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How do you repair a punctured ATV tire?

In this article, we have explained the best and proven methods to fix the punctured ATV tire. During riding in harsh circumstances it is possible that your ATV tire gets stuck somewhere or got flat due to some reason.

The tire puncturing or going flat could be due to some sharp pin or nail that has made a hole in the tire. This could be a really disappointing thing if you are riding somewhere or working on farms.

How do you repair a punctured ATV tire? You can repair a punctured ATV tire by locating the puncture, cleaning the hole, applying glue and patch. Plug method and patch method are used to fix the punctured tire of any ATV.

ATV tires are special types of ties and are used for different rides. For different rides, there is a specific type of ATV tire. ATV tires have different types like sand tire mud tire and snow tire. ATV tires have two basic construction pattern called BIAS ply and radial.

ATV tires have mostly two shapes round and flat. The performance of the ATV tire depends upon its construction and shape. Carefully choose the tire specific for the circumstances in which you are riding. All these types of tires differ in the shapes of ridges present on them.

How do you repair a punctured ATV tire?

If your ATV tire is punctured and you are thinking to go some repairing shop this must be tiresome for you. Here in this article, I am going to discuss a detailed method of how you can repair your ATV tire at home.

Tools required

To repair the punctured ATV tire different repair kits are available in the market. Each kit contains different tools but some basic tools are common in all kit. These tools are following

  • CO2 inflator a device or tool used to inflate tires
  • CO2 cartridges these cartridges contain CO2 in them helping to inflate the tire
  • Patches are used to seal the puncture or hole in the tire
  • Plugs are used to seal holes
  • Tire reamer
  • Plug installation tool This tool is used to install the plug inside the ATV tire
  • The knife is used to cut extra patch or plug from the tire
  • Pressure gauge to monitor the pressure of the air inside the tire
  • Valve stems puller this tool is used to pull out the valve from the tire
  • Rubber solution is a gum that is used to stick the patch to the inside of the tire to repair the hole.

Patch method to repair a punctured ATV tire

This patch is somehow difficult as you need to remove the whole tire. For this method, you need a patch made of rubber or cement and rubber glue. A stitching tool is also needed in this method. The following are complete steps involved in patch methods.

Locate the puncture

The first thing you should do is to locate the puncture. Observe the tire carefully and see where the hole is made by some sharp object. By locating the puncture site it will be easy for you to place the patch on it. This will help you to repair the puncture properly.

Apart from the visually locating the puncture you can use another method. Just take soapy water in a spray bottle. Then spray it on the tire all around. Then see where the bubbles start to foam it is the place where the puncture is actually located. This is the most reliable and effective method of locating the puncture. When you have located the puncture then see if there is any nail in the tire. If there is any then pull it out from the tire.

Remove the tire

Removing the tire from the rim is a difficult thing to do but you can do it on your own with little effort. Firstly lose the lug nuts of wheel and raise the corner of your vehicle by stock jack. Then remove the lug nuts from the tire. Then release the air out from the tire by removing the cap from the valve.

Releasing the air from tire takes some time so keep some patience. Now break the tire bead off the rim edges by inserting a lever into the tire. This will completely remove the tire off the rim. The tire is lying deflated in front of you.

Mark the puncture

The marking of puncture is an easy step. You just need a marker to do this. Then draw a circle of ten centimeters around the puncture. This will make it easy to repair the puncture in this process. Be careful of the mark you have drawn on the tire. Keep this tired way from any moisture or anything which can damage the mark or can wipe out the circle.

If you have wiped out the circle by chance it would be difficult for you to repair the puncture. Otherwise, you have to again draw the mark on the tire. This will waste your time unnecessarily. Try to use a dark color marker for marking of puncture on the tire. This will easily visualize the hole which the object has made.

Apply glue on the hole

Before applying the glue on the inside of the tire you need to buff the area with some tire buffer tool. This step will rough up the inner smooth are of the tire. If you do not have a tire buffer tool there is another option of using sandpaper.

Rub the sandpaper on the inside of the tire where you have to mark the puncture. Continue rubbing until all smooth surface is gone. This step is done because a patch cannot adhere to the smooth surface. After making the surface rough clean all the dirt from the surface.

Now apply the glue on the area where the patch will adhere. Apply the glue with the help of a brush. Completely dip the brush in the glue and apply it on the surface where the puncture is located. Apply glue on a bigger area than the patch so that the patch is easily stuck to the surface.

Apply the patch

Now the final step of this method is to apply the patch on the marked area. Apply the patch in the center of the marked area. Rub the patch with your fingers. Carefully peel off the cover of the patch from the patch. When the patch cover is removed completely then rub the patch with your fingers to fix it completely.

Now take a stitching toll and roll it back and forth on the outside of the patch. Start from the center of the patch and rub it on all the sides of the patch. Do this rolling until you are sure that the patch is fixed.

Then the end step is to take a knife and cut the plastic on the back of the patch. Cut this plastic carefully otherwise you will peel off the patch from the marked area. Carefully cut the plug without hurting yourself. You can use the same method on the tires of the American motorcycle.

Plug method

Plug method is very easy to follow because you need not remove the whole tire. This method can be done with some simple tools and steps. This method has a drawback of not completely sealing the tire and exposing it if you drove t high speed. Various plug kits are easily available in the market. These kits contain all the tools necessary to repair the puncture. The following are some of the simple steps to follow for plugging the puncture.

As we have previously discussed that the first step is to find the location of puncture on the tire. Carefully observe the tire all along to find the puncture. If there is any thorn or nail present on the tire it will be easy to locate the puncture.

When you have found the nail pull out this nail from the tire using a screwdriver or anything which you think is suitable. If you cannot find the puncture simply by looking at the puncture there is another option. Use soapy water to locate the puncture. Spray this soapy water on the tire. See where the bubbles come out of the tire. There are from where bubbles appear is the location of the puncture.

Clean up the hole

To clean the holes use a probing tool and insert it in the hole. Push this tool all along the hole carefully. Repeat this pushing for four to five times. This step will clean up the hole and it will draw out all the debris and dirt present in the hole. This step will increase the size of the hole.

Increasing the size of the hole is helpful as it will equalize the size of the probe. These steps need some effort as you have to forcefully push the tool in the tire. Use your weight along with force to push the probing tool into the tire.

Apply the plug

‘Now its time to apply the plug uses a v-shaped tool and apply plug on each side of the grove of V-shaped tool. Now insert the tool in the tire all the way along with the tire. Leave almost half an inch of the probe on the outside of the tire. After this pull out the tool from the tire with a pull.

This will create bud inside the tire. This will help the plug to be in its place. Now cut the outer side of the plug which is on the outside of the tire. You can use a knife to cut the extra plug.   

Inflate the tire

Now you can fill the air in your tire. Use CO2 cartridges available in a kit to inflate your tire. You should also check the ATV rims. This kit also includes the pressure gauge to monitor the pressure of the tire. Always fill the air in the tire in a short burst. Finally your vehicle I ready you can have a ride on it safely.

How to keep ATV tires from going flat?

There are some useful tips that you can follow to prevent the tire from puncture.

The first most important point is when you are riding on a rocky land be careful of the stones and obstacles that can make your tire flat.

Another important point is the pressure of the tire. Always check the pressure of the air inside the tire. If your tire is overinflated it can make a puncture in the tire. It is recommended to keep your ATV clean and use methods to prevent mud from sticking to ATV.

Speed of the vehicle also important regarding preventing punctures. If you are riding at high speed and there are more chances of a puncture in the tire.

Use slime in your tire they are tire sealant that helps repair a small puncture in the tires. But slime is not helpful for large holes and punctures.

Type of ATV tire is also important in preventing the puncture always try to use the suitable type of tire for all the circumstances. You should always spray paint ATV rims for better results.

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