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How to Charge a Dirt Bike Battery

How to Charge a Dirt Bike Battery?

Properly charging dirt bike battery is essential and in this article, I will discuss steps for charging a dirt bike battery, in detail. You should be familiar with all the important steps that are required to properly charge a dirt bike battery.

I personally prefer to charge the battery of my dirt bike at regular intervals in order to keep dirt bike running properly. I recommend charging the battery for your dirt bike in winter and if you forget to turn off the key.

Remove the panel on the side of the dirt bike and locate the battery. You can select a smart charger and plug it with the battery terminals carefully. Normally it takes around 4-5 hours for the dirt bike battery to be charged.

How to Charge a Dirt Bike Battery?

Now that you have selected the best smart charger for your dirt bike, let us start charging the dirt bike. This is easy and you just have to follow this step by step guide to charge dirt bike battery.

You will need a wrench and with the help of it remove the panel on the side of your dirt bike, locate the battery. You may need to remove a few nuts and bolts to properly remove the side panel. A good screwdriver will be helpful here.

After locating the dirt bike in the panel, carefully remove the battery, many riders charge the battery while it is in the panel. I personally recommending removing it and properly securing the plugs of the smart charger. You should unplug the wires that are attached to the battery terminals.

If you don’t want to remove the battery from the dirt bike panel, you can use an extension for the smart charger. With the extension, you will not have to remove the battery. Extensions are normally available with the majority of best smart chargers.

Do you need a smart charger for your dirt bike?

Many riders use a standard charger to charge their dirt bike battery, however, I recommend using a smart charger if your dirt bike does not come with a kickstart. Now the market is filled with so-called best smart charger for dirt bikes.

Four years back when I started riding a dirt bike, finding the best smart charger was my main target. I recommend using the Ctek Smart Charger the purpose of charging dirt bikes. 

How long does it take to charge a dirt bike battery?

Now good smart chargers come with clamp feature that will help you to attach it with the terminals of the battery. Plug-in, to the battery and you, are good to go. It takes around 4-5 hours to properly charge the dirt bike battery. I recommend charging it properly and patiently for better riding experience.

Steps for charging a dirt bike battery

I recommend going slow with the charging process, you don’t want to damage the dirt bike battery during this process. Slow charging is always best and as it will the battery to retain the charge for a longer period of time.

For my dirt bike, I prefer to charge the battery at 0.8 amps. This will probably take more time than normal but it will prevent any damage and better for the battery to retain it better.

Follow the guide in this article for properly charging dirt bike battery and it will take a couple of hours, in my case its around 5 hours before the battery is fully charged. I suggest riders to keep their battery charged at regular intervals. In winter, I suggest removing the battery and putting it on the smart charger. 

Keep checking the charging status of the battery and it is better to write it down. Whenever I charge the dirt bike battery, I note it down in my diary and it will help me to access the quality and charging status of the battery. Read here about Best 50cc Dirt Bikes for Kids.

I have explained all the necessary details for charging a dirt bike battery, if you still have any questions, feel free to contact us by commenting in the section below.

When should you Charge a Dirt Bike Battery?

I recommend that you must charge your dirt bike in the following two conditions:

  1. If you are parking your dirt bike for winter and you know that you will use it after a couple of months, it is better to charge it fully before putting it for winter. 
  2. If you are just starting your bike after a winter session, it is better to charge it with a smart charger to avoid trouble while riding.
  3. If you forget to turn off the key in the ignition.

By charging your dirt bike battery properly and especially in the above-mentioned conditions to enjoy a trouble-free ride. It is better to check battery properly if it retains the charge. 



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