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Dirt Bike on Beach

Dirt Bike on Beach

Have you ever thought of taking your dirt bike to the beach and have the fun that you have been missing?. This article is all about my experience of riding a dirt bike on the beach. Last month I decided to visit friends at a nearby city and like always I also loaded dirt bikes on the back on my truck. I have heard a lot about the event at a beach nearby.

Riding dirt bike on the beach was an amazing experience. I felt like, if I was riding in some deserted area, with waves coming towards the bike, it is always fun to ride on the beach.

For Beach riding, check air filter of the dirt bike, remove some air from the tires. It will help to stabilize the ride on the sand. Wear proper gear and helmet and you should be sitting further back and avoid moving forward as we normally do while sitting.

Check with local authorities about riding dirt bikes on the beach.

Dirt Bike on Beach

Now if you are also planning to go for a beach ride, I suggest reading the whole article.

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Now many riders get confused when they plan for a beach ride. First, you should check with the local administration and ask for permission. If you see a rider on the beach, he may also guide you about any permit if necessary.

Here, I have explained all the necessary steps that you should take while you plan a visit to the beach:

Select a Powerful Dirt Bike for Beach Riding

Always go with a powerful dirt bike, you want to get stuck in between the sand on the beach. Select a powerful engine, I used 450cc, 2 stroke dirt bike for beach riding. With a powerful dirt bike, you will have a better grip on the sand. This also prevents slipping of the dirt bike on the beach.

Remove some air from tires

You should remove some air from the dirt bike tires, in this way you will ride better and with a more stable way. You should be sitting further away to the back of the dirt bike. This may be unusual for few in the beginning but it will help you ride better.

You must not be moving forward as we usually do while riding dirt bikes. Most riders forget this, I recommend following the checklist for riding on the beach and read it once before you start.

Do not Use Brakes on the Beach

Surprisingly at the beach, you may not even need to use brakes to stop. For stopping the dirt bike, just release the accelerator and the dirt bike will stop. Sand is the main resisting factor on the beach and it will always be. However, I always suggest checking the braking system of the dirt bikes before you plan to land on the beach.

Clean the air filter

Cleaning the air filter before you land on the beach is a must. Dirt bike will need more power to run on the beach and this can be attained with air. Wash the air filter properly and oil it.

Wear protective gear

Wearing proper protective gear is a must, you will not be allowed to ride even in permitted locations without the safety gear. Life is the most precious thing and should be cared at all cost.

How to Protect Dirt Bike from Sand and Salt Water on the Beach?

Sand on the beach is very dangerous for the dirt bike. It contains saltwater that is extremely corrosive in nature and has the potential to destroy dirt bike. Even if you left your dirt bike for a few hours, you will notice corrosion and tears overnight.

Wash you dirt bike immediately after riding on the beach

I recommend washing the dirt bike properly whenever you finish the ride. Wash away any sand or mud attached to the dirt bike. Check the tires, paddles, exhaust and the whole structure of the dirt bike.

You can also select a rinse that is now commonly available in the market and is used to wash away any dirt that may remain attached to your dirt bike.

Use pressurized water to clean sand

Also, you should use pressurized water to clear away any dirt that may remain attached to the tires. Plastic on the dirt bike and even the metallic structure, both are sensitive to salted sand on the beach. You should use every effort to get rid of that salted water sand.

Use polish spray

You can use plastic polish spray once you are done with the cleaning. This polish will ensure the longer functional life of the frame. 

Tips for Riding Dirt Bike on the Beach

If you are planning to ride a dirt bike on the beach, read this guide. There are many important things to consider while you are on the beach with your dirt bike.

I will mention a few important tips for riders who are planning for a beach ride. 

Waer Dirt Bike Boots

Always wear proper dirt bike boots before you land at the beach. sand can be irritating if you get stuck in the deep sand.

Wear Goggles

Use of proper goggles is a must, like the sand on the beach is like mud with occasional dry patches. Riding on the beach will make dirt and sand particles to distract your ride, by wearing proper googles you will have a smooth and better ride.

Use a Video Recording Camera

I recommend using a video camera to record your memories. I personally use GoPro to record these thrilling moments.

Get a beach pouch

If you are planning to your mobile or other small items, I recommend using a Beach Pouch to store these items. The Beach Pouches are made specifically for winter and beach sports. these can store items in such a way that no water or even air can enter the pouch, thus keeping your precious items secure.

Always carry an extra dirt bike tire

It is also advised that carry an extra tire with you. The sand on the beach can be rude, it has the potential of tearing and damaging the tires. Carrying an extra tire will keep you on a trouble-free ride and you will not have to worry about the punctures.

Use Coolant in dirt bike

I recommend using coolant in the engine and accessing the radiator before you jump in the beach. It is tough for the engine to manage the sand at the beach and if you over accelerate, it may lead to over-heating.

Using a good quality coolant will prevent over-heating of the engine of your dirt bike. Whenever I go for a beach ride with my dirt bike, I always take an extra bottle of coolant with me. This will always ensure a smooth ride without worrying about the engine.

I have been to a couple of beaches now and at a beach near my town, I saw an auto-shop, selling basic items for the riders. Since that beach is now becoming a riders spot, more and more shops and outlets are being opened related to dirt bikes. 

If you are worried about how to transport your dirt bike with a car, read the article, I have already posted about this. I have explained 6 different ways to transport a dirt bike with a car.

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