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How do I keep my dirt bike from being stolen?

In this article, we have explained 8 best and proven methods to prevent your dirt bike from being stolen. Dirt bikes are expensive and you have to take extra care of them. Thieves are getting clever and you will be amazed to read details about their methods and techniques.

How do I keep my dirt bike from being stolen? You can prevent your dirt bike from being stone by using a GPS tracking system, locking it properly, installing an alarm, and using double locks. It is recommended to park your dirt bike at a safe place after locking it to keep it secure.

Dirt bike due to its unique and stylish design is a center of attraction for many people. Dirt bike is also costly than an ordinary motorcycle. It is stolen by many thieves nowadays. You need to be careful about the safety of your bike. Its high cost is the main reason for its being stolen by many thieves.

How do I keep my dirt bike from being stolen?

There are many different ways to secure your dirt bike. If you have just bought a new dirt bike, you should follow these 8 proven methods to keep your dirt bike from being stolen. We have tested these methods at our office before posting this article. 

Let me explain these methods:

Carefully lock the bike

Locking your bike is the first step towards the safety of your dirt bike. Wherever you go must keep the bike lock with you. You should never forget to lock the bike when you are parking it somewhere. Lock the bike even when you park it in your garage. There are different types of locks are available.

Use locks for steering and the ignition part separately. This step makes your dirt bike super safe. Steering lock is unavoidable in the safety of dirt bikes. Locking both wheels is also a good option.

Whenever you are locking your bike keep the lock away from the ground and avoid resting the lock on the ground. If the thief finds the lock placed on the ground it will be easy for him to break the lock. Lock and chain systems should be your priority regarding the safety of your bike.

You can use multiple locks to prevent your dirt bike from being stolen. As I have mentioned earlier lock and chain system should be used other than the built-in lock of the dirt bike. Keep your bike lock all the time when you are not riding it even if it is placed at a secure place.

Use GPS tracking system

GPS tracking system is an advanced system to protect your dirt bike from being stolen. GPS tracking system inserts some software in the GPS tracking device to collect any vehicle location data and to locate its position at any time. GPS tracking system not only describes the current location of the vehicle but also gives all information regarding the previous location of your vehicle.

Different GPS tracking devices for motorcycles and dirt bikes are easily available in markets like Track mate mini H 3G GPS tracking device is used for a dirt bike track. You can use the GPS tracking device which suits your dirt bike most.

Installing a GPS tracker in your dirt bike will prevent the bike from being stolen by any thief. Firstly the thief has to remove that tracking device to steal the bike. These trackers are installed in some hidden place of your bike. The location where they are installed is difficult to find.

So it will be difficult for a thief to remove the tracker. Then if the thief stole the bike without removing the GPS tracking device it will be easy to find the location of your dirt bike. You can easily access your dirt bike and can catch the thief red-handed. The thief cannot escape from your eye and take your dirt bike away from you.

Park your bike safely

The location of the site where you are parking your bike is very important. Choose the parking site carefully otherwise it will cost you a lot. Always park your dirt bike at a place where you can have an eye on your dirt bike. Never park it in some area with no light. The area where you are parking your bike should be well lit.

This will prevent the thief from stealing the bike. When you are parking the bike for a long time keeps it within your eyesight even if you have locked it. When you have reached home take your bike inside and park it in the garage to prevent it from being stolen.

Try to park the bike where some people are present or park it in a crowded place. Keep on checking your bike from time to time. If you are checking the bike frequently that will warn the thief not to dare stole your dirt bike. Be aware of the surroundings and keep an eye if someone tries to get close to your dirt bike.

If someone is trying to get close to your dirt bike and trying to investigate its art then he must be a thief. He is trying to check if he can steal your dirt bike. By parking, your bike in a well-lit area and a crowded place will prevent the thief to steal your bike.

Install an alarm in your dirt bike to prevent it from being stolen

Installing an alarm in your bike also prevents your bike from being stolen. The alarm is touch-sensitive devices whenever anyone tries to touch any part of the dirt bike the alarm will ring. The ringing of alarm will alert not only you but to the surrounding people. The ringing of alarm will scare the thief and he will not dare to touch your dirt bike again. Every time someone tries to touch your dirt bike the alarm will ring.

The alarm can walk sensitive too. This will ring whenever tries to take your bike and start to ride on it. The best thing about these alarms is that you can turn them off when riding the bike. The alarm when you switch it off will not disturb you. You can then ouch your dirt bike and take a ride on installing alarm will prevent the thief to open the locks of your bike and ensure 100% security of your dirt bike.

You can add an alarm near the rims, no one can even think about this location. You should spray paint the rims to make them look decent.

Set up a security camera

Setting up a security camera is another reliable way of preventing your bike from being stolen. You should set up a security camera at a place where you park your dirt bike. The location where the camera s fitted should be hidden so that the thief may not harm the camera setting.

The security camera is very helpful in monitoring the security of your dirt bike. It will help in the identification of thief and thief can be caught easily when he is identified.

Setting up a security camera requires a deep understanding of security cameras. The resolution power of the camera determines the clear identification of the thief. The CCTV pottage will help the time at which the bike was stolen and identify the thief.

Choose a security camera that can identify the thief even when he is hiding his face. The image got by CCTV potage should be clear enough for easy identification of thief. Choose the security camera wisely. This is a must if you have a Ducati motorcycle.

Security cameras of varying MP are available in the market. You can consult the person who is expert in installing security camera devices that which security camera suits you best.

Use high-quality locks 

To prevent your dirt bike from being stolen quality of the lock and chain you use is very important. Locks must be heavy and made of reliable metals. They should be heavy so that thief finds it difficult to cut or open the lock.

Try to avoid common cable locks because they are easy to cut and the thief will cut the lock with slight effort. You can also add the lock with the motorcycle forks.

U locks and D locks are in fashion and these locks are very heavy and hard. They lock our bike hardly. These locks are made of steel. It needs a lot of energy and technique to open these locks. These locks are most reliable as compared to simple lock and chain. The majority of motorcycles in America also uses the same method to keep their bikes secure.

Unsymmetrical chains are also important in locking the dirt bike. Try to lock both wheels of the bike. You can also add some hidden kill switches inside your dirt bike. These kill switches make it impossible to start the bike even if the thief has got the keys f bike. The kill switch should be hidden so that the thief cannot flip open the switch.

Move your bike regularly

Moving the bike frequently and parking it in different places can also ensure bike security and safety. When you park your bike regularly in the same place and move it to a similar place it will be easy for thieves to steal your bike. Try to choose different places to park the dirt bike and it will mislead the thief. The thieves will not be able to locate the position where they can steal the bike.

If the thief sees your bike always at the same place it will be easy for him to find a chance to steal the bike. Wash your bike in some private place and not in the street or lawns. Here it can get the attention of everyone. The thieves might get to know the location of the bike and try to steal it. You also should be vigilant about your bike safety. If some area or people looks suspicious to you so avoid parking the dirt bike in these areas.

Park the bike in Moto van

Standing the bike in Moto van is secure and out of sight of all the thieves. Moto van is locked from inside and they make your bike secure. They provide excellent protection to your dirt bike when you are transporting it from one place to another. Commonly, thieves stole a bike and other vehicles when these are transporting from one place to another.

When you have your dirt bike in Moto van or the truck also lock your dirt bike carefully. This will make it difficult for thieves to steal the bike. Suppose if he has somehow opened the motor van or has smashed the glass window it will be uneasy for him to cut the lock.

Moto van is somehow is an expensive way of transporting the vehicle but it ensures the security of your dirt bike. Despite Moto van, a truck is also a good option regarding the transport of dirt bikes.

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