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Dirt Bike LED Light Bar

Dirt Bike LED Light Bar 2020

Now before I decided to write on LED light bars for dirt bikes, I went to a local store that deals in dirt bike accessories. I stayed at that shop for a couple of hours and selected one of the best Dirt Bike LED Light Bar for my 250cc, 2 stroke dirt bike. Many of my friends asked me, Why do I need Led Light Bar for my dirt bike?

Let me answer this question first,  almost daily I have to travel to a nearby shopping center to pick my daily stuff. I decided to ride my dirt bike even at night and for that, I needed a led light for my 250cc dirt bike. So let us get back to the main topic for today that is the best Led light bars for a dirt bike.

Dirt Bike LED Light Bar

When I decided to buy an LED light bar, I tried searching the internet to look for buying guide or any better forums that explains the entire. Unfortunately, this didn’t work for me so I went myself and got all the required details for the LED light bar for dirt bikes.

Do you really need a Dirt Bike LED Light Bar?

Now before I begin, let me ask you, do you really need it. I have seen a few riders who just install the LED light bar at their dirt bikes although they have never used it at night. Ask yourself, do you need to spend money on this accessory or not. The market is filled with expensive and gorgeous looking led light bars and they may cost you more.  

Dirt Bike LED Light Bar is a good choice if you travel at night on your dirt bike. I have seen many riders who just install light bar without even knowing about the wiring details and in a short time, they have to replace it with a new one.

I would suggest to get in touch with the local mechanic and get ideas on which led light bar you really need. Just to get the best-led light bar for dirt bike, I spend around 4 hours at the dirt bike accessory shop. I will share all the details here in this article how to install Dirt Bike Led Light Bar. 

How to Install LED light bars on a dirt bike?

Now to start the process you need a led light bar kit. The one which I selected came with a high-quality plug that is attached to a switch. In order to start the process of installation, you will need the wire coming from the plug and take it underneath the radiator. Now move that wire along the frame of dirt bike towards the air tank.

For wiring of the brake light, you will need the plugin to separate component back there. For wiring of the foot paddle, wires have to move over the exhaust and tape them carefully that stay away from the heat of the exhaust. Now at foot paddles, there is a switch and it will light when you press the rear brake. 

Now comes the battery part, you can install the battery for the led light bar under the seat. This battery is not like traditional lead-acid batteries like the most bikes have. It is different in nature and you have seen such batteries in the remote control cars etc.

The instruction manual that came with the kit stated to screw the matching bracket into the frame, however, you can also zip it tightly with the already present holes there. That patch is quite strong and solid with a good looking design. 

Most important for you is to understand that this battery is actually optional. You really don’t have to have it. I used a powerful stator kit. The LED bar will actually power and will run with stator kit. I used a much higher power stator just that I didn’t want to end up blowing anything away. 

Mount the led bar over the front of the dirt bike. But before you finally mount it, I will recommend getting it all cleaned up. There should be no mud or sticky stuff at the front handlebar. I used the mounting kit and fixed the led light bar at the front. You will also observe a hex bolt at the side of the led light bar and it is used to adjust angles of the light.

Now use the bolts that came with the LED light bar kit. Mount the led light bar at the front handlebar and fix it properly. You can always adjust the angle of the light, once you have completed the entire process of mounting the led light bar. 

Fix light switch near the clutch lever and wire it properly with the wires coming from the led light bar. I have just upgraded my dirt bike for trail riding and these led light bars really helped during a night ride.

That’s it you have done mounting led light bars properly at your dirt bike. Check the angle of the light and you are good to go.

Final words:

Now that you know how to mount an LED light bar on a dirt bike, I will strongly suggest using the street legal light kit for a dirt bike. You should follow all federal and local law that relates to dirt bikes and led light bars. Always wear protective gear and helmet when riding a dirt bike. Feel free to comment if you have any question related to led lights for dirt bikes. Goodluck.


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