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Difference Between 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke Oil

Difference Between 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke Oil

In this article, I will be discussing the major differences between 2 stroke and 4 stroke oil. This is a bit interesting for me as I have recently bought a new 4 stroke dirt bike. I am not used to what features to expect from this 4 stroke engine and same goes with the oil.

Now for many, this is totally off topic as not much information is available on the internet. Last month when I decided to write about the oil requirements of both 2 stroke and 4 strokes, I decided to go in-depth details.

There are many differences between 2 stroke and 4 stroke oil: 

Features 2 Stroke Oil 4 Stroke Oil
Color dark blue or green grey
Viscosity low in viscosity thick
Added dye yes no

Difference Between 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke Oil

Let us start, now without performing any sort of chemical analysis it is a bit hard to identify that oil is of 2 strokes or a 4 stroke dirt bike.

Now it is better to read in detail about the ingredients and description of the oil before you finally plan to use it. Let me share a few methods which can help you to identify the oil. 

Check the color of the oil

You can just put the oil in the glass water and focus on the colors. For a 2 stroke oil, you will observe dark blue or green shade and this is because of the added dye in a 2 stroke oil. This added dye helps to identify oil when you mix it with petrol.

This oil should be only used a 2 stroke dirt bike and it will works magic for the engine. Now for the 4 stroke oil does not contain any such added dye and if it contains it will turn into red color. But I must say that this is absolutely not essential. 

Now if you can also confirm the oil by checking the exhaust pipe, this is interesting.  If you feel shy getting your hands dirty then this method is for you. Wipe your hands and fingers in the exhaust and check the color of oil attached on the inside of the exhaust.

If the color of the oil is black and very oily then it is a confirmed a stroke oil and on the other hand, if it is gray and dry in nature then its a 4 stroke oil. You can always customize your dirt bike at home.

Check the viscosity of the oil

Now let us talk about the viscosity of the oil. A 2 stroke oil is normally lower in viscosity and it is like an added benefit as when added with petrol, it will not sink. Rather it will flow at superficial levels of petrol. Majority of times a color is added to a 2 stroke oil to help it distinguish from other liquids. 4 Stroke oil tends to be thick in viscosity. 

Focus on getting quality oil for dirt bike

I have mentioned a few methods to identify oil for both 2 strokes and 4 stroke engines. It is always better to use only recommended oil from the manufacturer and the most important is to use stroke-specific oil for your dirt bike. 

4 Stroke Oil

All 4 stroke dirt bikes require specific oil for their engines. Lubrication is essential for the engine to work properly. Oil is used to reduces friction between different parts of the engine. Now let me explain how 4 stroke oil works. Oil is distributed from the main storage place with a splash with pressure, both of these mechanisms may be used together or alone.

By using a splash to oil the engine, you can do this by making engine parts to submerge in the oil. If you go with the pressure method, you can spray oil to the moving parts of the engine like a water pump.
4 Stroke dirt bikes are often considered good, for trail riding, providing with good suspension and quality ride. Only select the oil that matches the requirement of the engine.

2 Stroke Oil  

Now 2 stroke engine gets the oil and they get it mixed with petrol. This mixture provides the required energy that the dirt bike requires to perform at excellent speeds. Both oil and petrol are mixed together in the main cylinder and the process of lubrication starts immediately. When checking oil, put dirt bike on a proper stand

In a 2 stroke engine if the engine uses an oil-injected method then the oil is immediately mixed in the engine, likewise, if the bike is a pre-mixed 2 stroke engine it will need oil mixture placement at the main engine. 2 Stroke engines are used to get more wear and tear then 4 stroke engines and the main reason is the quality of the oil.

You can decrease the amount of engine destruction if you use good quality oil for lubrication for the engine. Keep your dirt bike maintained at regular intervals for proper functioning. In this guide, I have explained 7 different ways to transport dirt bikes with a car.

If you plan for sand riding, always change the oil and you will always appreciate this. Once you have a good engine, dirt bike tires will be ready to run as fast as you want. You should also check the oil at the time of buying a used dirt bike and if your dirt bike is working properly.

Final Words

I have given all the details about the differences between2 stroke and 4 stroke oil that you should know. A rider is known by the bike he keeps. You can only maintain your dirt bike if you oil it regularly and that too with the specified oil for that engine.

Since there are lots of differences between 2 stroke and a 4 stroke engine, I would suggest reading this article on 2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke. Always add a kill switch to your dirt bike. Before you plan to visit any far place, check engine oil. I strongly suggest wearing a helmet whenever you ride a bike.


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