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Best Used 4 Stroke Dirt Bike

Best Used 4 Stroke Dirt Bike for 2020

Selecting a used 4 stroke dirt bike is quite tricky and many riders get confused at the time of buying a dirt bike. 4 stroke dirt bike is a powerful toy when it comes to engine capacity.

Last year I planned to buy a 4 stroke dirt bike but I decided to go for a used one this time. This was a bit scary when you buy a used machine, you are never sure what the previous owner had done and why is he selling.

This was my first experience of buying one of the best used 4 stroke dirt bike, previously I had 4 dirt bikes but they are all are equipped with a 2 stroke engine.

Best Used 4 Stroke Dirt Bike for 2020

So this journey to buying a used 4 stroke dirt bike begin around a year back. I started looking at the internet, searching at different forums and in the end, all failed. I was not able to find a suitable used 4 stroke bike on the internet.

I decided to visit local dealers. I called a couple of dealers who are into 4 stroke dirt bikes, luckily one of the dealers said he has a couple of used dirt bikes and that too in a 4 stroke engine.

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Things were looking great till now, I booked an appointment with him for Sunday. Finally, that day arrived and I went to the local dealer who was selling used 4 stroke dirt bikes. I saw a few 4 stroke dirt bikes but they were not in a good shape, just when I decided to move out, I saw one dirt bike that was packed in the corner. 

On inquiring, I was informed that this packet just arrived and still has to see what’s inside. This made me curious and when we opened it, it was the beauty, I was looking to buy. It was Honda CRF250R, 4 stroke dirt bike that someone just sold to this guy. It was really a nice feeling that my dream dirt bike arrived as soon as I entered that shop. 

How to Select Best Used 4 Stroke Dirt Bike?

Now surprisingly, I have already posted an article a few weeks back about how to select a used dirt bike. Just a brief summary of that guide, I will share here for my readers.

Always access the bike in detail when you plan to buy a used dirt bike. Better to ask for a maintenance book, check the air filter, oil, brakes, tires and the engine. You don’t want to end up buying a shit.

Now I also checked everything there and since that shop owner was a friend, he also did a checkup for me. In the end, I decided to go for that used 4 stroke dirt bike that is Honda CRF250R.

Honda CRF250R, 4 Stroke Dirt Bike

Now the thing with Honda CRF250R is that even if you buy a used version of 2016, it will have the same features and specifications as that of 2017 model. Honda CRF250R is among the top sellers when it comes to a 250cc dirt bike. I have seen many positive reviews from buyers and damn, I have ridden this few months back at an event. Since then I had my eyes on this beauty Honda CRF250R.

Honda CRF250R is equipped with super quality suspensions and you will just love your way to bumps. It features the latest and elegant frame with bold structure. 250cc is a good choice if you just want to run it at local tracks, actually, I loved the performance of this dirt bike which made me buy this product. 

Specifications of Honda CRF250R

  • Engine capacity- 249cc, 4 strokes, single-cylinder.
  • Bore and Stroke- 79mm x 50.9mm
  • Starter- electric and battery used is lithium-iron-phosphate
  • Transmission- 5-speed manual with a return
  • Clutch- multi-plate wet with 5 springs.
  • Brakes- Front brakes: 260mm with a single hydraulic disc
  • Brakes- rear brakes:240mm with a single hydraulic disc
  • Tires- front: MX3S 80/100-21 with a tube, rear: MX3S 120/90-19 with a  tube
  • Fuel capacity- 1.6 gallons

Honda CRF250R features the latest exhaust system that is very elegantly designed. This 4 stroke dirt bike has one of the best engines among the other brands with the same capacity. This beast will always run wild once you take this to a racing track. Honda CRF250R features an electric start that is just awesome.

Its been a year since I have Honda CRF250R and it has always amazed me with the quality ride and stable road grip. Even with a 4 stroke engine, Honda CRF250R run like a bullet and I have won many races at our local tracks with this powerful machine.

Good luck with your hunt for best used 4 stroke dirt bike. If you have any questions feel free to comment in the section below.

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