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Buying a Used Dirt Bike Checklist

Buying a Used Dirt Bike Checklist

So, you have decided to buy a used dirt bike and O, Boy that’s not an easy job to select suitable dirt bike. In fact, it is recommended that you should have some sort of technical knowledge if you plan to buy a used dirt bike.

In this article, our editors have explained the best methods along with a checklist to buy a used dirt bike.

When buying a used dirt bike, check for:

  • Year of manufacturing
  • tires, brakes, and suspension,
  • fuel tank,
  • Price

Buying a Used Dirt Bike Checklist

The first and most important thing is to have an estimate of the amount that you are willing to spend on your dirt bike. Check the current market price and access the difference. If there is a huge difference then go for the used dirt bike.

Now when you plan to buy a used dirt bike you not only have to arrange for the dirt bike initial cost plus any maintenance cost. Used dirt bike may come with broken parts or you may have to replace any essential tool.

Do your Homework

Now doing proper research before you finally decide to buy a used dirt bike is very important. Get all the necessary information about which dirt bike model you are planning to buy. Also, make notes of all important aspects of that very model and make of dirt bike.

Go to the internet and look for buyers reviews. The person who is already using that dirt bike knows more than you, so its a better idea to search the forums. Also, this website,, is dedicatedly made for dirt bike fans and contains all the essential information that you may need. 

Figure out why that used dirt bike will be beneficial for you according to your riding styles, your riding skills and the price that you are willing to pay. Now start making a list of all such used bikes that fulfill your basic criteria and also note down their brand new price.

Look what people are talking about those dirt bikes and why people are selling them. Check any cons mentioned about that very dirt bike that you may need to know. 

Now the amazing part is that you can also find complete details of dirt bikes that are being sold right now, on this website,

Check for your model and looks at all its features and specifications. Now the price varies in different cities and if you are willing to travel to buy a used dirt bike, you may save a few more dollars.

Finding a Used Dirt Bike

Never rush when you plan to buy a used dirt bike, you might end up buying crash. Take your time, do proper research, study the forums and discuss with other riders before making the final call.

Once bought you will not be able to replace it easily. Don’t rush if you like any specific model, in the used dirt bikes market, there is no shortage of models and makes. Don’t forget to add a kill switch in your dirt bike.

Get Information about the Seller

As I said earlier, there is no need to rush and no need to put yourself in the bad end. Get some information about the seller, about its reputation if he s a regular seller. If you are buying directly from the user, get details why is he selling the bike.

Don’t go into any unreasonable tricks, get all the information first hand and then take your time to decide. Meet the seller in person and access bike parts, it is better to take some technician with you when you plan to visit the bike.

Get your list of questions ready about the dirt bike, in fact, I will share a checklist for buying used dirt bike below for my readers. That reference list will help you understand which points you should focus on when selecting used dirt bikes.

Be kind to the seller, don’t be rude at any point, he might be selling it due to the bad financial situation. Get in detail with the seller and settle at a reasonable cost. if the seller is under the age of 18, ask him to make the deal in front of his parents.

Checklist for buying a used dirt bike

I have given all the details here in this checklist for buying used dirt bikes, in fact, you can also use it to mark all the points at the time of purchase. 

Start by observing any obvious broken parts on the body structure, access seat covers and check for any tear. Check handlebars, all the wiring, clutch, and the accelerator.

Check for the engine number and chassis number, it must not be altered and match it with the documents. If you buying for your kids, a 50cc dirt bike is the best option.

Now comes the part of tires, access it properly, you don’t want to change it later. Check for any broken rims and bends due to an accident. Crashes are very common with dirt bikes, so don’t want to end up buying a crash. 

Check the engine if it is 2 stroke or a 4 stroke

Check for any repair job on the body. Closely monitor any scratches or marks of accidents or collision with metal. 

Check the brakes, in fact, it will better to take a short trip to check the brakes and acceleration. 

You must kick start it yourself to access engine parameters. If it doesn’t start well, it may indicate any engine faults. 

Access the radiator for any cracks or bends, you don’t want to replace it later.

Now comes the interesting part, for this you have to stand the dirt bike with the rear wheel off the soil and check the suspension and handlebar movements.

Ask questions to the seller, you must know full details about that dirt bike. 

Ask the seller that why is he selling the dirt bike? and if it had any major crashes?

Get details about he maintained the bike, it’s better to get any documents if he has any.

Must check if the used dirt bike is on the name of the seller.

Check air filter and engine oil and you will know how well that dirt bike was maintained. A clean air filter is a positive sign for you.

Check the condition of the tires along with inner tubes if any, when having a riding test, you will have a better idea about the grip and road stability of the bike. You must go for the test ride when buying a used dirt bike.

Check the paint, if the dirt bike had any major crashes paint should be worn out unless it was re-painted. If used dirt bike looks like brand new then check why? Did the seller do it on purpose to hide some crash? 

Access the garage where you have gone to buy the used dirt bike if that is well maintained in the proper manners, this means the seller must have also have taken good care of the bike also.

Final Words:

Once you have gone through the above-mentioned checklist and if you still have any questions then it is better to take the bike on the test ride. you must wear a proper helmet even at the time of having a test ride. 

Now at that time, you can again look for any abnormal startup or any sound. Kickstart the bike and slowly release the clutch. Now listen to the engine sound when riding. If any missing sound, you must ask the seller about it. 

It is better to check the dirt bike at some big area where you can take some time and check how it goes in a while.  Try to make it run for a while, speed it up, test what it can bear when it comes to hardcore acceleration. You should feel comfortable at the end of the test drive. Now its time for the final decision, go with your guts.

This buying guide for a used dirt bike is dedicated to all my readers, who were asking for this for a long time now. Feel free to ask any questions if you have related to this topic. You can always customize your dirt bike for better performance.

Good Luck.


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