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Everything About John Deere Gator Side by Sides UTV

Everything About John Deere Gator Side by Sides UTV

John Deere is serving in the industry for the past 180 years and has a huge worth in the market. They are serving in the field of land works and has manufactured millions of heavy-duty vehicles and equipment till present. John Deere Gator has served, and they are serving and manufacturing a series of agricultural, gardening, construction, sports vehicles, and many other types.

In this article, our editors have added these best John Deere Gator Side by Sides UTV for 2020.

John Deere Gator Side by Side UTVs are good quality and among the best in the United States. John Deere Gator UTVs price varies from 8500 $ to 19000 $ depending on the specifications of the UTV.

The trend is moving towards UTVs nowadays and leaving the tractor behind. The modern UTVs are well-featured and can support all types of heavy-duty tasks that were done by the help of tractors, and UTVs now do long trailers. People like UTVs, as they are cool to drive around and go through their ranch.

UTVs have also offered people to do their everyday tasks simpler than they were before. Old times when people used to farm their lands using giant tractors, which was expensive and difficult. Now, we have a series of UTVs offered by so many companies that are small in size and efficient in getting the task done.

John Deere Gator Side by Sides UTV 2020 Type Towing capacity Sitting capacity
XUV560E Mid-sized 800-lb 2
XUV590M SE Mid-sized 800-lb 2
XUV590M S4 Mid-sized 1200-lb 4
XUV835M (CAB) Full-sized 2000-lb 3
XUV825 S4 Full-sized 1500-lb 4
RSX860E High-performance 1500-lb 2
RSX860M High-performance 1500-lb 2

They have been wonderful at what they are manufacturing. That is why we are here to tell you about the best ones of the UTVs manufactured by John Deere company that can be better for you to perform your daily tasks. So, sit tight and have a list of John Deere UTVs with their types.

The goal is to provide you with enough information and explanation that will help you select a UTV according to your taste. There are three types of UTVs:

Mid-Sized UTVs:

The series of mid-sized UTVs are small, efficient, and good for transporting a small amount of goods from one place to another. They come in two categories and have different specifications. These categories are based on seating capacity, which are 2-passenger and 4-passenger seating.

Full-Sized UTVs:

The full-sized UTVs are meant for more than 2000-lb of power, and they have a nice range of 3-seater and 4-seater UTVs, which are favorite among many people. They design full-sized UTVsfor more workforce that cannot be fulfilled by the mid-sized UTVs. These UTVs are bigger and more powerful than the mid-sized UTVs.

High-performance UTVs:

The high-performance UTVs are eligible to provide you with the best comfort, speed, and power. The people who need to go to farther places in time, they buy these type of high-performance UTVs. These UTVs are better than mid-sized and full-sized UTVs in terms of speed and power. So, let us see what John Deere has for us in its high-performance UTV category.

XUV56E, Best Mid Size UTV 2020

The UTV model is a 4-wheel drive UTV and has a great set of suspensions. It has a powerful engine with a displacement specification of 570cc, which is a great machine to carry or tow600 kg to 700 kg of weight. The power of this UTV is 16 hp.

The suspension used in this machine are independent, and they are adjustable with the help of coils installed on them. They have a limit at which they are soft, but when you do cross the limit of weight to tow any object, they will become hard and break eventually. So, it is recommended to two the weight under the limit on this UTV.

The UTV has a simple gear system that consists of only four changes; Reverse, neutral, low, and high. It is a powerful machine that can travel up to a speed of 45 kilometers per hour. The speed is good if we are talking about carrying the heavyweight objects. Traveling at a fast speed can be dangerous for us and the goods on the UTV.

The XUV56E has a Cargo box on its back that can carry up to 230 kg of weight. If we talk about the braking system of the UTV, then it is mind-blowing. The XUV56E model has 4-wheel disc brakes, and all four are hydraulic operable and with a dual caliper piston. The brake is a fine quality brake and is very efficient in performing its duty.

The UTV is made up of a fine quality material, which is stronger than the usual. Its weight after when the fuel is present inside the UTV is 575 kg. As we have talked about the fuel, then let us tell you what the fuel capacity of the UTV is. The fuel capacity of XUV56E UTV is 18.5 liter, which is a good quantity for this type of UTV.

The UTV has a nice and simple speedometer, which is a digital one. The UTV provides a facility of cup-holders, storage under the hood, and gloveboxes. The battery has a 16-amp capacity and operates at 12-volt voltage.

Well, the XUV56E does not have a power steering. It comes with an air-cooled technology, which is enough for the engine like that. But you have to be aware of the weather conditions. The price of this UTV is USD 8,600.

The UTV comes in different colors, and you can buy according to your taste. The colors that are available in this model are black, Olives, camo, yellow, and green.


The UTV model XUV590M SE is the special edition to its predecessor, which is XUV590M. UTV gives an elegant look and style. The XUV590M SE has a powerful engine that is a good approach by the John Deere transport vehicle company. The branding and styling are breathtaking.

It has a powerful engine that is 32 horsepower which is a 568cc engine. The UTV has a cargo capacity of 240 kg, which cannot be exceeded if you do not want to damage your UTV. The cargo of the UTV is stylish and strong. John Deere has made many improvements in this edition,which includes greater speed and upgraded suspension.

The suspension of XUV590M SE is also independent and is also adjustable according to the land conditions. The UTV also has improved fuel capacity in this edition and provides a fuel tank of almost 28 liters.

The UTV contains a liquid cooling technology, and it contains a radiator cooling system. The liquid cooling system makes it an improved UTV because it will be able to work with you for a large amount of time. The price of the XU590M UTV special edition model is USD 15,000, which is a large amount, but the specifications in this UTV satisfies it.

The UTV has a four-way shifting scenario which is, High, Neutral, Low, and reverse.

XUV590M S4

The model XUV590M S4 is a 4-seater UTV and has an engine power of almost 32 horsepower. This model is a mid-sized UTV, but it is a successor of XUV590M, which is a 2-seater UTV. The UTV has its special abilities. It has a capacity of carrying the items of almost 230 kg, and it can tow up to 700 kilograms of load.

The suspensions in this UTV are independent and have adjustable coils. It also contains the 4-option gear and has a large tank of 28 liters. The major change in this UTV is that the electronic fuel injector is used in this UTV to create a powerful and fuel-efficient UTV.

The 4-seater model is very beneficial for golf courses and for areas where you are going for a picnic in a large park. The UTV has a liquid cooling system. It has a water radiator installed in it. The UTV has a special function that you can also select the 4-wheel or 2-wheel drive accordingly.

The UTV can run on a speed of almost 80 kilometers per hour and will not bother you. The UTV has disk brakes installed in all of its wheels, which are dual caliper pistons. The UTV also has a parking brake. It is featured with many qualities to make it a cool ride for you and your belongings.

The weight of the model is 750 kg, which makes it a good quality build for a UTV. The most attractive color in this model is the green-yellow model. It has a standard steering and contains a 65-amp battery in it.

All the specifications create a budget-friendly mid-sized UTV. How is it a budget-friendly UTV? Because its price is only USD 14000. As it is a 4-seater UTV, maybe it is a good choice to make.

XUV835M (CAB), Best Full-Size UTV 2020

The XUV835M (CAB) is specially designed for three individuals. It has an engine power of 54 horsepower that has a total displacement of 820cc. It is a 3-seater UTV and is completely covered. The UTV is called CAB because it has a closed seating facility that is completely covered with a transparent shield.

So, if you are driving in rain or dusty wind, you are safe inside the UTV. The CAB model has more power and capacity because it is a full-sized UTV. The XUV835M CAB has a cargo capacity of 460 kg, and it can carry up to 910 kg of load.

The front and back suspensions are 7 to 9 inches in length and are fully independent. The suspensions have coils with the help of which the suspensions can be adjusted according to the land condition. The engine that is used in the CAB model has an electronic Fuel Injection system, which makes it a fuel-efficient machine.

The UTV has a liquid cooling system, which is a good addition to this UTV. It comes with a power steering and also has a very beneficial parking brake. It has many other mechanical features that helps the UTV to run smoothly. It is a two-speed UTV and can go up to 80 km per hour when it is forced.

The CAB model has a battery of 85-amp and has a digital display inside the covering, which shows most of the gauges and measurements. Extra storage includes Cup-holders, gloveboxes. The seats are benches, not very comfortable but easy to adjust on. It has a fuel capacity of 42 liters, which is a huge backup for a UTV.

Finally, the price of this UTV is USD 21,200.


The XUV865 and XUV845 has a set of models that have slightly different features. The XUV865M also has a CAB model, but here we are only discussing some of the John Deere Gator series. The HVAC is a diesel engine that has a displacement of 860cc and has 22.8 horsepower.

The UTV has a maximum speed of 51 kilometers per hour. The maximum loading capacity is 460 kg, and it can tow a maximum load of 910 kg. It is a powerful UTV and has a 3-person seating capacity. It has a power steering installed in it. And it can store 57 liters of fuel in its tank.

The HVAC system is an air conditioning system that heats the environment in the vehicle with the help of the heat generated by the engine during the combustion of gas. That is why it has a different name for that. The UTV has a two-speed option and has an independent suspension system.

The UTV has an option for 4-wheel drive but can also be driven with 2-wheel displacement. The cooling system used in this UTV is the water radiator. The brake system used in this UTV is very advanced. It has Terrahawks brakes installed, which give a great result on braking.

It has a feature for traction that is a hand-operated function. The battery has an 85-amp of power and has digital display meters inside the UTV. It also has storage capacities for cups and gloves under the hood. Overall, the UTV is a descent and smooth ride and shows a unique performance. The price of XUV865M HVAC is USD 24,200 only.

XUV825M S4

The UTV model XUV825M S4 has a seating capacity of four people, two seats at the front, and two at the back. The engine power of this model is 52 horsepower where the displacement features 812cc drive. The UTV can carry 560 kg of load, and it can take two a maximum load of 700 kg.

The UTV is a powerful model, and it also has independent suspension shocks that vary from 8 to 9 inches in length. It has a two-speed drive and has an optional four-wheel drive feature. The fuel tank can carry up to 28 liters of fuel.

The UTV has an EFI fuel system, which makes it a fuel-efficient vehicle. The cooling system in this UTV is water-cooled. The UTV can go up to a maximum speed of 75 kilometers per hour. It also has a traction feature that is operated by the hand. The traction feature is controlled by a lever that is pulled and activated.

This UTV also has a set of disc brakes and a parking brake that is helpful to park the UTV on inclined areas. The weight of the UTV gives us proof of build quality that is made sure by the manufacturer. The weight of this UTV is 910 kg, and the whole vehicle is operated by the power steering, which does not let you get tired easily.

The XUV825M S4 model has a battery that operates at 85-amp and controls the power of all electrical instruments. The UTV also features storage for daily usage items like cup holders and gloves. The fuel that is used in its engine is petrol, and it is an excellent durable UTV to cargo your goods. The price of the XUV825M S4 is USD 16,600.

RSX860E, High-Performance John Deere Gator UTV 

The high-performance UTVs are favorite among UTV lovers. These UTVs are also small in size and deliver a powerful and efficient outcome. These UTVs are less noisy and have less vibration during the drive. The RSX860E model is a 2-seater UTV and has a 62-horsepower engine that is a powerful and reliable one.

The UTV can go up to a speed of 100 kilometers per hour and will not annoy you with its vibration or sound. The UTV has a cargo capacity of up to 230 kilograms, and we will not recommend you to exceed this limit. It can tow any object up to a maximum weight of 700 kg. The towing and carrying capacity did not change in this model, but they are giving you greater speed.

The suspension used in the UTV model is independent, and the Fox and Piggyback coils are installed on them to adjust the suspension according to the land. Both front and rear shocks are 9-inches long and fight the bumps efficiently to give you a smooth drive.

The UTV features a fuel capacity of 28 liters and runs on petrol. The cooling system in the UTV is liquid cooling technology. It features a locking system that can allow you to choose between 4-wheel and 2-wheel drive. The shifting has five options, including spool drive among the others. All four wheels are equipped with disc brakes.

It has four-ply off-road tires that support extreme terrain situations. The weight of the UTV is 650 kg. A fine battery with a maximum of 36-amp power is installed in this UTV, which is always 2 seconds away from starting this UTV. It has all the lightings that a stock UTV needs, and battery support is available according to its needs.

It also has a storage capacity for a small number of miscellaneous items. Its market value starts from $11,300 USD, which is an affordable price for people who need a high-performance UTV in their budget.


Another high-performance UTV that is breathtaking for UTV lovers. A fine and elegant example of a powerful machine. The UTV does not produce more noise and has a low vibration while driving. It has a frame on the upper side but does not have a covering or a hood to cover you when you are driving.

The UTV comes in green and yellow combination that gives it a sporty look. The UTV also has a 62-horsepower engine, which produces 840cc of displacement. The maximum speed that can this UTV goes is 100 kilometers per hour, which is a smooth drive. The UTV has both high and low-beam headlights, and it gives you a bright display in the night. It also has a parking brake installed in it.

It has a cargo capacity of 230 kg, and it can go up to 700 kg of weight. If we see the suspensions of this utility vehicle, they are also the same as the previous model of this UTV, 9-inches both. Just like the RSX860E model, it has a 28-liter fuel tank, and it has 4-wheel disc brakes; it has the same battery. The UTV is a 2-seater vehicle.

The major difference between these two models is that the RSX860M has some improvements. This model has a power steering which will not make you tired after a long drive. It has alloy rims.

This UTV has an optional seat with a high-performance option that did not come in the previous model. This seat is higher than the usual seats installed on any UTV The UTV has more weight than the previous UTV which makes it more stable and better in terms of build quality.

The UTV has a payload capacity of 800lb. This UTV is best for both work and play. The RSX860M is recommended to you if you like to drive off-road and play like a pro. The reason why RSX860M is better is that the UTV offers you the required suspension, tires, power and stability. The work quality is astonishing, and it never disappoints you.

The UTV is best for trail riding and going through hard bumps and off-road driving. The UTV model, RSX860M, will cost you USD 12,200.

The mid-sized and full-sized UTV categories have many fascinating models. You can select any of them according to your usage and taste.

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