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How to Carry Extra Fuel on a Motorcycle?

How to Carry Extra Fuel on a Motorcycle?

It is very necessary or essential to have extra fuel in a motorcycle during a long drive because you may need to refill your tanks. It is very important to have extra fuel tanks and fuel bottles when you are traveling to remote, dangerous and rocky areas .

It is also a necessity to have fuel tanks when you get lost, and when you have a danger of leakage. In high places such as mountains, there are no fuel shops and you always need fuel to run your motorcycle. So having motorcycle fuel tanks saves us from fuel shortage during riding.

Yes, you can carry extra fuel in fuel tanks and large fuel bottles that have the capacity to have fuel of 4 to 5  liter or above. Always buy a high-quality fuel bottle to prevent any accident.

It is very essential to have extra fuel bottles. Now a days few bikes come with 6 to 7 extra back fuel tanks that have too enough space to carry extra fuel. Fuel tanks and bottles are also available in the market and you can buy these tanks easily.

Let we explain how we carry extra fuel in a motorcycle.

There are some techniques to carry extra fuel

Exhaust system: Take much care to mount extra fuel away from the exhaust system

Place Fuel tanks low: It is necessary to take fuel tanks low as much as possible.

Place fuel tanks at center: To place fuel tanks of the center of the motor cycle.

Wrap trash bag: If the container is attached as a side bag along motor cycle than it is necessary to wrap fuel bag in a trash bag to save from the leakage of fuel bag.

Mounting too much fuel: Take care of storing or mounting tanks too much of that can damage the system. Place tanks on the backside of the motorcycle are much saver than place tanks on the top or front of the motorcycle.

Using Stabilizers: Please attach stabilizer with the fuel tanks to prevent from damaging and save from any problem.

How to Carry Extra Fuel on a Motorcycle?

There are different types of fuel tanks that are safe. They have a different type of plastics that prevent leakage and break out. There are also available fuel tanks that deteriorate.

So you should be very careful about the kind of plastics, quality, and capacity of fuel containers while buying fuel bottles.

Types of fuel tanks and bottles

There are several types of fuel bottles, tanks, and bags that we can buy from the market. When you are buying extra fuel containers you must be careful about the quality and cost of containers.

There are some fuel containers to carry extra fuel. Let me tell you the number, capacity, and quality of fuel containers. There is a list of containers that we will discuss in this article.

  • Saddlebags
  • Holster
  • Stackable containers
  • Aluminum bottles
  • Auxiliary tanks
  • Giant loop gasbag

Here we will discuss these containers and their uses. It can be hazardous if you carry extra fuel do not properly and the right way.

Using saddlebags for carrying extra fuel:

Saddlebags are commonly available in the market and it is a very easy way to keep fuel bottles in it. Saddlebags safely store fuel bottles. Saddlebags contain a compartment for holding bottles. Saddlebags are formed to carry fuel bottles on a motorcycle. Saddlebags hang on the left side or backpacking of the motorcycle.

It can easily carry extra fuel on your motorcycle. Saddlebags are come with different size and with different capacity to carry or store fuel bottles. Saddlebags are formed with metal that saves fuel bottles. Tough bags are made with metal so they save from puncture and fell out.

Try to buy expensive saddlebags that have good quality and best metal. Avoid buying cheap bags that may cause any accident instead to provide benefits.

Using holster to carry extra fuel on a motorcycle:

The holster is a second option to carry fuel bottles if you do not have saddlebags. The holster is less expensive than saddlebag. Peoples are strapping holsters under the handlebars long the side tanks.

The holsters have straps and attachments that can easily stash on a motorcycle. It really looks nice to put them with your gas tanks. They do not use much space to put on a motorcycle.

It is easy to attach and comfortable for the riders. The rider can ride log drive with that holsters. There are many types of holsters are available in the market.

They have a different kind of metal such as low and high quality. Always try to use expensive and good quality metal that provide comfort greatly. There are several types of the holster for a different type of motorcycles available in the market

Using stackable fuel containers:

The stackable containers are made with thick, heavy, reliable and durable plastics. Stackable fuel containers are in different shape and different capacity. The stackable containers usually in rectangular shaped. They have a cut in the center to storing too much fuel in it.

Stackable fuel containers are available of several brands in several shaped and different quality. These containers are designed to carry liquid fuel.

They are designed to prevent hazards during a long drive and to remote areas. They are formed as to preventing from leaking and cracking if you are even driving from rocks and road trial. You can attach stackable containers on your motorcycle while driving on rocks and on a luggage rocks.

You must take care of mounting too much fuel in it. If you need to store too much fuel then you must have to add fuel brackets. It is very important to balance the weight so driving will be easy and had no chances of hazards.

Using Aluminum fuel bottles:

Aluminum fuel bottles are made to carry liquid fuel. You can use aluminum fuel bottles when you do not need too much fuel. Aluminum bottles are also used when the motorcycle has less space to carry fuel. Aluminum bottles usually can carry various type fuel such as gasoline, kerosene, and propyl alcohol.

Aluminum bottles are just like a water bottle. You can not carry fuel in water bottles because they can leak and deteriorate because these bottles are made with thin plastic. Aluminum bottles are made with metal and sealed that has no danger of leakage and break out.

You can also carry aluminum bottles in your saddlebags but it may not be a safe option. It has the risk of a leak. Aluminum motorcycle fuel bottles are available in a variety of sizes and different materials. You can place bottles according to your bike shape and model.

Auxiliary fuel tanks:

Auxiliary tanks are made with aluminum and can also be made with grade plastic. While buying auxiliary tanks you should check all hardware along with tanks such as brackets. Auxiliary tanks are available for the specific motorcycle so you should be careful about the type of auxiliary tanks.

It can be a lengthy process for installing such type of motorcycle fuel tanks. Different type of tools is required to install these tanks. You can install these tanks by a professional mechanic.

You can also install these motorcycle fuel tanks by yourself without the help of a professional mechanic. It depends upon the kind of bikes that you can install by yourself or its necessary to install only by a professional mechanic.

Most of the auxiliary tanks are installed permanently on a motorcycle. Like a reserve tank, they are installed plumed directly on the engine. You can use auxiliary tanks when you just need 1 or 2 gallons of fuel. Auxiliary tanks are mostly installed alongside your motorcycle.

Using a giant loop gasbag:

Giant loop fas bag are just like a bag have many portions to put fuel bottles. The giant loop gas bag contains collapsible welded film and ballistic nylon containers. Giant loop gas bag is easy to carry and comfortable.

They are good to transfer extra fuel from one motorcycle to another motorcycle. To opening giant loop gas has no lengthy process such as gas cans. You will be very careful about storing too much gas pressure on it. You can carry fuel every in this bag. These bags are not used store fuel f oi r log time.

After using fuel from bags you can pack and fold to space-saving. Giant loop gasbags can store about one gallon of fuel. The price of these bags is usually high but they are durable and lifetime.

Giant loop gas bags are attached to motorcycle, snowmobiles and snow bikes. These bags have less weight of about 1 pound and easy to handle. When these bags are empty you can roll or pack it. These bags save fuel conveniently and save fuel temporarily.

Precautions for carrying extra fuel

There are few instructions that you must follow to save from any hazards. You should properly store extra fuel.

  1. You should not put extra fuel or gas along yourself such as a jacket, vest, hip pack, waist, and backpack. There is a great risk of falling gas on the person that may result in sparking a fire.
  2. You should do not store too much fuel when you do not need it. It is a bad idea to mounting to much fuel and may cause a fire in the result of break tanks.
  3. Take care while purchasing fuel tanks and bottles according to your bikes. Because there are some fuel containers that are designed for some specific motorcycle.
  4. While storing your fuel containers take care that containers are fully sealed and are not leaked.
  5. You should confirm before storing your containers or fuel tanks that they are designed for this purpose or not. Do not use water bottles and other bottles that are not made for this purpose because they can deteriorate and problematic.

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