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Dirt Bike Sand Riding

Dirt Bike Sand Riding

Riding dirt bikes on sand is one of the best experience that only comes with the dirt bikes. I never liked sand riding and also my fellows had no experience of sand. My sand riding journey began after a year of buying my first dirt bike.

To be honest, it was the best experience that I had with dirt bikes. Riding on the sand with your dirt bike is just awesome that can’t be explained in words. I must say that practice is the key to success here.

When riding dirt bikes in a desert, you should decrease the tire pressure to 10 – 12 psi, check the oil, adjust brakes and wear riding gear. You should always check the suspension when riding in the desert.

Now mostly riders are stick to their local tracks and they have some kind of fear for the new place. When I decided to go for sand riding, all my fellows refused as we have the best tracks in my locality and there was no need to go there for them.

But my curious nature forced them to accompany me on my trip to the nearby desert. It was a memorable event and since then I go for sand riding every year.

Dirt Bike Sand Riding 

One thing to remember when it comes to desert riding is to prepare yourself and your dirt bike beforehand. Riding on sand is not the same as riding your dirt bike on the local track.

Sand put lots of force and pressure on the engine, you will need to make the necessary modifications in your bike. More heat is generated in the engine when dirt bike moves on the sand and you must be prepared for all circumstances.

Here I will share essential tips that will help you in your journey in riding dirt bikes on the sand. This customization is essential for better sand riding.

Get a Powerful Dirt Bike for sand riding

For the desert riding, you will need a better and improved version of the dirt bike. I would suggest having a minimum 250cc dirt bike for the desert.

Anything less than 250cc may collapse at the sand, so better get a powerful beast when you plan to go for desert riding. I have seen a few riders who tried with a 110cc dirt bike and failed miserably. Go for the powerful and stable engine.

Check Engine Oil

You must check the engine oil before you make your plan. Dirt bike engine should be ready for hardcore performance and this can only be achieved with a well-lubricated engine. Schedule an oil change whenever you plan to ride dirt bikes on the sand.

Get Good Quality Tires for sand riding

Now, this is the most important when it comes to sand riding. Good quality tires play an essential role in maintaining stability during sand riding. You don’t need worn-out tires that may end up with a crash.

You should always go with fresh knobs tire, it is recommended to have a tall knob and well-spaced to adjust scooping of the sand during a ride. You should always choose reliable tires with a good brand reputation.

Tire Pressure for Sand Riding

Again extremely important to understand this point, there is no way a normal tire pressure will work on sand. You will need modifications in tire pressure if you plan to ride in the desert.

Now the question is, “What is the best tire pressure for desert riding?”

For sand riding, you should drop the dirt bike tire pressure to 10- 12 psi, this will work magic on the sand.

You will not only have a stable ride but improved traction with good control. My advice is to always look for any hidden rock that may hurt dirt bike rims. Maintaining a good Dirt bike tire pressure is among the top priority when it comes to sand riding. Read this guide about putting a dirt bike on a stand.

Get better Suspension for Desert Riding

When it comes to desert riding, you will always need a better suspension. When you plan to ride in deep sand, remember to keep your weight towards the back of the bike. This is important to have a stable ride and will help you in deep sand riding.

I have also seen a few dirt bike riders who increase the rear part of the ride by around 7-9mm. This will again help in keeping weight off the front part of the dirt bike. I recommend using a 4 stroke dirt bike for trail riding and for desert riding.

Clean Air Filter

This is a must if you plan to ride in the desert. Dirt bike engine works like any other motor engine and it needs oxygen that will be helpful in combustion.

This process of combustion produces all the necessary energy that is used to run the dirt bike. Get air filter clean or replace it with a new one. You will always appreciate this decision. A clean air filter will help dirt bike to produce more power that will in return boost the bike performance.

Check Radiator

This is important in maintaining the temperature of the dirt bike. Check the status of your dirt bike radiator before you hit the desert. The whole cooling system of the dirt bike is dependent on this. Check it and fill it with necessary coolant. Don’t forget to add a kill switch in your dirt bike.

Also, it is strongly advised to check it once in a while even if you don’t go for desert riding. Dirt bike engine will only work 100% when the engine remains at a stable temperature. Read about: Best 50cc Dirt Bike.

Check Brakes

You must never forget to check dirt bike brakes before any racing event. For desert riding that is extremely important if you don’t want to end in a crash. Read about How to Bleed Dirt Bike Brakes.

Washing Dirt Bike

As soon as you land at your home, go for the washing of the dirt bike. Sand can ruin the whole dirt bike structure, so it is advised to get rid of it as soon as possible. I have seen rusting within 24 hours after a desert ride.

Wash it properly, you can see sand particles will be glued to many parts, don’t forget it to clean them in detail. You can also use anti-rusting spray that is now commonly available in the market. 

Final Words:

I have explained all the important points that you should be aware of when it comes to riding a dirt bike on the sand. Always wear proper safety gear and drive safe. Have all the fun.


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