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Helmet Size Chart- Ultimate Guide with Motorcycle Helmet Size Chart

Helmet Size Chart

Helmet Size Chart-Motorcycle Helmet Size Chart

To choose an accurate helmet size is very much crucial to protect your head in case of any crises. The most important safety measure, a motorcyclist can invest for himself is the ‘’helmet’’. No other thing can protect you in case of the crash like the helmet does. A rider must buy a helmet which fits him properly, irrespective of its style and price. Although, both of the things like price and style of the helmet matters, a wise man’s top priority must be the safety because you live only once so value the precious life that is given to you.

This article will guide my readers that how to make your safety sure, by choosing the right helmet size with the help of the Helmet Size Chart.

Selection of the right helmet size is very much important and it requires a bit of research and accessing all different groups and posts like I did when I have to buy the helmet for my nephew. But in this detailed article, I will give a complete guide to my dear readers about Motorcycle helmet size chart and also Dirt Bike Helmet Size Chart along with this. Dirt Bike Helmet Size Chart is also one of the top listed things that most people want to know because dirt bikes require more safety measures. Read here: Best 50cc Dirt Bike

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It is strongly suggested to all the readers to follow the Youth helmet size chart so that you get a safer riding experience. Kid’s dirt bike helmet size is also included in this for a complete guidance of helmet size charts for all age groups.

Helmet Size Chart-Youth Motorcycle Helmet Size Chart

Picking up the right helmet would become easier when you give this article a sincere and complete view. Because Youth helmet size chart is specially made for all of you people to make you enable, to get the estimate of what helmet size, you require. Youth Helmet size chart is designed as such that you will definitely feel comfortable and safe when you wear it.

Helmet Measurement guide

Helmet Size Chart will provide you a complete guide about the right helmet for you and also for your kid as we have added kid’s helmet size chart also, yet you must know your head circumference before going to read the size charts and buying a helmet for you. You have to take the measuring tape to measure the head circumference placing it on your forehead neither too tightly nor loosely.

An accurate method is; you have to measure between the hairline and the eyebrows with a measuring tape, just above the ears and it should cover the back of the skull. Once you place the measuring tape correctly, measure all the dimensions and select the accurate helmet by matching the head circumference with the helmet size chart.

The wise way is that you should wear the helmet repeatedly and put it off, for about once or twice to feel that the helmet is fitting to your head properly or not. If the helmet moves while you wear it than it is too large for you and if it squeezes your cheeks or ears than it will be small for you. A perfect helmet is one which fits properly without hurting and feels snug.

So after measuring your head dimensions, go for the Helmet size chart (Youth Helmet size Chart).

Dirt Bike Helmet Size Chart(Youth Helmet Size Chart)

Here comes that chart which you were waiting for; Dirt bike helmet size chart (Youth helmet size chart). This will give you a complete guide about the head circumference and the Helmet size that suits best to you. So, view this Dirt Bike Helmet Size Chart (Youth Helmet Size Chart) for an amazing and safe riding experience

Helmet SizeHat SizeHead Circumference - InchesHead Circumference - Metric
2XS6 3/8 - 6 1/220- 20 1/251-52
XS6 5/8 - 6 3/420 7/8 - 21 1/453-54
S6 7/8 - 721 5/8 - 2255-56
M7 1/8 - 7 1/422 1/2 - 22 7/857-58
L7 3/8 - 7 1/223 1/4 - 23 5/859-60
XL7 5/8 - 7 3/424 - 24 3/861-62
2XL7 7/8 - 824 3/4 - 25 1/463-64
3XL8 1/8 - 8 1/425 5/8 - 2665-66
Youth S6 1/8 - 6 1/419 1/4 - 19 3/449-50
Youth M6 3/8 - 6 1/220 - 20 1/251-52
Youth L6 5/8 - 6 3/420 7/8 - 21 1/453-54
Youth S/M6 1/8 - 6 1/419 1/4 - 19 3/449-50
Youth L/XL6 3/8- 6 1/220 - 20 1/251-52

I have to struggle a lot when I was finding the right helmet for my nephew because has been my responsibility since five years back and absolutely we all are very much concerned for our loved ones, either our child or our little relative. I searched each and every single information page to get the complete guidance and to find out the Dirt Bike Helmet size chart and this chart helped me a lot. That’s when I decided to post this article about a complete guide for Dirt Bike helmet size chart-Youth Helmet Size Chart so that I can guide my readers.

Motorcycle Helmet Size Chart

Motorcycle helmet sizing chart gives a complete guideline to give you an estimate of your required helmet size. Motor Cycle Helmet size chart is an ideal chart for those who are in search of a comfortable and secure helmet, such a helmet that does not become a burden on your head but truly it makes you feel easy and safe. For the measurement, you have to take the measuring tape or tailor’s tape measure and note your head circumference. Now you can even customize helmets with colorful stickers. You can choose from a wide variety of stickers.

You should start the measurement one inch above from the eyebrow and take the inch tape towards the fullback of the skull and for the exact and accurate value take repeated measurements so that you can get the better idea of your head size. For more understanding, read this Motorcycle Helmet size chart for adults. Read here: 2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke Dirt Bikes

Adults-Motorcycle Helmet Sizing Chart

Frankly speaking, I love bike riding too, in fact, I am a good and fast bike rider. I have also sought guidance from this Motorcycle Helmet Sizing Chart for adults. I have also added this chart so that you may ride your dream bike with a comfortable and safe helmet. Follow this Motorcycle Helmet Sizing Chart and you will feel that measuring a right helmet size just as simple as choosing an accurately fitted hat. So, no more wait, Motorcycle Helmet Sizing Chart for adults is here;

Helmet Sizes Head Circumference Inches

Head Circumference Metric

Hat Sizes


17 1/8" - 18"

43.5 - 45.7 cm

5 4/9 - 5 3/4


18 1/8" - 19"

46 - 48.3 cm

5 3/4 - 6


19 1/8" - 20"

48.6 - 50.8 cm

6 - 6 3/8

S 20 1/8" - 21"

51.1 - 53.3 cm

6 2/5 - 6 2/3

M 21 1/8" - 22"

53.7 - 55.9 cm

6 5/7 – 7

L 22 1/8" - 23"

56.2 - 58.4 cm

7 - 7 1/3

XL 23 1/8" - 24"

58.7 - 60 cm

7 1/3 - 7 2/3


24 1/8" - 25"

61.3 - 63.5 cm

7 2/3 – 8


25 1/8" - 26"

63.8 - 66 cm

8 – 8 2/7


26 1/8" - 27"

66.4 - 68.6 cm

8 1/3 - 8 3/5

Now, after viewing this chart, trust me, you are able to select the right one for you. Enjoy your safe journey by wearing the right Helmet. This is a must if you plan for trail riding, also don’t forget to check air filter before you leave. 

Kids-Dirt Bike Helmets Size Chart

Kid’s dirt bikes helmet size chart is designed with a lot of care for kids because they need more safety and protection. Bodies of little ones are not so much strength to bear any kind of head injury or to face any crises so they need a lot of attention. And a lot of your tension will be released when you select the right helmet for them. They do not know the importance of a helmet because they are small and don’t understand things much and they just know that they have to play.

So it’s your responsibility to take care of your loved ones and definitely, you care about them, so select the right helmet to protect them and to make their riding safer.

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It is advisable to make your kids wear the helmet along with other safety gears before they begin to hit the road and the helmet should be comfortable and fits them well because most kids get irritated of wearing the helmet if it feels uncomfortable or tight to them.

Helmet Sizes

Head Circumference Inches

Head Circumference Metric

Hat Sizes

S 15 1/8" - 16"

38.4 - 40.6 cm

4 4/5 - 5

M 16 1/8" - 17"

41 - 43.2 cm

5 1/8 - 5 2/5

L 17 1/8" - 18"

43.5 - 45.7 cm

5 4/9 - 5 3/4

So, always take your child along with you while buying a helmet for him so that he can wear the helmet at that time and give you an idea about the helmet is comfortable for them or not. Always measure the head circumference of your child first to have a proper idea and then compare the chart for the exact understanding and your kids must try the helmet to tell you how it feels to him before you buy one. So, a perfect helmet can be easily selected for your kid by using this Kids dirt bike helmets size chart to make their ride super safe and comfortable. You can also use this chart as a toddler bike helmet size chart. Read here: How to Bleed Dirt Bike Brakes.

Final Words about Motorcycle Helmet Size Chart

A good fitting helmet contributes to the most comfortable and safer ride because it’s a live-saving gear and sometimes the young generation doesn’t understand it. Because you live only once and are connected to many of the people who love you and are closely associated with you, so be careful about your safety. Read here: Guide for Buying a Used Dirt Bike

While choosing a helmet for yourself, you should know the accurate measurement of your head. You can measure the head circumference by using an inch tape by placing it on the forehead, above one inch above the eyes and ears and it should cover the whole skull. By doing this, you will get your head measurement easily and same as for the kids or anybody else of any age group. Read here about Best Electric Dirt Bike for Kids.

These Motorcycle Helmet size charts are specially designed for kids, youngsters, and adults with sincerity and care. Only knowing your head circumference is not enough, you should seek guidance from these Motorcycle Helmet charts. Because if just knowing your head measurements would be the only enough thing than probably people will be buying the right helmets for them but definitely they couldn’t without seeking guidance from these size charts. Read here about: Razor MX350 vs MX400.

Another important thing is that when you have done your head measurements and comparing the size charts than you must try the helmet to check out its comfort, it should feel snug. It should neither be too tight to compress your ears and press your cheeks tightly nor it has to be too large that it moves while wearing because both these conditions affect its comfort and safety also. It is must select a properly fitted helmet for you or for your kids for ensuring the safety and security of yourself and of your loved ones. Read here about the top speed of 50cc, 150cc, dirt bikes.

A frequently asked question is ‘’ How to properly size a motorcycle helmet’’ and I hope this article gives you a complete guide about this. I have put my 100% effort in this article to guide my dear readers and save you all from any kind of crises. Click here for a detailed guide on Dirt Bike Sizes.

We have made this guide (Motorcycle Helmet sizing chart) about size charts with special care for you people so that you may get the better understanding of how much, the helmet size matters for safety purposes. The properly sized helmet will not only make your journey safe and sound but also make your riding experience safe, better and comfortable. Always keep a maintenance record for your dirt bike.

Author’s note- Helmet size chart

Speaking about my perspective of the motorcycle Helmets, I did a lot of research when I have to buy helmet for myself, when I was young and my parents didn’t stop me of bike riding as being a female but the thing that makes me write this article is when I have to buy a helmet for my nephew last year. Definitely, you have to care a lot for your kids or any other little-loved ones who are very close to you. Read here about places to ride dirt bikes.

I have seen an injured kid just because of no helmet and any safety gear that made me feel so bad and I decided to take a properly fitted helmet for my nephew and that’s when I decided to share all my research and findings with you people to save you and your little one’s lives because after all sharing is caring and I think I have done my efforts efficiently. Read here: Dirt Bike Tire Sizes

Let me tell you one more thing that I am an excellent and perfect bike rider also and maybe you have guessed this because of my enthusiasm for writing and sharing Helmet Size Charts and all my finding with you and I hope you will like my sincere efforts and will definitely understand the importance of a properly fitting helmet size that will make your ride comfortable and safer. Don’t forget to add a kill switch in your dirt bike. 

This all actually begin with my desire of bike riding as I have told you and I used to visit my heart touching beautiful places and even in far away parks and places by riding  the bike myself and  I was in search of a right helmet and at that time I didn’t have any idea about helmet sizing and fitting and one of my best friends told me to take the helmets according to my head size and I also  love to search and find about these kinds of bikes, dirt bikes, helmets and helmet sizing like things. Read about: Dirt Bike Sand Riding

Now, I hope that you have got enough information about Helmet Size Charts for adults as well as for kids from this article and I think I should consider that my sincere efforts have removed all the confusions in your mind and have answered all of the things that you will be wanted to know. Buy a right helmet for you and your loved ones by following these motorcycle helmet size charts and enjoy a comfortable, safe and sound journey. Good Luck!

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