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How to Bleed Dirt Bike Brakes

How to Bleed Dirt Bike Brakes?

If you are a dirt bike rider, you know what it means when it comes to checking brakes. This term, “Bleeding the Brakes”, refers to the process that is a part of routine dirt bike maintenance. This may be new to non-technical guys.

Bleeding the dirt brakes is a very simple process that should be done at regular intervals for the proper functioning of the brakes. This does not require complex tools or hours of long work.

Yes, you can bleed dirt bike brakes by using Brake Fluid, Metal Wrench, Drip pan, Screwdriver, and Dry cloth. It is recommended that you follow all the steps mentioned here.

Now you know that fluid is used in dirt bikes that are responsible for the proper functioning of the brakes.

However, during the course of time, that fluid is present in the brakes loses quality because of the addition of impurities from the air.

This will have negative results on the quality of brakes and may cause fatal accidents.

This fluid has to be replaced at regular intervals, failing to do so will cause your brakes to lose grip and responsiveness. This is called Bleeding the brakes.

How to Bleed Dirt Bike Brakes

This is a detailed guide that explains methods for replacing dirt bike brakes fluid.

Now follow this guide and you can change the brake oil in no time. For this first locate the tank or reservoir that contains brake fluid, it is normally located on the handlebars.

Locate brake oil tank

After locating the tank, clean any dirt that may be present on its corners, make sure to clean it for any debris and itchy materials. This is essential and you must take care of any dirt entering the tank as it can result in the blockage of your dirt bike engines. 

Remove old brake oil

The next step is to add recommended brake fluid for your dirt bike. Now you have to find the drainage nipple often called a nut which is mostly found on the back part of the brake caliper of the bike.

You just have to get aside rubber cap and slowly place the drip utensil under the brake caliper so that all the old and used brake fluid is collected in that very pan. With used fluid moving out of the caliper, slowly push the brake lever a couple of times and slowly it will help the nipple to lose while you maintain pressure on the lever. 

Add new brake oil

During this time as the used fluid leaves and drains out from the bike, the brake lever will feel soft. At this time, just tight the nipple from where it was being drained and let the lever go. Here an important tip is to make sure that the nipple is fully tightened and this must be done before you lose pressure on the brake lever.

Again at this point, top off brake fluid and repeat the entire process which I have just mentioned. This process will continue until and unless you see clear and shining new brake fluid. 

Make sure that no air mixes with brake fluid

My suggestion is that you must repeatedly top off the brake fluid during the entire process of bleeding the brakes. This is essential and it will make sure that no air will enter the lines of your dirt bike.

I, hope all here know that what happens once air gets trapped in the lines, then the whole process of bleeding the brakes is useless and you have to repeat it again. Remember to add a kill switch in your dirt bike.

I personally use a couple of different tools that help me ensure that no air ents the lines during the process of bleeding the brakes. You can also use bleeding kits that use a tube and it will be used for bleeding the brakes and no air enters during this process.

Now when you start appreciating the new brake fluid being drained, at this point access pressure at the brake levers, it should feel good at this point. Now just adjust the nipple and tight it properly and top off the reservoir tank to 3/4 parts of it. You can always use the small window located there in the reservoir as a reference. Now you should replace the reservoir cap and also tighten it properly to avoid any leaks.

I would strongly recommend to use WD40 and spray it on the cap of the reservoir and let it completely soaked. This is important as it will maintain screw strength. 

Bleed Dirt Bike Rear Brakes

The process is almost the same as I have just mentioned above, however for my readers who have asked me many times, I will share the summary on how to bleed dirt bike rear brakes.

  1. Locate the bleeding nipple, and access its tightness.
  2. locate the brake fluid reservoir and remove the cover and get rid of any dirt or air entering the lines. 
  3. Use a clear tube to the bleeding nipple and use a pan to collect used fluid.
  4. Once the bleeding nipple is closed, press the brakes and release it at the end of the entire process. You can always customize your dirt bike for a better braking experience even in the sand.
  5. Repeat the whole process 5 to 6 times and access the pressure on the brakes. Once you feel brakes are at their maximum potential, that’s it. 

You must always access brakes and engine status whenever you plan for trail riding. Brakes are essential for the safety of the rider.

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