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Dirt Bike in Snow

Dirt Bike in Snow

There is no stopping for dirt bike riding whether I am in a desert, rain or even snow. I love to ride a dirt bike and I choose to ride it during the four seasons. In this article, I will explain in detail how to ride a dirt bike in the snow. I have seen many people who just put down their riding sessions during the winter.

Riding dirt bikes in winter brings awesome excitement and joy that should be experienced. Winter riding is the totally different experience which is enjoyed by many riders and some call it a winter break. This is totally your own choice. Now many event planners have started winter tracks for riders, check with your local riders community.

Riding a dirt bike in snow requires an anti-freeze, studded tires and properly maintained dirt bike engine. For the rider, I suggest wearing winter riding gear.

I must clarify that you will need practice before you finally plan to dive in the snow with your dirt bike. This may also need modification in the bike, which I will explain here.

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Dirt Bike in Snow

Let s start preparing to ride the dirt bike in snow:

Now I have divided it into two parts:

  1. How to prepare dirt bike for winter riding?
  2. Dirt Bike Winter Riding Gear.

How to Prepare Dirt Bike for Snow Riding?

Now that you have decided to go for snow riding, follow this checklist for a better winter riding experience.

Use anti-freeze in the dirt bike

The first thing that you should check in the dirt bike is the presence of anti-freeze. Normally we use coolant to prevent the engine from overheating. But when you are riding in the freezing conditions and in the snow, you will need anti-freeze liquid in your dirt bike.

This will help the dirt bike engine to run smoothly and efficiently. I have seen many good combinations of coolant and anti-freeze that will help in extreme conditions.

Re-jet the carburetor when riding a dirt bike in the snow

I have heard about a couple of riders, and their dirt bikes exploded in winter. Now that is quite strange that what caused it and the engine should not be hot as per the weather conditions. Let me explain this, cold and dense air, results in a lean situation and it may result in the explosion. This is common in 4 stroke dirt bikes.

Now the question is how to prevent this condition in winter? I suggest re-jet the carburetor of the dirt bike to compensate for dense air and prevent this situation.

Stud dirt bike tires

If you are planning to ride in deep snow, then it is better you go for stud tires. I have used studded dirt bike tires and you will have an amazing experience. You can use special screws that can be fitted in the dirt bike tire to prevent being slipped on the snow.

It is advised to get small screws to prevent them from entering the inner tube of dirt bike tires. Riding Dirt bike in snow can be difficult without the studded tires. I have just posted a detailed guide on methods to stud dirt bike tires.

Don’t park the dirt bike in the snow, as it will freeze the engine oil and it will be difficult to start it the next day. I suggest parking the dirt bike away from the snow and in a closed shelter. I have seen many riders, who just warm the dirt bike before taking their dirt bike in the snow. I call snow day as a fun day. 

Dirt Bike Winter Riding Gear

Riding dirt bike in snow can be tough for many, you will feel like if you are doing an exercise. Many riders get tired in the initial few minutes and things become difficult to bear. I advise all riders to be fully prepared for the event and when they come to ride a dirt bike in the snow, they should be fully hydrated. 

Also, you don’t need excessive clothing, it will also make things difficult for you. I suggest going for recommended gear whenever you ride a dirt bike in the snow. What I do is to carry an empty bag and whenever I feel tired of heavy clothes, just pack them in the bag. 

You must be wearing cold weather dirt bike gloves, you don’t want to ride with frozen hands. I have seen many riders using a balaclava and it will protect the areas which are not covered with the helmet.

You should be wearing a jacket to protect from freezing air, the jacket should be sized enough to hold all your clothes. Wearing properly sized goggles is essential, you don’t want to rub your eyes in the center of the event.

Wearing proper dirt bike boots are essential, I have seen many quality dirt bike boots in the market nowadays. Select properly sized boots and also ask specifically for the snow. They come with nails attached to the lower surface of the shoes to prevent slipping.

Tips for Riding a Dirt Bike in the Snow

I have mentioned a few tips that will help you ride better in the snow with your dirt bike.

  1.  Check dirt bike tire pressure.
  2. Use studded tires.
  3. Ensure anti-freeze in the dirt bike.
  4. Use proper recommended winter gear.
  5. Sliding is normal, you will get used to it.
  6. Drink plenty of water before going in the snow.
  7. Use sunscreen lotion for your face.
  8. Wear cold weather dirt bike gloves.
  9. Go with a powered dirt bike, better select 250cc or 450cc dirt bike.
  10. Never ride alone, go with a couple of friends.

I have added all the necessary information about how to ride a dirt bike in the snow. Just follow all the guidelines in this article and you are good to go. Dirt bike in snow can show different behavior. Access the dirt bike engine before landing it in the snow. Feel free to ask any question, you can use the comment section below. 

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