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How Fast is 50cc Dirt Bike

How Fast is 50cc Dirt Bike

Now getting a 50cc dirt bike is the best option for young kids. My dirt bike journey started when I bought a 50cc dirt bike for my 6 year old son.

Being a father I was always concerned about the how my son will ride that 50cc dirt and most importantly I was concerned about the speed of 50cc dirt bike. Since I have all the experience now, I will answer here in detail about that famous question that concerns all parents that is about the top speed of a 50cc dirt bike.

You must know that 50cc dirt bikes usually target 5-7 years old kids. Majority of 50cc dirt bikes have a top speed of 26-40 miles per hour, however, few variants of 50cc dirt bikes claim to have a top speed of 45MPH.

How Fast is 50cc Dirt Bike?

According to me for a 6 years old kid as my son, this is an accepted speed. You can always use a gadget that will limit the use of throttle and in this way, your kids will ride at a safe speed. I think speed should not be an issue for parents when they go for a 50cc dirt bike.

You must always use limitation on the dirt bikes for kids and this will keep your kids safe and you will have peace of mind. As far I am concerned, I have always considered dirt bikes safe for the kids.

Top Speed of 50cc dirt bikes

Now for my readers, I have gone in depth of different 50cc dirt bikes, I have tested around 7 50cc dirt bikes and I will mention here their top speed.

Honda CRF 50

I have found Honda CRF50 to be the best among all the different 50cc models that I test. Honda CRF50 50cc dirt bike has a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour.

Yamaha TTR50

Next comes the Yamaha TTR50 which is among the top 50cc dirt bikes. Yamaha TTR50 that is a 50cc dirt bike comes with a top speed of 33 miles per hour. It is much faster than Honda CRF50. 

SSR 50cc

SSR 50cc dirt bike has a top speed of 25 miles per hour, same as that of Honda CRF50.

KTM 50cc dirt bike

KTM 50cc dirt bike not only comes with the latest design but it is the fastest 50cc dirt bike among all which I tested. KTM 50cc dirt bike has a top speed of 37 miles per hour. This maximum speed let it compete with other dirt bikes of much heavier engines.

Suzuki DRZ50

Last dirt bike which I want to mention here is the Suzuki DRZ50 and it is also one of the fastest 50cc dirt bikes. Suzuki DRZ 50cc dirt bike has a maximum speed of 33 miles per hour.

The average speed of a 50cc dirt bike

Now before talking about the most acceptable speed for kids to ride, let me talk about safety gears. Whenever you plan a dirt bike event or your kids go for riding dirt bikes, ensure that they get equipped with all the protective gear and helmet.  Dirt bikes have the capacity to run wild and even 50ccc dirt bike if not well treated can cause a headache. 

My kids have never tried to go for maximum speed but that does not mean that your kids will do the same. First thing is, I recommend that kids at least 5 or 6 years of age should be given dirt bikes for riding, not before that age.

While teaching them how to ride dirt bikes, I guided them about the 2nd gear and that they should never go beyond that. Now you know what maximum speed can the 2nd gear have.  My 6-year-old kid does not even know how to shift to the 3rd gear and this gave me all peace of mind that I was looking for.

We don’t race our dirt bikes when I ride with kids, the purpose is just to have fun, not to compete with each other in speed. Read here about the top speed of 110cc, 150cc,  250cc

New riders and especially young kids have the potential of falling while riding dirt bikes. Now being a father you will also be worried about your kid’s safety. My suggestion is to guide the kids only about the 2nd gear so they will not be able to throttle more than a limit.

Also, you can use devices like throttle limiter, which keep dirt bikes below a certain speed limit. I have seen many parents using that device to limit the speed of 50cc dirt bikes even. Always add a kill switch for dirt bike safety.

I have seen a few questions in the email where riders have asked how to install or use of throttle limiter. Let me guide in an easy way. I used that on my Yamaha TTR50 and I found it very easy to use.

You simply have to open the bolt with a screw that is visible under the throttle and it will be good to use. Now it will not allow throttling, open wide thus keeping speed under a certain limit. This customization will ensure kids safety.

Are 50cc dirt bikes safe for kids?

Before I go into this topic that are dirt bikes safe for kids to ride, you must know that all activities have certain risks. same is the case with dirt bike riding. Now because of the risks of falling or crash, we can not our kids to be limited to mobile and laptops which are only destroying the young generation.

Now the better question will be how to make dirt bike riding safe for kids and I will answer this in detail here. Dirt bike riding is a healthy event and kids of all ages who are elder than 6 years of age should enjoy this sport. There are however dangers of falling but remember that only a rider will fall and who will not ride will never have the experience of falling and then getting up.

That’s how sportsmen are made. Keep your dirt bikes clean and tires should be mud-free. Dirt bikes take no time in turning from new to a used look. take good care of them.

I have seen many parents who were concerned that their kids may have fractures and broken bones etc.  As a father, I will still have issues with kids security when they ride dirt bikes but is not stopping me.

Kids should always be supervised if they plan for trail riding. I have given details below how to make it safer for kids.

  • All kids should wear protective gear and helmet whenever they ride a ride bike, even adults should do the same.
  • Try to make your kids ride off-road and not with the direct traffic. When riding off-road, try to avoid jumps as kids are not used to jumps when riding.
  • Start with two-wheelers although a majority of riders consider a 4 wheeler more secure, the reality is the opposite of this.
  • Always a throttle limiter and kids should be limited to a certain speed.
  • Always ensure that some adult should supervise kids when they ride dirt bikes.

Riding dirt bikes is like my family game now, I always schedule a trip to local tracks every couple of months and my boys always accompany me. Since I have my own dirt bikes now and even extra for my friends, I try inviting friends also.

This adds more fun to the amazing riding experience. Even my wife went with me in the last event and we are planning for a female round at this year event at our local track. I would suggest maintaining a regular schedule for the oil change if you like sand riding. Guide your kids about the braking system of dirt bikes. If you are looking for ways to transport your dirt bike, read this guide.

What is the Best 50cc Dirt Bike for Kids?

Now that I have explained everything in detail about, How fast is a 50cc dirt bike, its time to decide which 50cc dirt bike will be best suited for your kid. One good news is that I have already written an article on Best 50cc Dirt Bike. Just to make things more easy for you, I will share a brief summary here for my readers.

I have personally selected Honda CRF 50cc dirt bike as the best in the category and along with Yamaha TTR50 stands tall in this category. Although Yamaha TTR50 may be a bit faster for very young kids, if you plan to use speed limiter, you can go with TTR50.

Why I choose Honda CRF50 as the best, because it comes with kickstart and also electric start, making things easy for you. KTM 50cc dirt bike is also a good option but only when you can pay almost double the amount of CRF50. Always put dirt bike on a dedicated stand once you finish your riding session.


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