Best Dog Food For Pitbulls Reviews 2018

Much like human beings, puppies experience different tastes and may additionally have particular needs which makes it essential to recognize what substances are required in your dog’s food. With a plenty of options available, it is difficult to select best dog food for Pitbulls.

To help in this we have explained in detail about best dog food for pitbulls. We have selected best products from the market and we have given in-depth analysis of every product in detail.

In order to assure that your pooch will stay active and have a healthy life, you have to get familiar with what varieties of ingredients he needs in his daily diet. Always select best dog food for pitbulls by searching best brands.

A healthy diet is a balanced diet that contains all essential elements that are needed by a dog for healthy and long life. Considering that pitbulls are muscular and feature plenty of power, it could be difficult to pick a food this is right for your dog without expertise. You must be familiar be what nutrients he wishes and why he desires them. Choosing best dog food for pitbulls is essential for your favorite dog for proper growth.

Best Dog Food for Pitbulls

When it comes to feeding your pitbull, look for a meal that gives a combination of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates that provides him with his daily calories requirements.

Meals should always be tasty and should give pleasant in mouth flavor. Meals produced with low-pleasant proteins and carbohydrates will make your dog week and he will have anorexia which can be fatal.

Pitbulls or bully breeds are one of the oldest known dogs in history.

The time period “pitbulls” can be complicated. These were once used in England and few parts of Europe for bear and bull baiting. This kind of dog combating turned into outlawEnglandngland in 1835. By way of breeding the puppies to have a gentle temperament, those bully breeds can be excellent accomplice puppies nowadays.

Breeds are known as “pitbulls” which are being loved all over the world. A number of the bull terrier breeds and the bulldog are also covered at times. Even blended breed puppies are referred to as pitbulls. All of this indicates figuring out a pitbull or making meals suggestions can be a bit convoluted, however, we’re up for the mission.

The American pitbull terrier is known as an energetic breed that instinctively loves various sports together with strolling and pulling. Every canine breed has inherited specific sets of behaviors featuring different nutritional requirements.

A pitbull have to be fed properly otherwise he could be ill or have a bad stomach. Diet must be balanced and must contain  both macronutrients (proteins, fats, and carbs) and micronutrients (minerals, vitamins, and trace elements.) Best dog food for pitbulls contains all essential ingredients needed for healthy growth.

Adult pitbulls require the diet that if full of energy for his daily activities and to maintain his weight. Food must be rich in protein.

National Research Academies confirms that adult pitbull-type dog weighs around 30-70 lbs and this size requires between 922 and 1740 calories on daily basis. Pitbulls who are older may require a little less calories while few may require more depending on daily activities.Growing puppies need more calories for better growth.

How much protein is needed by pitbulls on daily basis?

Proteins play an important role in pitbulls growth. They are essential for better health. Proteins are digested into amino acid chains which play a key role in creating and maintaining blood cells, different hormones and play an essential role in muscle repair.

When a pitbull is fed on a good protein diet, he will have the better immune response than the majority of dogs.  So we can defiantly say that protein is a must for every pitbull for proper growth and maintaining a healthy life.

Now comes the question that how much amount of proteins is required by a pitbull on daily basis. To be honest no one can give a final figure. This totally depends on your pitbull age and daily performance. If he is growing and in early age, he may need more protein for better development. Similarly, when a pitbull is active and is playful, he will need more calories and that too in the form of proteins.

Protein for pitbull diet can be derived from multiple sources, however, we recommend following.

  • Poultry feed is an ideal for growing pitbull, it provides nourishment that is essential for growth.
  • Muscle meat is another best example of best quality proteins.
  • Eggs and fish also provide good quality of proteins for pitbull and this is also not an expensive food.

Different owners prefer raw food for their dog while many prefer dry food brands that come with purposely mixed food ingredients for better growth and development.

Should pitbulls be fed on a fat-containing diet?

Fat is notorious for making individuals fat and similar is the case with dogs. Thanks to latest advancements in science, now we know that fats are essential for proper development and improve brain functions. You must not ban fats on your pitbull dog food.

Quality dog food for pitbulls

Food that offers a wide variety of ingredients including healthy fat contents. Reason? Because fats are used a primary source of energy for daily activities. Additionally, fatty acids help in skin and coat maintenance and help to improve dog s understanding capacity.

I would recommend that fats for pitbulls should be originated from

  • Omega-3 fatty acids which are present in fish and fish oil, canola oil etc.
  • Omega-6 fatty acids that come from poultry and vegetable oils.

If your pitbull is not gaining weight, try adding fats in his diet and you will see amazing results.

How much Carbs for pitbull?

Now the problem is that majority of dog foods contain high levels of carbohydrates in different forms in them like wheat, corn, grains etc. The only reason being that they are much cheaper than proteins and fats. As a good pitbull owner, you must make sure that your dog must not be taking the extra high quantity of carbohydrates in his daily diet. This is only possible by selecting best dog food for pitbulls.

Similarly massive cut down of carbohydrates is also bad. So always choose a healthy diet for your pitbull for his proper growth and for maintaining his health.

Pitbulls need around 20% of carbohydrates in their daily diet and only go beyond 20 % if you have hyperactive pitbull and even then make sure to get carbohydrates from following sources

Complex carbs come from sweet potatoes and whole grains.

  • Simple carbs that are fruits.
  • Fibers that comes from vegetables.

Role of micronutrients in pitbull diet

Micronutrients mean minerals, vitamins and trace elements and these are essential in proper quantities for better metabolism. They ave also role in maintaining cells and tissues functions.

There is a wide variety of micronutrients and it is difficult to include everyone in the diet on daily basis. So I would recommend switching your pibulls diet routine from time to time, so he can have every important mineral in his food.

Best Dog food for allergies

Whenever you plan to buy best dog food for your pitbulls, always consider following important points.

Nowadays the market is filled with products that are filled with macronutrients that are of no much value rather may be the cause of sensitive stomach for dogs. Grains are a part of food but they must not be in the excessive amount, similarly few dogs are sensitive to this so always select best grain free dog food in that case. Best dog food for pitbulls come with no allergic reaction and are easily digested.

Food allergies amongst pitbuls, and are the major cause of poor development and repeated stomach issues. One reason can be the massive addition of carbs in the diet. I would suggest that adding proteins and fats are much better than carbs.

Carbohydrates must be present in diet but in a balanced ratio. Proteins and fats, on the other hand, are always better for growth and healthy active life.

Best grain free dog food

Now many people ask are grains good for pitbulls or not?

Here is the answer.

Grains are used to get carbohydrates for dogs, however, grains are not a good source of carbohydrates and therefore not recommended. If your pitbull is allergic to grain than always prefer to buy best grain free dog food for your pitbull.

If your pitbull is having stomach issues like diarrhea or loss of appetite you may consider checking his food ingredients that may be causing these features. Try searching best dog food for pitbulls. If the problem doesn’t improve try visiting your nearest Vet.

Hypoallergic Dog Food

It is always sad to your loved pitbull ill or have any allergy to any substance. However, few pitbulls can be sensitive to few allergens. It is always wise to access your dog s food behavior before buying any food.

Hypoallergenic dog foods have few dietary designs that may include a limited list of ingredients so as to access specific allergen. They contain novel ingredients that are previously used by the dog so chances of allergy are less. Also, veterinary dog foods are made in such a way that they have hypoallergenic substances.

These products are sold and prescribed by the veterinarians.

According to the experts, most common food allergens include-

  1. Beef
  2. Dairy
  3. Chicken
  4. Lamb
  5. Fish
  6. Corn
  7. Soy
  8. Wheat

Majority of dogs are not sensitive to these substances but since they are used in high proportions in most dog foods so may cause allergy.

Now you must understand the difference between a food allergy and food intolerance.

Food allergy means when dogs immune system considers any ingredient harmful and start making antibodies against it while Food Intolerance is related to issues with digestion of food.

Food allergy symptoms in dogs may include skin rash, itching, paw biting and may even nausea and vomiting.

Whenever buying Sensitive stomach dog food, consider important points mentioned above for best food that will be healthy for your dog.


High Fiber Dog Food

Foods containing high fiber content are always good for the stomach. A good dog food always contains a balanced formula that helps in improving the immune system.

Fiber diet is beneficial for every dog and especially pitbulls, if dogs are not given a minimum amount of fiber in their food they may have issues with glands. Best dog food for pitbulls contains a balanced of everything that is essential for good health.

Dietary fibers play an important role in dogs development and keeping his stomach fit. Whenever you think of high fiber dog food.

However always keep up with your pitbull s stomach, go whatever is best for him. Anything that causes sensitive stomach, stop that product immediately.

Low Sodium Dog Food

Now, this is one of the most important parts of this article. As we all know that dog food contains multiple minerals in it and Sodium is one of them. Sodium is the essential part of any living soul and similarly, it is vital to your dog s life. But the problem is sodium is that if used in an excess amount, it can be very dangerous and may have serious consequences. careless use of sodium in dog food can be toxic.

Sodium is normally present in blood and in fluids that surrounds cells. it plays a vital role to maintain a specific internal environment of dogs body to help him stay healthy. sodium maintains cell structure by preventing dehydration. Not only this it has functions that help muscle and nerve tissues to perform at a better rate.

These benefits of sodium have completed the manufacturers and they started adding massive amounts of sodium in dog s food without even realizing hazards associated with excess sodium intake.

Sodium for dog food can be originated from many sources like poultry, meat, and eggs. The problem arises when table salt is added directly being added to dog s food which can be confirmed by reading ingredients.

Now sodium not only helps your dog to maintain normal nutritional level but it makes dog food tastes better and your dog will have the urge to demand food again and again.

Whenever buying dog food for pitbulls, always check sodium levels and prefer buying low sodium dog food containing around 0.3%. Maintaining minimum levels of sodium is always essential for a healthy dog. These levels are suggested by Association of American Feed Control.

Low sodium dog food is the ideal choice for dogs having problems like Heart conditions and increase sodium intake can worsen the condition. Low sodium is also good for renal problems and liver diseases.

For older dogs, it is always better to use mild sodium food while dogs having heart issues must strictly follow low sodium diet.

How to select best low sodium dog food?

Following points must be considered when buying for low sodium dog food

  • It must have whole protein source listed like chicken, meat or beef.
  • It must be made in USA, Canada or Europe and must be from the country where food laws are being properly followed.
  • Must not contain additional flavors, extra dyes or any ingredient that your dog may be allergic to.
  • The main ingredient should be protein and not carbohydrates.

Final Words About Best Dog Food for Pitbulls

So we are done here. I have explained all necessary point sthat you should consider when selecting best dog food for pitbulls. Few dogs may be allergic to specific ingredients included in dog food. So you have to be wise when buying best dog food for pitbulls.

Feel free to contact us for any questions that may have. We are always there to hel and guide you in every possible way.


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