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Best Go Kart for 10 Year Old

Best Go Kart for 10-Year-Old – Top Reviews for 2020

It is always fun to drive a Go-Kart. Last month, at, we decided to write a detailed article on Go Kart for Kids in 2020. This was an awesome opportunity for me, my 10-year-old son was always curious to ride a Go-Kart.

So, I decided to take things into my own hands and write this guide. I bought over a dozen of Go-karts and we started testing these individually.

I have made a dedicated chart that explains the Best Go kart for 10 year old kids.

Best Go Kart 2020 Features For 10 years old Price
TaoTao 79cc Yes Check Price
HML Youth 110cc, gas-powered Yes Check Price
TrailMaster 163cc, powerful engine Yes Check Price
Honda Drifta 160cc, 4 stroke engine Yes Check Price

Best Go Kart for 10-Year-Old, Reviews for 2020

Here we go, I have selected 4 amazing products for this review article. All of these are among the Best Go Kart for 10-Year-Old for 2020.

TaoTao GK 79cc, Best Go Kart for Kids 2020

Now make your kid learn and ride. Make him celebrate holidays. With GK 80 79cc Go Kart your kid is going to ride freely and fearless. He will enjoy all the time, he rides. It will accelerate the courage of your lovely kids.

Go Kart 80 79cc engine has a total displacement of 79.5cc. it is suitable for younger kids. Like other Go Kart engine, it is air-cooled. Furthermore, it is a 4-stroke single cylinder. The good thing about the 79cc engine is that it is fully automatic. This is one of the best go karts for 10-year-old kids.

This 79cc Go Kart engine comes with recoil starter. This small reliable engine is fitted in Go Kart 80 79cc to give your younger kids riding fun and endless joy. It is fitted nicely behind the seat. GK 80 79cc engine has a maximum torque of about 4.18N.m/3000r/min.

The ignition system of Go Kart 79cc is convenient CDI.  CDI system is a widely used ignition system in Go Karts. Because GK 79cc is a smart single-seater, Go Kart, it has only 1.3litr maximum fuel capacity. Click here to check the latest price.

This Go Kart 79cc has rear foot brake system. Brakes are hydraulic discs which provide excellent stopping power. The purpose of rear hydraulic brakes is to reduce the risk of drifting. So your kid will have extra protection. 

This Go Kart for kids has two wheels safest drive. It has two front and two rear wheels. Front tire measures 13×5-6 and rear is also of the same size. With this size, GK 80 79cc has maximum road grip.

Another advantage of the tires of GK 80 79cc is they have a pneumatic design. As I described earlier it provides the safest and unstoppable ride. So no matter it is grassy or rocky track GK 80 79cc is excellent.

Maximum ground clearance of GK 80 79cc is only 2.4inche. It has a minimum seat height. Its seat height is 7.0inches.

The purpose of low seat height is to add comfort to the ride. And your kid will have unstoppable fun and joy. The importance of this feature is to make GK 80 79cc look incredibly beautiful. It also fits your younger kids.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

GK 80 79cc has a maximum speed limit of 15mph (25km/h) which is the safest. Now your kid will be safe no matter how fast it rides. It gives extra relief to the parents. With such a speed your kids are under control. As I describe, GK 80 79cc has a very simple and smart design. It is really awesome to watch when kids ride on GK 80 79cc.

This cute little Go Kart is lightweight. It is easy to take wherever you want. No matter where you go, on a picnic or in the park. Your kids can enjoy its ride everywhere.

GK 80 79cc has a decent overall size. With these features, GK 80 79cc is the best option, especially for the younger kids.

Tao Tao 79cc engine is reliable. Its overall size is small which means it easy to carry where ever you go. And most importantly it is cost-effective.

Now if you are planning to give your younger kids birthday present or chrisms present. GK 80 79cc would be in my opinion excellent choice. So make your kids smart. Make them have endless fun and let them shine.

HML MOTO 110cc, Gas Powered Go Kart

 This beautiful piece of Go Kart is exclusively designed to satisfy the desires of your kid. It is the best Go Kart for growing minds. With amazing features, this product is simply awesome.

Pre-Teen 110cc Go Kart is built up with genuine Honda Clone GY6 engine. It is a single-cylinder, 4-stroke engine. It has a displacement of 110cc. it is air-cooled with torque 6.5N.m/5500r/min.

This black beauty Go Kart has a CDI ignition system. It has maximum fueling capacity of 1 Gal. this powerful 110cc engine produces a maximum speed of 24MPH. it delivers enough power to ride on any track.

The 110cc Go Kart has a durable engine, that is easily fitted behind the seat and take minimum space. With these features it delivers performance.

The pre-teen 110cc transmission system is fully electric with reverse. So your kid will face less difficulty. Like others, it has a CDI ignition system. It has speed limiter so you can adjust its speed as you desire.

That feature will enhance the safety level of your kid. Pre-Teen 110cc Go Kart has a solid chain-driven axle. It has a remote kill which gives parents control over the ride.

Pre-Teen 110cc has dual A-Arm swing. 5-12-year-old kids and pre-teen will especially have more fun with it, although it is loved by all kids. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Pre-Teen 110cc has front footed hydraulic disc brakes and rear foot hydraulic brakes. The purpose of that is to provide excellent stopping power. So there would be less difficult for your kids, once on a ride.

Your kid will have an easy approach whenever he wants to stop. Pre-Teen 110cc Go Kart has three D-N-R gears. The amazing thing about the gear system is that now your kid can shift gear with hand with ease.

Pre-Teen 110cc has a wheelbase of 49.2 inches. It has minimum ground clearance of only 4 inches. Total weight of Pre-Teen 110cc is about 280lbs. the maximum load it can bear is 190lbs.

Pre-Teen 110cc has a 15-degree climbing ability. With this, your kid will have extra stunting option as well. He will be more joyful and have endless fun. It has a two-wheel drive.

When we take a look at wheels, it has beautiful All-terrain tires with black steel rim. Front tire measures 13×5.00-6 in size. Rear tire measures 14.5/70-6. The benefit of four wheels is your kid will have more protection over dirty downhill tracks.

The other benefit of that is, it has an extra road grip no matter how rough track it would be. This is one of the best Go Kart for 10-12-Year-Old Kids in 2020.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

The suspension system of Pre-Teen 110cc is awesome. It has both rear and front shocks. It provides the best suspension on rough tracks and your kid will definitely more adventure.

The front suspension system is comprised of dual spring coil-over shocks on both sides. It delivers the best suspension and comfort to ride. 

This 110cc Go Kart has reverse dimensions of LxWxH 62x39x43inch. It looks super stylish with these dimensions. Also, it is easy to place it in a small area.  Pre-Teen 110cc has a stylish and comfortable passenger seat. Seats are comfortable and made up of poly-foam with all-weather vinyl.

This 110cc Go Kart has easily fit the driving position. It has two front headlights and horn. Some extra features of Pre-Teen 110cc include slim design. Fork-shaped side rods which provide extra safety. With all these amazing features you should go for it.

Trail Master MINI XRX+

This is the prime option if you are looking to surprise your lovely son. This vehicle is super stylish, two-seater. It will make your kid enjoy the ride. This is a good choice for a happy family.

MINI XRX+ is designed for an age group of 4 -12 years. It is loaded with many great features and your kids are going to love it. It is fully automatic. It is loaded with 4-stroke, single-cylinder air-cooled engine. MINI XRX+ has the two-wheel drive and remote start kill.

MINI XRX+ offers with a five-point safety seat belt. It has adjustable two sports seats with a pedal. With two front LED headlights, now your kids can have fun in the night. The good thing is, it has speed governor. So you can easily govern your kids while they are on ride. These were the highlights of some key features.

Now let’s take a look at the detail of these features.

MINI XRX+ engine has a displacement of 163cc. this is perfect also for the pre-teen kids. It has a 4-stroke single-cylinder engine.  MINI XRX+ engine has Air-cooled technology. This reliable and efficient has the power of 5.5hp/3600rpm.

It means this Go Kart can face any hurdle in his way. With that power, MINI XRX+ is suitable for every track. No matter your kids love rough track ride or on grassy bushes, this Go Kart delivers it with ease.

MINI XRX+ engine has maximum torque 816ft/3600rpm. MINI XRX+ engine has BorexStroke 2.6×1.8inch. It uses SAE 15W-40 engine oil. The climbing ability of MINI XRX+ is 12 degrees.

MINI XRX+ engine has a CDI ignition system like other Go Karts. It has an electronic starter with pull start back up now make it easy to ride. This Go Kart has a 12V 9Ah battery. 

You can buy this Go Kart from Amazon.

Clutch system of MINI XRX+ is totally automatic. That is the beauty of the MINI XRX+. Now your kid is free to ride and you do not have to worry much. Your kid will easily operate MINI XRX+. The only thing you have to do is to sit down and watch him play. This is an amazing and one of the Best Go Kart for 10 Year Old.

The driveline of MINI XRX+ is a chain. It has the dual-wheel drive, adding protection to your kid. Now it is totally safe to ride even on steep areas. MINI XRX+ has a powerful suspension system. It has front and rear suspension which is dual A-arm.

There are two front and two rear oil damped shocks. The purpose of this is to provide your kid with a comfortable ride. Now the freedom is in their hands. MINI XRX+ has rear disc brakes. It is advanced and provides excellent stopping power.

Because of the two-wheel drive, it is a useful feature.  It provides ultimate safety. Disc brakes provide absolute control over the ride.

Also, MINI XRX+ has total fueling capacity of 1.2 gals. The net weight of the MINI XRX+ is 232lbs. it is very easy to park and you have the choice to take it wherever you want to go. The maximum weight it can bear is 300lbs. MINI XRX+ has two front and two rear black beautiful tires. MINI XRX+ has a wheelbase of 42.6inch. Front tire is 145×70-6cm in size which provides tremendous road grip.

With extra road grip, your MINI XRX+ is now safer to your kids. The rear tire measures 16×8-1inch in size. This Go Kart for Kids is provided with a collection of tools so you can easily replace the wheels by self.

The overall dimensions of MINI XRX+ are ideal. The overall length of the MINI XRX+ is 58.7inch. The width of MINI XRX+ is 38.2inch, with these dimensions it is easy to park. It will take less space in the garage.

 The total seat height of MINI XRX+ is 13.6inch. MINI XRX+ has minimum ground clearance (4.02inch). So these were the detail of information about MINI XRX+. You see it is very simple to ride. It is designed to suit your kid’s temperament. In all, this is the perfect choice for your kids, and a happy family perhaps.

Honda Drifta

Honda Drifta Go Karts are ore one of the best option for the older kids. They are full of fun with their crashing simplistic design. With genuine Honda GX 160 4-stroke petrol engine, they are reliable and smooth to ride. This latest 2020 Go-Kart will definitely make your kid surprised.

It is simple and basic and among the best Go Kart for 10-Year-Old.

This Go Kart has a reliable engine. It has a maximum displacement of 163cc. This genuine Honda engine is a single-cylinder, 4-stroke. It has air-cooled technology.

This Go Kart engine produces a maximum power of 5.5hp. It is suitable for older kids and pre-teens because it produces 45km/h speed. This powerful reliable engine provides a smooth ride, so your kid has more fun time.

Honda Drifta Go Kart has direct drive axle driving technology. It gives a smooth and comfortable ride. With this new Go Kart for 2020, your kid will enjoy freely and fearlessly.

Also, it has recoil pull-start making it easy to handle. The purpose of direct axle drive is to give your child ease to ride so he will have ultimate control in his hand.

Your kids will definitely be attracted to it. This latest 2020 Go Kart has 6” knobbly pneumatic two front and rear tires. Tires are assembled with silver steel rims. Provided with the tool it is very simple to change the wheels anywhere. Honda Drifta Go Kart wheels are specially designed to provide excellent grip.

When talking about brakes, Honda Drifta Go Kart has only rear brakes. Brakes are simple hydraulic. It provides extra stopping power to Honda Drifta Go Kart.

Honda Drifta Go Kart has swing arm rear suspension system. It has two rear shocks which meet its unique design. Shocks are assembled on the rear side and destined to provide a comfortable ride. 

Honda Drifta Go Kart is uniquely designed. It is different from other Go-Kart. It has no roof rods. It also had a unique steering design. It is a motorcycle shaped. This single-seater has a very comfortable single seat. It has an extra seat belt to add protection level. Now your cute kid is going to ride more confidently with Honda Drifta Go Kart.

Clutch type is centrifugal dry. This centrifugal clutch system has single gear. This is one of the reasons this Go Kart is so easy to ride. Honda Drifta Go Kart has a chain driveline.

The maximum speed of this amazing Go Kart can achieve is 45km/h. actually, this is good. It has a medium speed level which means not too fast, not too slow. With this, your kids will ride with great fun.

Also, this Go Kart has a slightly large fueling capacity. Maximum fueling capacity of Honda Drifta Go Kart is 3.6litre. The fuel type of Honda Drifta Go Kart is unleaded petrol. The maximum distance it covers with a full tank is 75km.   

The recommended payload on Honda Drifta Go Kart is 120kg. The fascinating truth about Honda Drifta Go Kart is it has only 85kg net weight.

If we talk about its dimensions, Honda Drifta Go Kart has a total 163cm length. It is 74cm in height and 93cm in width. It is a single-seater. This amazing Go Kart is upgraded with leg and foot protector, seat cover and 3-point safety harness. The recommended bearing weight on Honda Drifta Go Kart is 120kg.

Honda Drifta Go Kart is my personal best because it is simple and safe for the kids. You also had an option to choose your favorite color. Honda Drifta Go Kart comes along with three different pop-out colors: red, blue and yellow.


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