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Dirt Bike Tire Sizes

Dirt Bike Tire Sizes 

Dirt Bike Tires play an essential role in a good riding experience. Good dirt bike tires play an important role in making bike stable during landing and accelerating. Without tires, a dirt bike is nothing but a piece of metal.

Your dirt bike should have the best tires for proper riding because without good tires bike’s handling and suspension are disturbed along with some other things. So, you should understand the importance of Dirt Bike Tire Sizes and how to use properly with sized tires, you can have a smooth and bump-free riding experience.

In this article, along with dirt bike sizes, I have given details about Dirt Bike Tire size conversion a dedicated dirt bike tube size chart. Majority of riders have no clue about how important these dirt bikes charts are and their role. If you have to buy a new dirt bike tires, this guide is a must.

Most of us cannot ride the factory fitted tires, so sometimes we are forced to select the right tires of the dirt bike on our own or to upgrade the old tires off the dirt bike. Good dirt bike tires are a must for a comfortable and better riding experience.

There is a variety of different dirt bike tire sizes. You should select according to your dirt bike tires. Few of the famous tire sizes are 8-inches, 9-inches, 10-inches till 21-inches.

Low-quality tires mean a compromise on safety and comfort. Perfect sized tires will keep your bike rolling smoothly and this is what that makes a difference in the high jump, winning the race and a lot more things.

Dirt Bike Tire Sizes 

So, talking about the dirt bike tires they need special attention when you have to ride off roads or on the rough terrains. Dirt bike tires rubber should be strong and knobby to handle the rough terrains situations.

So, look at the tires of your dirt bike and if they have are rounded off or completely chunked off or if the rubber is cracked, discolored or dry, that it’s the time you have to change your bike’s tires and buy new with proper knobs and perfect black color and a lifespan of a good durable tire is about 5 to 6 years.

There are different sizes of dirt bikes tires available. Some of the popular sizes are of 8 inches, 9 inches, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 inches up to 21-inch tires. Along with these sizes, there are a lot more sizes that are available also, all you have to do is to select the good size for your dirt bike.

You can also seek guidance from the bike manual. Read this whole article so that you might be able to choose the right one for you. 

 Dirt Bike Tire Size Conversion

Definitely, you will be looking for the dirt bike tire size conversion because you do not want to compromise on your riding experience. So here we will tell you guys about the size conversion of the dirt bike tires.

So, if you are searching for the good knobby tires for your dirt bike then this chart is just for your convenience. Small knobs of the tires are good to ride on less rough surfaces and large big knobs to ride on the rough surfaces like mountains and other extremely rough terrains. Here is the chart about dirt bike tire size conversion;

Dirt Bike Tire Size Conversion Chart
Metric Size in Inches
70/100X17 2.75X17
80/100X21 3.00X21
90/100X14 4.10X14
90/100X16 4.10X16
100/100X18 4.10X18
100/90X19 4.10X19
110/100X18 4.50X18
110/90X19 4.50X19
120/100X18 5.10X18
120/90X19 5.10X19
130/80X18 5.30X18

 You can easily seek guidance from this chart whenever you need any kind of help for the size conversion of the dirt bike tire.

Along with this, let me tell you that in tire sizing, the sequence of numbers given are set in such a way that they will tell you about the tire width at first, after that the given digit is telling you about the tire wall’s height and in the end, the circumference of the tire’s rim height.

For example 130/90-18, so here 130 is the width of the tire in millimeters and 90 refers to the tire’s wall height as the percentage of the width while 19 is the circumference of the tire in inches. You should always use quality tires if you plan for trail riding.

Tube Size Chart

Tires have inner tubes in them which is placed inside the tire and have its own valve. This tube must have to be fitted inside the tire because if the tube is small, the tire would not work well.

If the tube is bigger than the tire than it will be problematic in fitting and will give non-smooth and harsh riding experience.

So a tube must have to properly fit in the tire and for this purpose, you have to select the right tube according to the size of your tire so that you can enjoy a smooth and safer riding experience. 

Tubes are what that identifies the flexibility of the tires so try to take a proper sized tube to be perfectly mounted in your tire.

Dirt bike tube size conversion chart
Rear tire’s tube
Metric Alpha Inch
80/100 80/90 2.50/3.60
90/100 110/90 3.60/4.10
100/100 120/80 4.00/4.10
110/100 130/80 4.00/4.50
                  120/100 140/80 5.00/5.10

 Conversion of front tire’s tube is  also necessary while you change the  rear tube if the tire so here’s the chart for front tire’s tube size conversion

Front tire’s tube conversion chart
Metric Alpha Inch
60/100 90/80 2.50/2.75
70/100 90/90 2.75/3.00
80/100 100/80 3.00/3.25

These tube size chart will help you a lot to find out the proper size of the tube for your tire. Along with this, let me tell you that the quality of the tube also matters a lot to try to take the tire tubes from good and well-known sellers.

There are different tubes available in different affordable prices from about 2mm thick heavy-duty type to the 4mm thick heavy-duty type tube that is bulletproof also. These tubes provide ample protection against the pinches and the flats. You can always customize your dirt bike for better performance.

Facts about Dirt Bike Tire Sizes

I hope after reading the above charts and guidance, you will now have enough knowledge about dirt bike tire sizes and their chart. Understanding how dirt bike tires are sized is important for a dirt bike rider.

Once you have read this guide and then you decided to buy a new dirt bike tire, you will always appreciate this dirt bike sizes guide. Choose wisely and don’t compromise on the quality.

You must seek guidance from the machine’s instruction manual for proper understanding and guidance for the proper fitting or adjustments of all your bike’s parts. Because even the improper adjustment of the tube or a tire will be very dangerous for your riding.

So must seek guidance from instructions guide that always comes with every bike, because from there you will get some idea that which size of the tire and the tube.

A tube is something that will increase the life of the dirt bike tire, some more but try not to inflate them more than their normal capacity because by doing this you will experience harsh riding.

Maintenance of dirt bike tires

It is also an important thing to tell you, to take good care of your dirt bike tires so that they keep working for a very long period of time because many people do not know how to maintain their dirt bike tires.

So I will tell you about this also so that you can protect your selected tires from any damage and can save your money for changing tires again and again. 

So you should inspect your tires frequently and always pay attention if they are showing any warning signs like vibration, instability or making noise during operating your dirt bike.

Generally, you should do a regular inspection and seek guidance from the instruction manual for recommended suspension settings. Don’t forget to add a kill switch in your dirt bike.

For cleaning your dirt bike tires you can use soap solution and water and never ever use any chemicals or acidic material because they reduce the shelf life of the tires, making them rough and reduces their efficiency. 

You should protect the dirt bike tires from extreme temperatures and the effect of prolonged sunlight falling on tires also damage them after a few years. Never place the tires on gasoline on the oily surface because prolonged tires contact with them makes the tire useless.

Along with this, you should not place the tires near electric motors because their high ozone will accelerate tires aging. 

Final Words:

So, I have detailed all the information that you will be looking for. I have done my part explaining the proper sizes of dirt bike tires and the tubes along with their charts. I hope that my dear readers will find this article beneficial and interesting.

Hope this will guide you and help you in the selection of the right dirt bike tire or tube and this is a must to seek guidance from your machine’s manual for proper replacement, compatibility and other things.

Enjoy a safe and comfortable thrilling dirt bike ride by selecting the right tires. Always wear a protective helmet when riding a dirt bike.

Good luck.


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