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Best Side by Side UTV for Rock Crawling 2020

Best Side by Side UTV for Rock Crawling

UTVs have been very useful for people in daily life who have significant uses for the machine. UTVs can be used very differently by every individual. UTV is a perfect choice for rock crawling.

In this article, our editors have explained 6 of these best Rock Crawlers for 2020.

Many people have created their hobby to use UTV as a sport and do different stuff on it. Sometimes they do stunts, and sometimes they do stuff that is peaceful to watch. Many people have created their hobby to climb mountains and rocks on UTV. People try to customize the UTV for high-performance and special purposes.

The manufacturers of UTVs have realized the interest of people regarding UTV. That is why they have been manufacturing custom UTVs that are design to do you need tasks. People install customized tires that are too hard to be affected in their UTV.

Best Side by Side UTV for Rock Crawling 2020

As utility vehicles have more power than normal cars, people have unique ideas for stunts and creating special content. Because of their innovative minds, they use utility vehicles to climb mountains and crawl on rocks that are too hard for people to cross. Therefore, manufacturers have tried to build utility vehicles that are both supported by dirt and rocks.

People get confused when they have to decide which utility vehicle will support their purpose properly. So, we have created a list of best utility vehicles that are great for rock crawling. With which you can do your hobby and have fun with your friends.

So, without wasting animal time, let’s dive into the list of best utility vehicles for rock crawling which are as follows:

Best Side by Side UTV for Rock Crawling Features Price
Can-Am Maverick X3 Piggyback suspension, huge fuel tank, cargo, less weight $21,900 USD
Kawasaki KRX 1000 Teryx Powerful engine, Huge fuel tank, EFI, adjustable shocks, Digital Meter. $20,500 USD
2020 Polaris RZR Pro XP Model variation, disc brakes, auto shifting, heavy-duty $23,000 USD
Honda Talon 1000R Powerful engine, smooth performance, Disc Brakes, 6-speed auto transmission. $21,000 USD
2020 Textron wildcat XX Warranty, cargo, Fox Suspension, powerful engine, EFI $20,500 USD
CFMMOTO ZFORCE 1000 Alloy wheels, EPS, Powerful engine, Digital display, Hydraulic Shocks. $14,000 USD

Can-Am Maverick X3

The 2020 model of maverick rock crawler is a special entry to our list. The rock crawler has a 127-horsepower engine, which is a fine machine to handle the load and itself if you want to climb any sharp elevations.

X3 has a fine set of shocks that can support all types of jerks. If you are looking for a fine UTV, which is a factory build machine, and serves your purpose, then maverick X3 is the best for you. It gives a premium look, and the build quality is tremendous. It comes with a 900cc engine, which is a three cylinders engine.

The engine that is used in this UTV is the most powerful engine fore side by side; it is turbocharged and has a decent cooling capacity. The fusion net is used in this UTV is electronic fuel injection. It has five shifting options low, high, neutral, reverse and park. It has an auto-locking feature that allows you to select two-wheel and four-wheel drive.

The suspension that is used in this UTV is piggyback style may have great compression and extraction. Fox shocks that are used in rear and front suspension systems are best for trailing and rock crawling. If we talk about the fuel tank, the fuel capacity of this engine is 40 liters.

It also features some other storage capability like a glove box and cup holders, and it can also store over 10 liters of petrol separately. So, you can go to father places, and you do not need to worry about insufficient fuel because you have already packed for it

The Maverick X3 has a dynamic and smooth power steering that helps you stare UTV in rough places too. So, you do not need to worry about feeling tired from staring too much. It also features a special driver chassis that is light in weight and strong in performance. If we talk about the overall weight of this UTV, it is estimated at 675 kg, which is the dry weight of UTV.

The weight of the UTV tells us about the build quality of the machine. So, it is a great option for a rider to all loves to crawl his UTV on rocks and want to set up a record.

Kawasaki KRX 1000 Teryx, Best Side-by-Side UTV for Rock Crawling

Kawasaki has launched its UTV that is built for off-road riding and rock crawling. The model name of this UTV is 2020 Teryx KRX 1000. The New Kawasaki KRX 1000 UTV has been tested for two days in the desert and rock trails of Texas. It has a cool liquid technology, and the engine has a maximum power of 1000cc, which is a two-cylinder engine.

Air filter cleans all the best for the UTV, which is present behind the driver’s seat, which is a tool-free access for you to change or clean the air filter easily. It has 41-liters of the fuel tank, and the fuel is injected with the help of an electronic fuel injection system, which gives your UTV a proper mileage. The manufacturers have created a high revolving power and strong low RPM torque.

The UTV has two modes which are, standard and low power, and these modes are activated by a switch that is mounted on the dashboard. The low power mode can reduce the power of engine two one third of total power, which will give you better mileage and performance if you are not climbing any rocks or training in the desert.

Low power mode gives you a smooth operation of your UTV, which is not very common in other UTVs. It also has a smooth and automatic transmission system with four shifting options. The shifting options in Teryx are High, Low, Neutral, and Reverse.

The UTV has a locking system that allows you to select between 2-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive. If you want full power and performance from this UTV, you can select the standard mode for steep places or rock crawling. If you are going through the track which does not force the UTV to put more power to cross, then you can select Low power mode.

When you drive your UTV in low power mode and select a specific shifting option, then you are good to go and save fuel. You do not need to put extra force on plain tracks. Let us talk about the suspension system that is installed in this rock crawler. The suspension system is piggyback style shocks, and are adjustable on more than 24 positions. The suspension systems are customized models of FOX suspensions that are designed to give heavy-duty performance for rock crawling.

It also has a power steering that will save your arms from getting tired on the way. It has discs brakes in all wheels, which dual-piston caliper for better stopping. It can load up to 350 kilograms and has a seating capacity of 2 people. The lightning on Teryx are LEDs that are enough for night-view and day-time running.

It has a digital meter which displays all the information regarding the UTV while running, and all warning light are available in it. The wheels of the Teryx are metal alloys. It is a good option overall for rock crawling and trailing.

2020 Polaris RZR Pro XP, Best Rock Crawler

The 2020 market will get an additional rock crawler, which is the upgraded model of Polaris RZR, that will be the next-generation RZR. It will come three different models that will sell as ultimate, premium, and standard models and will be based on the equipment difference.

They all will have a basic chassis and suspension, but the premium models will be different from the basic one. We will talk about the premium model here. The RZR is equipped with a 930cc engine which has a liquid cooling technology that enables high performance in this rock crawler. The engine has a fuel injection system.

The EFI and liquid cooling creates a powerful combination and gives an efficient performance off-roads. The engine has a 180 horsepower of torque. The RZR will be a good machine for those who have been building custom rock crawlers using the old models of UTVs. The 2020 Polaris RZR gives you an option to create a factory-built custom rock crawler according to your taste.

The premium RZR pro will have a factory-installed automatic transmission system. The transmission system will have five options, which are Park, Reverse, Neutral, Low, and High. The dry weight of the RZR is 790 kilograms, which proves the build quality of this UTV. It has a strong frame that can bear the jerks and bumps by the rocks beneath the rock crawler.

It has pre-installed 4-wheel disc brakes. The premium RZR does not have a parking brake because it is parked with the park shift. The RZR is equipped with a power steering that supports electronic power support. The power steering does not let you get tired on the way. The aluminum wheelbases are extraordinary.

The most important thing is the suspension shocks that are used in the RZR. The front and rear suspension have stabilizer bars which stabilizes the vehicle even after getting into huge jumps. The front shock is adjustable to up to sixteen positions.

The fuel capacity in the RZR is 45-liters, which allows you to go to farther places and have a nice time without worrying about the insufficient fuel. The RZR pro XP is also tested for windy areas, and it has been recorded that the UTV has a minimal effect by the wind because of its structure.

The manufacturers have created a type of structure at the front that allows the air to flow from the radiator, which causes low air pressure. It has another benefit from aerodynamics when the air touches the radiator of the UTV, and it will create a cold air. The cold air will touch all the other parts inside the hood, which are covered by the body parts of the RZR Pro XP. So, the rock crawler will not be hot earlier than it should.

The rock crawler has huge wheels by MAXXIS, which gives a premium look and performance while training.

Honda Talon 1000R

Honda has a reputation in building a well-engineered, reliable, and durable machine. They have been moving towards power sports, and they have great reviews from people in that field. The side by side has a 1000cc engine that has a liquid cooling technology. The engine has a compression ratio of 10:1.

It is 64-inches wide in length. The Talon 1000R has a power steering that is smooth to operate when you are driving low speed or taking sharp turns. It has a ground clearance of 13-inches, which is an average length for a rock crawler.

The engine is equipped with an advanced electronic ignition system, which keeps it running even when it is cold. It has a six-speed transmission, and it is completely automatic. Another important thing to know is that the vehicle has 6-speed in high gear and 6-speed in low gear also.

There are two modes of transmission in the Talon 1000R, which are 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive. You can select from any of the two driving modes according to your requirement. When you need a full power drive, you can select a four-wheel-drive option. When you are only trailing, or you think 2-wheel power can be enough, then you may select a 2-wheel drive option.

Honda has a reputation in making great suspension systems for their vehicles. They have installed long bars of suspension that have a travel of more than 17 inches in the front of the Talon 1000R. Whereas, the rear suspensions have a travel of almost 20 inches. If we talk about the brakes of the UTV, then we can say that the brakes are efficient and can do their tasks efficiently.

The brakes that are used in the Honda Talon 1000R are dual-piston caliper disc brakes, and they come in all tires of this model. The fuel capacity in the Talon 1000R is almost 27.5 liters, and it also can store reserved fuel up to a maximum of 4 liters.

The Talon 1000R has a dual-clutch system, which is tricky to understand. Let us tell you what a dual-clutch system means in the UTV. In Talon 1000R, the dual-clutch system is used in such a way that one clutch is used for first, third, and fifth whereas the other clutch is used for second, fourth, and sixth.

It is made like that because they want you to shift so fast that it becomes lag-free shifting. The UTV also has three shift modes, that are standard, sports, and manual. So, manual shifting can be activated whenever you want. For manual shifting, the UTV gives you paddles beneath the steering. The seats in the Honda Talon 1000R are pretty impressive.

The base of the seat is wide, and the lumbar has good support, which can also be adjusted back and forth according to your comfort. Overall, the Honda Talon 1000R is a great package, but the fuel tank should have been bigger.

2020Textron wildcat XX

The Textron Wildcat is a sports UTV and is specially designed to do extraordinary things. It has a 1000cc engine, which is a standard for a rock crawler. The engine produces 125 horsepower of torque, and it is a 3-cylinder engine. The suspensions that are used in the wildcat are Fox 2.5, which are mounted on 15-inch rims and 30-inches of tires.

The most important thing about wildcat is that according to the make and model, they had to get their motor right. And they have installed a machine that is perfect for its size, build quality and features. It does not have a turbocharged engine.

The engine has a liquid cooling technology. The electric ignition system starts the wildcat with a glimpse of an eye. It contains high and low shifting options.

The brakes that are used in this UTV are complete disc brakes for better control. The shocks are adjustable. It has a power steering that enables you to handle your UTV efficiently and perfectly. The fuel capacity of the UTV is 3- liters and has a tough frame. The wildcat also supports 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive.

It is not like RZR or Maverick because these machines are equipped with turbocharged technology, and they are very powerful. But the wildcat does compete with the non-turbocharged machines and produces the most horsepower. It is not a turbo, but it is not a slow-mo.

If we talk more about the suspension here, it is a little bit better than the RZR and the Maverick rock crawler. The suspensions that are installed in wildcat have an 18-inches of travel in it, which gives the best that it can. The front suspension is mounted with the help of an unequal double A-arm. And the rear suspension also has a Y-shaped dual-mounted arms instead of a single shaft.

The suspension technology allows the UTV to handle its weight and allow more flexibility while jumping and training. The interior of the wildcat is the largest interior ever used in any side by side. Seats are adjustable and comforting. The cargo capacity of the wildcat is 135 kilograms, and it is the largest among the rock crawler UTV.


The CFMOTO ZFORCE is an ultimate package for off-road riders. It comes with all the required parts and accessories that a rock crawler must require. The UTV has a 960cc engine, which produces 79 horsepower of torque, which is a bit less but okay.

The suspensions in the UTV are gas absorber shocks and are pre-installed. The front suspension has an independent travel of about 10.5-inches. Whereas, the rear shocks have an independent travel of 10 inches. The front and read shocks both have a dual shaft connector, which gives a strong absorption.

The engine comes with an electronic fuel injection system and has an ignition system that taken only a second to start the UTV. 10:1 is the compression ratio of the engine.

The ZFORCE has radiator cooling technology. The battery in CFMOTO supports a maximum of 30-Amp power. The UTV has a power steering factory, which makes your riding smooth and fine. The UTV has a fine set of LEDs that has both high and low beam headlights. Flashers, brake lights, reverse lights are also installed in this UTV.

The UTV has a transmission of five options which are; Low, High, Neutral, Reverse, and Park. The UTV has an electrical locking option that allows you to select between 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive. The UTV does not have a separate hand brake, and the UTV is parked by the Park gear. The wheels that are used in the ZFORCE have alloy rims and a powerful set of tires that can face any rock.

The UTV has an all-wheel disc brake system. It also has an LCD that shows all the details regarding speed, RPM, tachometer and all. The exhaust system comes with a slip-on exhaust that can be replaced by any aftermarket exhaust.

There was another shocking and important thing to know about ZFORCE is that they gave the UTV with a one-year bumper to bumper warranty. The ZFORCE comes with everything and is perfect stock UTV for off-road sports.

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