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Dirt Bike Sizes-Ultimate Guide with Dirt Bike Size Chart

Dirt Bike Sizes 

So let’s talk about Dirt Bike Sizes and Dirt Bike Size Chart cc. It’s tricky for the few people to choose a dirt bike.  Some of us do not know about dirt bike height chart and also about dirt bike sizes chart cc which means the capacity of the engine. We have provided here, Dirt Bike Size Chart cc, that describes engine capacity and Dirt bike sizes for the convenience of my readers. It is a must to get a dirt bike which suits your height and stature. Dirt Bike Height Chart will surely help you a lot to select the best dirt bike for your kid among a lot of available dirt bikes. 

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For the beginner’s Dirt Bike size chart (in cc which helps to understand the power of engine) and Dirt Bike Size Calculator are the basic and essential things to have a well understanding of dirt bike engine working and this also gives you a complete estimation of  Dirt Bike Height. You should buy the best-suited dirt bike according to your height and you will always appreciate your decision.

Now at the time of selecting the best dirt bike, you must have to keep some of the most important things (like Dirt Bike Size Chart) in your mind. These essential features become most important while selecting a dirt bike for your kids because you know that kids need extra comfort, support, safety and convenience for riding a dirt bike.

Good news is that we are here to give you a complete guidance and have provided Dirt Bike Size Chart cc and Dirt Bike Size Calculator to you so that you will not need to go anywhere. This guide will surely help you select the best. For kids of age 5-7 years, 50cc dirt bike will be a good choice. 

Just get all the information from this article because many parents are wondering what to do and finding it difficult to pick up the best dirt bike for their kids. I have added two dedicated charts with all the important information that you may need. So after reading this whole article, you will become an expert in selecting the best dirt bikes for your kids.

You can use these references for Dirt Bike Sizes for adults for more convenience. I had to buy a dirt bike for my son and this dirt bike chart helped me a lot. As there are different sizes of dirt bikes available in the market, all you need to do is to select the right size. 

In this article, we will give you a complete guidance about which Electric dirt bike suits best to your child and which are the things that you must have to consider for before picking up a dirt bike for your kids especially.  Read here: 2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke Dirt Bikes

Kids need more safety and protection while driving a dirt bike and obviously, parents are very much concerned about these things. There are a lot of brands, the dirt bikes have and they are providing a variety of different sizes. I strongly suggest wearing all the necessary gear along with a helmet whenever you ride a dirt bike. I have recently posted a guide about riding dirt bikes, if you are just starting, give it a read.

So, let us read the guide about the Dirt bike size calculator and dirt bike size chart with an open mind and sincerity to ensure the safety of your kids while riding the dirt bike. This is definitely beneficial for you people to give it a thorough read because many people ask the question that ‘’How to know what size dirt bike to get’’ or ‘’what size dirt bike for me’’ and the answer to all such types of questions is to read this detailed guide.

Dirt Bike Seat Height Chart: Dirt Bike Sizes

Here I have listed some of the dirt bikes with their brands and their seat heights-Dirt bike seat height chart so that you can get an idea about selecting the best dirt bike for your kid: Sizes of Dirt Bikes

DIRT BIKE SIZE CHART-Dirt bike size calculator

In this table, I have detailed all the useful information in the form of Dirt Bike Size Chart and you can see the details

Dirt Bike NameSeat Height(Inches)Dirt Bike Seat Height(Centimeters)Dirt Bike Engine Sizes (cc)
KTM 50XS26.7"68cm49
Yamaha TTR50E21.9"56cm49
Kawasaki KX6529.9"76cm64
Suzuki RM8533.5"85cm84.7
Honda XR10030.5"78cm100
Honda CRF110F26.3"68cm110
Kawasaki KLX 110L28.5"70cm110
Yamaha TTR110E26.4"68cm110
KTM 125 SX37.8"96cm125
Kawasaki KLX140G33.9"86cm140
Kawasaki KLX14030.7"81cm140
Kawasaki KLX 140L31.5"83cm140
Yamaha TTR23034.3"87cm223
KTM 250 XC-W37.8"96cm250
Yamaha TTR25035.8"91cm250

So these all are the entire list of the seat heights of some of the most famous dirt bikes and after looking all this list, you will have a proper idea about the height of the dirt bike and definitely now you will definitely be able to select the right height of the dirt bike that is comfortable to your kid.

Dirt Bike Size Chart cc and Dirt Bike Height Chart

Truly speaking it’s a very difficult task to make a chart with matching seat heights corresponding to the child’s height because you know everybody has a different type of body with different sizes and length. Some people have long legs to adjust on a dirt bike while some people have their long bodies that they must want to fit on a dirt bike. That’s the only reason we are giving you people these best and helpful charts that we have made with a lot of efforts to guide everyone and to avoid any confusion in your minds. Read here: How to Bleed Dirt Bike Brakes.

So for this purpose, we have decided to make a complete chart that is Dirt Bike Size Chart to match the height of the seat to your kid’s height so that you become able to make the right decision confidently. Yet, the values (Dirt Bike Size Chart cc and Dirt Bike Seat Height Chart) that we have given for you people here are approximate and still the best thing is to sit on the dirt bike and make the perfect idea about the suitable height and definitely It’s your right to do so when you have to buy a dirt bike. So, no more wait, let’s take a look at Dirt Bike Sizes Chart with engine capacity in cc. Here we go;

Height in Ft.(Person)Height in cm(Person)Suitable Seat HeightDirt Bike Engine Sizes cc
6 Foot182cm37.5"450cc Dirt Bike
5'10"178cm35" to 39"250cc Dirt Bike
5'8"172cm34" to 38"125cc/150cc Dirt Bike
5'6"167cm34" to 37"140cc/150cc Dirt Bike
5'4"162cm33" to 36"140cc Dirt Bike
5'2"157cm31" to 35"125cc Dirt Bike
10 to 12 years old kids143cm26" to 31"110cc / 125 cc Dirt Bike
9 to 10 years old kids140cm24" to 28"110cc Dirt Bike
8 to 9 years old kids133cm24" to 26"110cc Dirt Bike
5 to 8 years old kids120cm23" to 25"50cc Dirt Bike
3 to 6 years old kids90-110cm23" to 24"50cc Dirt Bike

So, guys, this was the Bike Height Chart. To get the better idea about the suitable height according to your kid’s height you must give this effortful and helpful amazing chart, a look at once. Study the Dirt Bike Sizes Chart and definitely, you will be appreciating these detailed charts on dirt bike sizes.

Size Chart for Dirt Bikes: Dirt Bike Size Chart cc

Indeed, sizing an accurate dirt bike for your kids mainly depends upon the two important factors i.e. the comfort of your child and the other main thing is the height of your child according to the seat position. So the best way to cope with these issues is to allow your child to sit on different dirt bikes repeatedly so that he or she can tell you exactly and friendly that how that particular bike feels. You can always customize your dirt bike according to the desired height.

The good thing is that kids are innocent and they tell you the exact same thing that you want them to tell you and after sitting on dirt bikes repeatedly, they will definitely give you the good idea for getting the best comfortable dirt bike and you obviously consult these size charts for dirt bikes for better understanding further. Riding a dirt bike is always fun and it becomes better when you have a bike that is suitable for your height.

When you were looking for perfect dirt bike height then again you have to do the similar thing to check the feet of your kid. If the balls of his toes are perfectly touching to the ground than it is obvious to go for that particular dirt bike for sure because this bike will definitely become the perfect dirt bike for your child after 2 to 3 years because you know after that your child’s feet will be perfectly touching to the ground and he will absolutely enjoying the speedy dirt bike ride and gaining more confidence by this. If you love desert riding, always go for quality tires, I recommend checking the braking system of the dirt bike is essential before any event.

So, always choose the right dirt bike height. But if your child’s feet are flat and not so flexible then there will be difficulty in driving for another year because of his growing height but after that, the bike will become more perfect for him because his feet will be finely and comfortably reaching the ground. Refer to Sizes of Dirt Bikes Chart.

So it is wise to choose a higher dirt bike for your kid but not so much higher that make him feel uncomfortable or make his or her lose his balance because of the unreachable ground. Refer to Dirt Bike Sizes and Dirt Bike Chart cc for good understanding.     

Beginner Dirt Bike Guide- Dirt Bike Size Chart Explained

The basic and essential factors that you must know before choosing a dirt bike for your kid because they ensure that the particular dirt bike you are going to select for your child is the best one for him. So here we go;

  1. Safety

Child’s safety is the first and foremost thing that comes to every parent minds and definitely, it should be the 1st priority because nothing is so much important other than the child’s safety. Safety is the thing that you can’t even ignore at any cost so always choose a perfect dirt bike for your kid to ensure his safety and become free from any kind of fear in your minds and let him or her play safely and that could be the best feeling and joy for every parent.

If your child is less than 3 years of age than dirt bike riding is not recommended to him at all. So never give a dirt bike in your child’s hands if he is below 3 years of age. But if he is above 3 years, about 10 or 11 years, then we will advise buying a dirt bike for him but a dirt bike with a small engine. Read here about the top speed of 50cc, 110cc,  150cc, 250cc, dirt bikes.

A very essential thing is the Beginner Dirt Bike Guide for each and every new buyer (Dirt Bike Size chart). For the kids of 11 years or above, you can easily buy a dirt bike with a powerful engine for them because at this age they are able to control it confidently and conveniently. Bike Size Chart is really very helpful to consult and you will always feel secured for your child when you have selected the safe and accurate dirt bike off him. Keep your dirt bike maintained and keep a record of this. 

So, for your own child’s safety, you should carefully read these tips and must keep them in your mind while selecting the one. Read in detail about Dirt Bike Size Chart. 

  1. Height

Dirt Bike Size Chart- Height is another most important factor to be kept in mind while selecting the best dirt bike for your kids. Make sure that dirt bike which you are going to buy for your kid corresponds well to his or her height. It should neither be longer nor shorter than your child’s average height. The accurate and most practical way to check about the dirt bike height is to sit on it. For this purpose, allow your child to sit on the dirt bike and ask him that how it feels.

Look that if bottom of his toes are touching the ground and the remaining foot is in the air, than this dirt bike is the best match for your kid and definitely you should go for that particular bike or if his or her feet are above the ground or not touching the ground at all then don’t take that dirt bike because it will be large for your kid and will take too many years to be perfect for his height. Don’t forget to add a kill switch in your dirt bike.

But always keep in mind that too short dirt bike for your kid is also not good for him because some parents avoid larger one and take small dirt bike considering it safe for their kids but let me tell you that small dirt bike according to your kid can cause muscle problems and injuries as well. You can use Dirt Bike Seat Height Chart as a reference. Means that if your child’s feet are completely touching the ground while sitting on the dirt bike, this shows that dirt bike is short for your kid. Also, the Dirt Bike Size Chart cc and Dirt Bike Size Calculator gives you an estimation of the required dirt bike for trail riding. Read this guide about transporting dirt bikes.

So for the surety purposes, must see that if the dirt bike height matches to your child’s height by the help of given Dirt Bike Size charts and the method that I have told you above to be seated your child on dirt bike and note his toe balls reach on the ground to avoid any kind of imbalance or future related inconvenience. Using perfectly sized tires will also help to stabilize the dirt bike.

  1. Comfort

Definitely, comfort also matters a lot in the selection of the right dirt bike. If everything on the bike is okay but it is not comfortable enough then your child will not feel good while sitting on it. So always make a surety that the dirt bike which you are going to select for your kid is with a good shock system as durable foam containing comfortable seat so that your kid can ride the dirt bike on the rough surfaces or rough unpaved roads with a lot of bumps and holes where your child need proper comfort, good shock absorbing system and along with this a comfortable and durable seat.

So always take the dirt bike that is totally comfortable to your child from every aspect so that he or she can drive it with full comfort and ultimately it will help them to gain full confidence and expertise in dirt bike riding. Dirt bike size chart cc will help you to select the most comfortable dirt bike for your kids. Read here: How to Start Dirt Bike That Has Been Sitting

Now, after reading some of these basic factors, let us take a look on some of the other essentials that will make your child more secure and allow him a safe driving. Dirt bike sizes vary a lot so you can use these charts to make a decision of selecting the right one. Whenever you get a confusion in your mind and different questions came to your mind like how to adjust the height on a bike than you can seek help and guidance by reading the ‘’Dirt Bike Height Chart’’, ‘’Dirt Bike Sizes Chart’’ and ‘’Dirt Bike Size Calculator’’. Dirt Bike Sizes Chart has covered all these important and detailed factors that will help the readers to buy a perfect dirt bike.

How to Change the Height of a Dirt Bike? (Dirt Bike Sizes)

A lot of people don’t even know that they can change the Height of a dirt bike and you might be searching for this thing that is also important to know and maybe it leads to many problems. But if you already have a dirt bike for the kid and it is not proper to your child and is uncomfortable than after reading this, you will be able to make it perfect and comfortable for your child by your own.

Adjusting a proper seat height of a bike for your child is very much essential because it is easy to ride a comfortable and perfect heightened bike than a long or short imperfect bike. So with the help of multiple ways, you can change the height of the dirt bike that I will tell you guys here.

Dirt Bike Sizing

Definitely, there is would not be an automatic switch to immediately adjust the size but by the help of different mods, you can adjust the height of the dirt bike for more accuracy and balance for the bike driving. See Dirt Bike Sizing guide- Dirt Bike height chart in detail for a better understanding

  • How to Lower the Height of Dirt Bike for Kids?

In order to low the dirt bike’s height, some of the most important techniques can be used that have a great impact on lowering the dirt bike height by lowering its seat height. This is the best way to lower a bike’s height

  • Cut the seat’s foam

You can cut the foam of the seat to lower its height. Try to cut a little bit of the foam because foam gives the comfort and extra foam cutting will discomfort to your child but a small accurate cutting would not disturb the comfort level of the bike and will definitely help to low the dirt bike’s height according to your child height and make it perfect for him.

  • Replace foam

There is always an option for you to change the original foam by a more softer and comfortable one which you like for your child the most. As a result, the foam of the dirt bike get lower automatically because soft foam compress more when someone sits on iit, allowing more comfort to your child and well as perfect and accurate height

  • Drill holes

Drilling small holes in the foamy seat of the dirt bike will lower its height. Let me tell you how? Because of the little small holes in the foam of the seat, it will sink more while sitting on it and give a major difference in height as well as become softer. Apply this tactic when your child faces any problem in bike height. This is the easiest method that will give immediate and good results

  • Setting Sag

You can also set the sag of the rear suspension. This also lowers the seat height sufficiently. This setting will allow the low seat height and you can easily adjust it according to your child’s comfort and your child will definitely enjoy the perfect and balanced dirt bike riding on the rough terrains but setting the sag on its lowest settings can affect on the dirt bikes steering. This effect is not that much but it helps. Read here: How to Clean Dirt Bike Air Filter

  • How to Raise the Height of Dirt Bike?

Extra lowered size of the dirt bike is also very discomforting, higher and lower size, both are not good, so you need to make a balanced one. So if the height of the dirt bike is lower, than you can definitely raise it as well. So here the following methods to raise the height of the dirt bike;

  • Raise the seat Height

You can easily use taller and hard seat foam to make it raised and increasing the height to make it adjustable according to your kid. By this method, you can increase the bike height up to 2’’ and make it more convenient to your child for driving

  • Sag settings

You can use the sag setting for increasing the dirt bike height sufficiently. Adjust the sag settings of the rear suspension to its highest available settings to raise the bike as much that suits best to your kid. It has a minor effect on the steering of the dirt bike but this is such a thing upon which you don’t need to be worried at all. Read here: Guide for Buying a Used Dirt Bike

  • Taller handlebars

After replacing that low foam seat with raised or taller seat, all you need is the taller handlebar mounts so that they can provide your kid a good and comfortable position while driving the dirt bike but they will not help much in raising the height.

What Size Dirt Bike should I get for my height?

I hope I have cleared all the confusions in your mind and have answered most of the questions in your mind including ‘’What Size Dirt Bike Should I get for my height ‘’. This entire article is based on helping my readers to select the Best Dirt Bike for their kids. Riding a dirt bike is always a fun but as a parent, I understand that how much we are concerned about our children safe and definitely we must have to be concerned and ensure their safety by selecting the right things for them.

When I had to buy a dirt bike for my son I did a lot of struggle in finding a dirt bike that suits best to his height and age. That’s why I have given all the details about Dirt Bike Seat Height Chart, Dirt Bike Size Calculator, Dirt Bike Height Chart, Dirt Bike Sizes, Dirt Bike Size Chart cc, Dirt Bike Sizes chart to help you to select the best and most comfortable dirt bike for your kids. Along with this, I have also mentioned the sizes of dirt bikes from smaller to bigger ones for all of the age groups so that you can also enjoy driving the dirt bikes with your kids

Final verdict about Dirt Bike Sizes-Dirt Bike Sizes Chart

All the above-given guide about dirt bike sizes was absolutely a brief guide about the dirt bikes that suits best to your kid. The utmost priority is the safety of the child and his comfort and convenience. So for this caring purpose, we have prepared this complete detail for you people to ensure your child’s safety and joy.

While picking up the dirt bike for your kid, just keep in your mind, the basic and important factors like safety, durability, height, and comfort. We are assuring you that after you read this complete article with an open mind, you will definitely make a perfect choice. 

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