Best Electric Water Heater Buyers Guide 2018

Best Electric Water Heater Buyers Guide 2018. We will discuss Best Tankless Water Heater and Best Mini-Tank Water HeaterWith the advancement in technology, new products with best possible features are coming in the market. The market is filled with brands that claim to be the best. It is not an easy job to select which electric water heater suits your needs. Always study about the product Pros and Cons before finalizing any electric water heater.

Hot water is something that we all need on daily basis and especially in winter, it is A MUST. It is always frustrating to use cold water while waiting for hot water.  Electric water heaters are much better than gas water heaters in many ways.

Are you tired with your present water heater and now looking to buy a new best electric water heater.  Then congratulations you have come to the right spot. In this article, Best Electric Water Heater Buyers Guide 2018,  we have given in detailed review for buyers who are looking to buy the new electric water heater.

 Electric Water Heaters are always more reliable and speedy in delivering hot water as compared to gas-powered heaters. Best Tankless Water Heater is always considered an ideal choice for the home. Not only it has long working life but the speed of delivering hot water is unmatchable with any other product.

The Internet is filled with products ranging from best quality to total rubbish material. I strongly suggest users, read detailed review and buyers comments before finalizing anything.  For this purpose, we at Last Cart decided to do research for our users. We reviewed best products for buyers who are looking for Best Electric Water Heater.

Electric Water Heaters are better than Gas Water Heaters?

  • Gone are the days when people preferred gas water heaters but with the emergence of the new technology of electric water heaters, people are shifting to electric powered units.
  • Gas water heaters are no longer a priority for buyers and there are many reasons for this shift.  Let us talk about few important factors that are responsible for this shift of trend for electric water heaters.
  • The first thing that comes to the mind of a common man is monthly expenses whenever he tries to buy any product. Electric water heaters have solved this problem. These electrically powered machines are less expensive in terms of running expenses and monthly bills are also less as compared to gas heaters.
  • Gas water heaters installation cost is also much higher and the process of installation is also very complex as compared with the Electric water heater.
  • There is no danger of explosion that can occur because of gas leakage thus electric water technology is declared safe for the whole family and space.
  • Electrically powered water heaters deliver hot water instantly and therefore are also known as Instant Water Heaters. While gas heaters normally take around a couple of minutes before hot water delivers.
  • Because of instant delivery of hot water, there is minimum wastage of water while waiting for hot water, thus electric water heater saves water. This proves Eco-friendly nature of this product.
  • Electric water heaters are more durable and come with longer functional life as compared to gas heaters. As a result, there are no more monthly maintenance expenses.
  • New technology has always amazed us with its features. Now with new electric water heaters, you can control the temperature of the hot water being delivered and this temperature never fluctuates. This has given a boost to the sales of electric heaters as compared to gas water heaters.
  • Electric water heaters are being delivered with best safety features like temperature safety valves and temperature control assistance to control overheating.
  • The new models of electric water heaters are coming with anti-scaling and anti-corrosion feature that helps in the long functional life of a product. Also, it helps to cut down repair costs.

Important Points to be considered before buying Electric Water Heaters

  1. While buying the electric water heater, always keep your space in mind. You don’t want a large piece that becomes difficult to install or that takes a large amount of your space. So the first point is to choose what is right for you.
  2. If you are living in a small home where there are maximum two bathrooms and a kitchen, you will defiantly need a point of use system. Go for mini-tank electric water in that case.
  3. Flow per minute is one of the few points to be checked at the time of purchase.  With that always focus on efficiency of the product that you are buying. Product details are given here. Study in detail, before you finalize. You can always check this pot for reviews about the best product here.
  4. A digital display is a must for every unit nowadays. You can not just judge temperature, you will always need a display that can be used for adjustment of the different setting of the electric water heater.
  5. Safety valves are one of the must-have features in every water heating device. you never know when the unit overheats, so safety features are essential.
  6. Always check Flow rate per minute, select only that product that is suitable for your requirements.
  7. Efficiency is again one of the must-have features, now many latest products have the efficiency of 99%.
  8. Quality always matters. Good quality products have longer functional life and provide excellent results.

Electric Tankless Water Heater vs Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater

Now that you have decided to buy electric water heater than comes this difficult movement when you have to pick one. Do you a tankless water heater or you can go with the mini-tank water heater?

Electric Tankless Water Heaters and Mini-tank Electric water heaters come with certain sets of pros and cons.  Let us discuss all the important points here.

Electric Tankless Water Heater

This product has many advantages over mini-tank water heaters. First and foremost is the use of latest technology that is tankless technology. This takes origin from Europe and later Japan and then a big hit in America. They come equipped with latest and advanced designs that take very less space and doesn’t require any outside venting.

This product is ideal for large homes where multiple bathrooms can be used at the same time. There is a vast list of best products out there. Each with the different set of advantages.

For our LastCart viewers, we took matters in our hand and provided you with best and unbiased reviews.

We have given the detailed informational review about best available products here. All products reviewed in this post are best Electric Tankless Water Heaters available in 2018. We have given details about features, functionality, price comparison along with Pros and Cons of every product. You can read detailed reviews about Best Electric Tankless Water Heater here.

Advantages of Tankless water heater:

  • Saves electrical energy
  • Saves water from being wasted while waiting for hot water
  • Saves from waiting time and delivers immediate hot water
  • No tank is involved so unlimited supply of hot water
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Comes with safety valves

Mini-Tank Electric Water Heater

The unique feature of this product is the presence of mini-tank. Compared to Best Tankless water heater, these products can be used as the point of use. That means it can be installed almost anywhere near the point of use. Delivers water instantly while maintaining the fixed temperature. There is no delay in hot water being supplied to the point of use.

Mini-tank technology has its own beauty, these water heaters can be installed at a number of locations depending of your choice. You can install it under the sink or fix at the wall. Because of small size, it never disappoints the owner regarding space.

Mini-tank Water heaters are the best choice for small homes or offices while Best Tankless Water Heater is an ideal for large family homes with multiple bathrooms. Best mini-tank electric water heater reviews can be read here.

Advantages of Mini-Tank Water Heater

  • Saves Time-because of mini-tank located at the point of use
  • Saves Water- because water is delivered instantly, there is no cold water while waiting
  • Supplement central heating system or can be used as a buffer to any tankless heater
  • The best solution to cold water sandwich
  • Saves space-under sink installation or even in the cupboard
  • Adjustable thermostat with overheat protection valve
  • Glass-lined tanks give longer working life

In this post, we have explained top selling brands of Mini tank Electric Water Heater 2018 with all their features along with Pros and Cons.

Final Words about Best Electric Water Heater Buyers Guide 2018

Majority of people who use electric water heaters are more comfortable while using hot water. There is minimum waiting time along with less monthly expenses in shape of electric bills. There are fewer problems thus doesn’t cost much for repair. At Lastcart, we only believe in quality products.

Now I believe that after reading details about both the electric tankless water heater and mini-tank electric water heater, you know which one to select and why. It all depends on your requirements of hot water.

New models come with multiple years warranty. Don’t forget to check details about products warranty before buying.

Detailed information on water heating technology is given here.


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