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Dirt Bike Customization

Dirt Bike Customization – Customize Your Own Dirt Bike

Today,s topic about customization of dirt bikes is very interesting, around two months back I decided to write about the best methods to Customize Your Own Dirt Bike.

Now with that, I decided to customize my own dirt bikes and see how things go for me. This gave me all the necessary information to write this article.

You can customize your dirt bike by adding colorful stickers, engraving your name own, adding a new fuel exhaust, upgrading the suspensions and adding new tires.

Believe me its a dream of every kid and even adults who love to ride dirt bikes that they should have the best dirt bike of all times.

Not everyone can buy all the spinning stuff and gadgets to make your bike a superbike, but we can do decent modification even while being at home.

Dirt Bike Customization

Now the question is how to customize a dirt bike at home, the best way is to buy a new dirt bike and then modify it as per your needs.  This will ensure an excellent outcome if you follow all steps correctly.

Customize Your Own Dirt Bike

Here I will explain everything in detail how you can modify and personalize your dirt bike and that too while staying at home.

You can always hire someone or a company who does all this customization for you but this article is for self-learners and people like me who love to do everything by themselves. This modification will drastically change the look of your dirt bike and all your friends and colleagues will be amazed at how cool your dirt bike looks.

Now you can always customize two things in any dirt bike, first the addition of graphics or stickers which will improve the outlook of the bike. Second is the up gradation of different parts of the dirt bike that will add to the overall performance of your dirt bike.

In this article, I will discuss in detail both methods of customization of dirt bikes. While the majority of riders focus on the outlook of their dirt bikes, I personally love to modify stuff that will boost dirt bike performance.

Upgrading the Dirt Bike Pipe

Now, this is not like you simply remove the previous pipe and place the new pipe. There are many things that will need to look when you plan to upgrade your dirt bike pipe. If not done properly it may harm your bikes overall performance. 

For 2 stroke dirt bikes you can select the pipes that only go with the 2 stroke dirt bike. For 4 stroke dirt bikes, I personally suggest to change the whole system that will not only look good but it will help you to reduce the weight of dirt bike. By doing so you will be adding more percentage in the dirt bike overall performance.

Adding a Kill Switch

This is a must for every dirt bike, adding a kill switch will not only give you peace of mind but it will keep your dirt bike secure. This is very easy to add a kill switch to the dirt bike at home. Read this detailed guide on how to add a kill switch.

Upgrading the suspension

One of the best upgrades that I personally love to do. This will not bring good experience when you ride off-road but also adds to the better performance. Upgrading dirt bike suspension may be cheap for a few riders. You don’t want to end up buying useless rings.

Once you shift to a new and upgraded version of suspension for your new dirt bike, you will be amazed how it performs at jumps and you will always be looking for bumps. It is better to get a suspension that best suits your dirt bike structure and your riding style. You need deep suspension if you are a dirt rider.

Upgrading to New Reeds for Your Dirt Bike

Now if you have a 4 stroke or a 2 stroke dirt bike, both use reeds. This is essential for your dirt bike as it helps to prevent air and also fuel to re-enter into the carbs. If your dirt bike is missing the drive, you may need to access reeds.

There is a great possibility that your dirt bike may need new and better reeds. New reeds will not only provide better riding experience it will more power to your dirt bike engine by adding horsepower. New reeds will help you to accelerate faster when you plan to throttle your dirt bike.

Upgrade Rims and Tires

This upgrade of rims and tires always excites me. I love dark colored rims although many riders like bright shining rims for their dirt bikes. If you are into sand riding, it is better to upgrade tires. Always put a dirt bike on a stand, if you are not using it. New tires will always add in helping dirt bikes with brakes.

Upgrade dirt bike Gears

This upgrade may not be for everyone who rides a dirt bike. However, I assure you that once you upgrade the gearing system of your dirt bike, you will be amazed at the performance.

Now I would suggest that you plan before you decide to upgrade this system. It is better to consult your local mechanic before this upgrade. You should choose only those which matches your dirt bike engine.

Adding a Steering Damper

Adding a steering damper will make it really easy for you to ride a dirt bike for longer durations. This steering will help to improve your riding experience by adding stability to the handlebars.

These steering can help you ride with comfort at any far off places with bumpy roads. You can always adjust the steering at the fly.

Do new paint to the frame of Dirt Bike

Again very easy to do it while being at home, select the color you want to go with and start the process. You may need to scratch the old paint otherwise the new paint will not give a good shine. Select a color that matches your Dirt Bike structure.

Buy New Seat Covers

This is a common upgrade that the majority of the riders do, you can also buy seat covers with a color of your choice. This will add more shine to your awesome dirt bike. My kids just bought new seats for their 50cc dirt bike. Keep your dirt bike well maintained and it will run for years to comes.

Use Colorful Stickers

Now thanks to the advancements in the technology, the market is filled with awesome graphical stickers that can be easily put on the dirt bike frame and many other parts.

These dirt bike stickers not only look good but they add more life the dirt bike frame and also protects the plastic. You can go with any sort of customization with dirt bike stickers. Read here about: Razor MX350 vs 400 Dirt Bikes.

You can add stickers related to the brand of the dirt bike, some riders love to go with their local track name. It all depends on what you what in your dirt bike. There are a few companies that offer free stickers to dirt bike riders, by adding their sticker you not only provides value to them but it looks good at dirt bikes.

You will have a free decorating sticker on the bike.  Now at almost every dirt bike event whether it is a local event or international, all major sponsors bring their stickers, however, you have to qualify for their sponsorship. This will not only provide you with quality protection to the frame. 

Add Your own name

Now, this is my favorite, you can always add your own name painted or get it in sticker format for your dirt bikes. I have seen many riders who framed their own name and made it a brand. One such example in our local track is of Mick.

Always wear a protective helmet when you ride a dirt bike. Read this guide about transporting a dirt bike with a car.

Final Words:

Now I have mentioned many methods above for you to decide which one is for you. All these are easy and can be done accurately if you do a little research and get all the required tools. 

This Dirt Bike Customization will not only improve the outlook of your dirt bikes but if you follow the guidelines, you will also feel an amazing difference in the overall performance of your dirt bike. If you plan to customize a used dirt bike, then better read this guide on buying used dirt bikes.



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