steering components and the nuts and bolts should be all perfectly and tightly placed or fitted. Nuts and bolts should be checked for the snugness and loosening.  When you assemble it all, double-check all the things. Use the kill switch properly otherwise you can face any issues.

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It has an electric start transmission. Start the engine. It will run electrically without any discomfort.  Its chain drive engine gear is 4-3-2-1-N-R and shift gear has the foot max torque of 8.5N.m/5000-5500r/min. The wheelbase is 43.9 inches. The fuel ignites and runs the ATV and it gets started within no time. CDI fuel capacity is 4.2 liters.

Metal chassis makes it highly durable and long-lasting ultimately. Its front hand brake is drum type and rear is the foot brake, a hydraulic disc brake. Its front tire has the dimensions of 21 x 7-8 while the rear tire is of 20 x 9.5-8. Its front suspension is 15.7 inches and rear suspension is 13.4 inches. 12V / 9Ah of the battery are used in it. It can bear the max loading of 308.65 lbs. Its seat size is 31.89 inches.

Carton size is of 55.9 x 33.0 x 34.3 inches and overall size dimensions of this ATV is 69.3 x 42.1 x 43.3. You can also seek for the guidance of any case, regarding assembly, dimensions, etc, from the instruction and user manual given with it.

Coolster 3150DX-2, 150cc ATV for Hunting

Get ready to ride on this ATV. Read all of its detailed features here. This single-cylinder, 4 strokes ATV will take your riding fun at its peak. It has the engine displacement of a single-cylinder, 150cc ATV. Its engine runs with 4 strokes. You can apply the strokes very easily like normally you apply on any bike.

12V / 9AH of the battery is used in it. The air-cooled engine remains calm every time when you ride it. No matter if you are riding this vehicle in a fast or slow speed, it will remain cool all the time. It will stay running smoothly. It is not like other vehicles whose engines get hot and the rider has to stop the riding to let it cool down.

You didn’t have to cool the engine of this ATV yourself; it will go through an automatic air cooling process. It has an automatic transmission with reverse. Electric start and the multi-functional switch makes an easy start and the overall riding, turning, and moving, etc.

Its 23”/22” tires help in easy riding. The knobby tires make a firm grip on riding areas and prevent falls. You can have a smooth riding experience on this comfortable ATV in which everything is comfortable, including the tires till the handles.

It has a front double A-arm suspension. Front hub and rear hydraulic brake give an easy stop without sudden jerks. This is one of the Best ATV for Hunting.

The length of this ATV is 73.62 inches; width is 39.76 inches, while the height is 47.83 inches and 374.78 lbs of total weight. Some ATVs are heavier but it has an amazing lightweight that you handle with expertise. Its bore and stroke are of 2.26 inches x 2.28 inches.

You can buy this ATV from Amazon.

 With CDI Ignition and a kick start, it runs very smoothly.  The kick-starter system is just great and proper as it prepares the vehicle to run the engine first and then runs smoothly. It has got a compression ratio of 9:5:1. Its transmission is automatic with reverse and is having a chain-driven system.

If you are planning to buy an ATV for your kids, read this, I just bought this amazing ATV for my 10-year-old son.

It’s front and rear both suspensions are hydraulic spring type. It’s front hub brake is with hand manipulating patterns. While the hydraulic disc brake is with the foot manipulating patterns.  Its front and rear tires are 23 x 7- 10 and 22 x 10 – 10.

Coolster 3150DX-2 wheeler base is 47.83 inches and the seat is having a height of 29.92 inches. The ground clearance is 6.5 inches.  You can put a big amount of petrol at once and no need to add it again and again.

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You can enjoy a worry less riding as there is no need to put fuel often. You can enjoy for a long duration easily. The max capacity in this ATV is 1.71 gallons while the engine oil capacity is 0.91 gallons.

The speed limiter is also included with it. You can limit the speed at any time. There will no trouble in enhancing the speed again. It can go up to the max speed of 58 mph. But it is also dependent on the rider’s weight.

If you are heavier than its weight carrying capacity, then you will a little bit of a problem in gaining a fast speed. A tool kit and the owner’s manual book are also included with this ATV for guidance and help.

It is available in red color.  A red-colored speedily going ATV looks just outclass. The overall dimensions of Coolster 3150DX-2 are 73.6 x 39.8 x 41.7 inches. Now, hunt your ATV and fill your life with riding fantasies.

CRT Sportrax Apollo ATV

 This is the brand new Apollo Sportrax.  It has an electric start and a gas-powered engine of 125cc. This engine is single cylindered and air-cooled. You have to apply 4 strokes to start this ATV along with the electric starter system. 

Its front brakes are drum brakes and a disk brake system is in the rear. It can go up to the max speed of 50 kilometers per hour. Complete dimensions of CRT Sportrax according to its L*W*H are 1440 × 980 × 990mm. For 2020, this is a perfect ATV for hunting.

It is extremely easy for handling. It is having a fully automatic transmission with the neutral, forward and reverse. In the heavy-duty front and rear racks, you can hang and adjust any of your essentials while riding. You can take all of your necessary things with you now.

Its tires are of 6in wider stance, aggressive and are bigger enough to make a perfect grip, balance, and amazing riding. Its wider stance truly adds great stability. Apollo Sportrax fits up to a 5ft rider. Along with these features, it is equipped with front headlights, loud horns, tether cord, fuel shutoff, nerf bars, and many other things.

The best things for this ATV are its regular, unleaded gas. Put it once and do fun for many days. It comes with oil already induced in the engine. Fuel petcock, 2 keys, and 2 engine kill switches keep it locked down when it is not in use. It’s a great vehicle for the beginners who have just started riding. I just love this ATV that is best for Hunting.

Buy now from Amazon.

Its sturdy frame ensures its high durability. Even it works great in the snow because of its amazing tires. Its throttle lever actually prevents the accidental acceleration during bumps. One thing that you need to take great care of is its red plug on the lanyard that is covering the kill switch. Because it will kill the engine if the rider falls off.

 Its bright LED headlight makes it easy to ride at night. It comes with the options of low and high light. You can adjust it according to your choice. The night ride is just amazing and personally my favorite. The hand brake stops the front wheels and the rear foot brakes stop the back tires.

If you are a beginner and really searching for a good ATV, then you should go with this one. It is available in red sharp, black and white color. This ATV is really just amazing. Now, without any wait buy this highly affordable ATV for you.


TAO TAO Brand model, the amazing ATV-125D is 110cc with fully automatic and reverse. It has an 11 inch of the great rear suspension and 10.8-inch rear suspension. It makes the riding more smooth and keeps your vehicle in your control. It actually increases the suspension between the tires and the roads ad and provides good handling. So, a good suspension is a must and this ATV is having it very well.

The overall size of this vehicle is 50 x 33.5 x 38. Front tires are of 16×8-7 and tire rear is of 16×8-7. The least weight of 255 pounds makes it ultra-easy to handle and control. Product dimensions are 50 x 33 x 38 inches. 3.4 stars rating for ATA125D is just amazing. Hand max torque is 6.5N.m /5000-5500r /min.

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Its wheelbase is 31.89 inches. You must know your height so that you get adjusted in it too. The CDI fuel capacity to be filled in this ATV is 4.2 liters. Its chassis is strong and durable. Its rear one is the hydraulic brake and the front hand brake drum.

Another new and amazing feature of ATA125 is that it has a remote control system. You can easily handle its features by a wireless remote. The speed limiter is included in this ATV too. Actually, a speed limiter is an important thing for safety.

It gives 1 year of its engine warranty. 30 days warranty is for the replacement for any defective part. Any things like scratches, dents, broken pieces caused by the user would not be considered in warranty. Buy this amazing ATV and enjoy hunting in 2020.

Final words

I am done explaining all of these ATVs Reviews for 2020.  There are the best ATVs for hunting. Buy and ride on your favorite one. Do fun. Good luck.                  

Why ATVs are good for hunting?

You might be thinking that why everyone prefers to buy an ATV than any other vehicle and why ATVs are good for hunting. 

Actually, ATVs are preferred more than that of any other vehicle because of their balance and grip. If someone has just started riding and he didn’t know how to balance a vehicle, then an ATV is the best thing for him to ride. As the big four wheels of ATV are already balanced and there is no danger of unbalancing etc unless to take it on an extremely rough area.

If you are confused between an ATV and UTV, read this detailed guide on their comparison along with Pros and Cons.

ATVs have a strong grip because of its handlebars and big, knobby tires. Now difficult locations are easier to access and exit. They are comfortable and easy to ride because of their lightweight.  Otherwise other vehicles are heavier and handling them becomes the first difficult task before riding. So, if you also want a light weighted vehicle, then go for an ATV.

Their grip is comfortable that’s why people prefer it the most. As everyone wants a comfortable vehicle with a comfy ride. As all the requirements for comfort are fulfilled by the ATVs, so it’s the preference. The towing capacity of ATVs is just great. Not any of the other vehicles have such a good towing capacity. That’s why ATVs are best.

Another thing about ATV hunting is the affordable price tags. Although you may find some of the ATVs pricey, mostly they are available in the affordable ranges. That’s why people prefer to hunt for ATV before experiencing any of the other vehicles.

Best of luck.       

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