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Best Way to Tie Down a UTV on a Trailer

Best Way to Tie Down a UTV on a Trailer

We all love to ride UTVs. UTVs are small vehicles but more powerful than the ones you use on roads. They are designed for off-road driving and going through rough tracks. When you have a UTV, you are very concerned about how you can do things perfectly that are required for you to handle your UTV.

In this article, our editors have explained proven and best ways to securely tie down a UTV on a trailer.

UTVs are very helpful for the things that you cannot do on your own that require more than human resources. You can use UTV for cleaning purposes. UTVs are very beneficial if you want to transport wood from the forest to your home. UTVs are good to carry your luggage. UTVs are good for you if you have a farm or a ranch.

Yes, you can tie down a UTV on a trailer by loading the UTV on a trailer, use straps to fix it securely on the floor of the trailer. It is recommended that to attach the UTV in such a way that you compress a few inches of the suspension towards the front side. This action will allow the UTV to move towards the front instead of jumping when the trailer hits any road bumps.

UTVs are essential for a place where you have dirt and mud tracks all over the place, and you need to transport your stuff from there. Grass, wood, motors, and many other small things are very easy to carry with the help of a UTV. Ye can use a UTV to go through a forest if the path is long and you want a quick tour.

Some people use UTV for hunting when they have some gear and food for their hunt. UTV is good for those places where you cannot reach easily. You can place all your stuff in the back, and you are good to drive. You can also use a UTV to tow your vehicle. Instead of tractor, some people use UTV for farming, as well.

When you have a UTV, and you want to use it in the countryside, or woods or some farm, you cannot just go thereby getting into the UTV and drive there. The UTVs are not designed to drive fast enough to reach far places. So, the most convenient way is to put your UTV on a trailer and drive it anywhere you like.

Best Way to Tie Down a UTV on a Trailer

The problem in putting UTV on a trailer is that you cannot just put a UTV on a trailer and go anywhere. You need to adjust it on a trailer properly and you need to do it professionally without any mistake, this is the matter of someone’s life. Because if you show somehow any negligence behavior in this matter, you may end up hurting someone.

So, it is better to go for a professional way to put your UTV on a trailer, which will help you to save your investment and other people’s life. We have an efficient way for you to load your UTV on your trailer.

Here are some simple steps for you to load and tie down your UTV on a trailer and it looks nice as well.

The things that you need to tie down a UTV on a trailer are as follows:

  1. Rope / Straps
  2. Ratchet
  3. Hooks
  4. Trailer

So, let us see what we have got for you.

Load your UTV on a trailer

The first step is very simple. You have to load your UTV on a perfect spot on a trailer. The spot must be in the center of the trailer so that you have space around your UTV, and you want to balance your trailer. You can load your UTV in two ways.

Whether you can drive it on the trailer, or you can push it on the trailer. When you have loaded it on the trailer, you need to move to the next step.

Find the suitable straps for your UTV

After loading you UTV on a trailer, you cannot just stop it on a trailer with the help of its brake. You need to be more careful about it. As an owner of the trailer, you must know the weight of the trailer. When you know the weight of the trailer, you will be able to find the suitable straps that have the perfect load limit for your UTV.

Straps come in different varieties. Straps are used to tow, lift, slide a labor, and many other reasons. So, they come in many different load limits. Let us suppose your UTV weighs 290lb, and then it will be better to select straps that can work with a load limit of 330lb.

Why do you select a more capable strap than you require for loading a UTV? The reason is that the UTV is not stable when you are driving it on a trailer. It is always jumping while it is on a trailer and giving continuous jerks to the straps.

These jerks can damage or break the strap. And if the strap breaks while the UTV is on the trailer, the UTV may slip from the trailer and may hit a human or another car.

So, you need a strap that has a more working load limit than the weight of the UTV.

Get the Straps in perfect sizes

After selecting the straps, there is something more important to do. You need to size down the straps in parts because you will be restraining it from four sides in an X-shape.

So, take lengths from the UTV center to the place on a trailer where you will restrain the strap and make a piece with an extra half of the measurement. You must make your UTV street legal.

As you have placed the UTV at the center of the trailer, all four lengths must be the same as the measured one. So, you have the length of the straps now, and step3 is complete. Move on to step4.

Find the suitable spot to attach the straps on a UTV

There are many spots on a UTV where you can attach your Straps. You need to find the lowest spot on your UTV because the best way to strap your UTV is by strapping the UTV at a 45-degree angle with the trailer. So, find the lowest and the strongest spot on the UTV to attach the straps.

The strongest spot can be the metal bumper if it is strong, and you think it can hold the UTV then go for it. We’ll suggest that you attach the strap with a hook first and then attach it with the frame anywhere below the UTV. The middle part at the front of the UTV contains the strongest point of the frame where you can attach the strap.

The most important thing is attaching the strap to the UTV is that you should never attach the hook of the strap to the suspension or excel of the tire. If you go for the suspension rod, you will damage your UTV suspension. If you go for anything that is not strong, you will surely damage your UTV. So, always go for the strongest point.

When you have attached the strap as we have mentioned above, try to do it on the other side too. Apply the same procedure at the back of the UTV also. All the straps are in position, and now they are ready to attach to the trailer. Before attaching them to the trailer, you should get your rachet with which you are going to restrain the straps with the trailer.

When you attach the straps to the strongest point of the UTV, you must pay attention to one more thing. You must check the place where you attach the straps for sharp edges if the strap is sitting at any sharp edge that could wear down the strap that you must do something about it.

If the strap can wear out because of jerks that you must place a rubber or a soft material between the strap and the sharp edge so that it does not break the strap. If you cannot do it, then you have to change the spot to attach the straps to the UTV.

If the strap is not touching any sharp edges, then you do not need to worry about it. Everything is fine, and you are good to go to the next step.

Restrain the straps using Rachet

When the straps are attached to the UTV, you need to attach the straps to the trailer. To do so, get the strap inside the trailer grill and take it out by restraining it with the trailer towards the UTV. When you have properly done the step, attach the strap with the rachet, and tighten it by using the pully of the rachet.

While you have tightened one end of the UTV, do the same with the other three sides of the UTV as well. Always use a rachet to tighten the strap. If you restrain the strap with the trailer by folding only, then it may cause the strap to break. Using rachet is more a professional and safe thing to do.

Securely tie down the UTV on a trailer

One of the most important things while you tie down a UTV on a trailer, is to decide whether you want to compress the suspension or not. Most people think that if they compress the suspension, they can damage the suspension of the UTV, or they can even cause the straps to fall off.

Let us discuss the case where if you compress the suspension, what will happen. If you compress the suspension at some point, not too hard, but some part of the suspension is compressed, you are not giving room to your UTV to be jumping around when you hit any bumps on the road.

You cannot damage your suspension if you are compressing it towards the trailer unless you have days of drive across the countryside, and you are continuously hitting bumps. If you have a few hours’ drive towards your destination, compressing the suspension is fine.

Some people say that when you hit the bumps, the suspension has some travel in it due to already compressed suspension. This can be avoided by strapping it more smartly and so tight that it does not allow the strap to fall off and causing the UTV to fall from the trailer.

Another thing that people might think is good while they tie down their UTV, is that they strap the UTV with the trailers from the tires. In this way, they restrain the tires properly to avoid compression of the suspension, which allows their suspension to move freely when they hit bumps.

Final Words:

Strapping the UTV in any way will allow you to stop your UTV on the trailer and not fall from the trailer, but you must check the precautions also. Always enable the hand break of UTV when you park the UTV on a trailer.

We hope that you have the best information about loading a UTV on a trailer after reading our article.

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