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How to Choose a Dirt Bike

How to Choose a Dirt Bike?

Today,s topic is very interesting, choosing a dirt bike is a bit confusing for the majority of riders. If you are a first-timer then things may look more complicated to you.

Choosing the best-suited dirt bike is a hectic job, normally we go through multiple forums and search engines looking for details about dirt bikes. What we forget is that the majority of blogs just focus on selling products without even thinking about the customers.

The Internet is filled with fake reviews but no one is willing to guide, how to choose a dirt bike that will be best for you. In this article, our editors have explained details about choosing a dirt bike.

Few things to consider while you choose a dirt bike: brand, manufacturing quality, price, your skill level, size and height, and always buy riding gear. If you are planning to ride off-road go with good quality tires.

How to Choose a Dirt Bike?

Now that you have decided to buy a dirt bike, there are a few things that you should consider before taking the final shot. You should take your time and take all the things that I have mentioned below into consideration before you buy a dirt bike.

Plan your Budget

The most important thing that matters most whenever you decide to buy anything is your budget. You must know what your financial capacity and how much are you willing to pay to buy a dirt bike. Now if you are a first-timer, I would strongly suggest you buy a brand new dirt bike, surprised?

My question is do you know enough about dirt bikes? Of course no, if you are just starting. Then how can you be sure about the second-hand product when you are a beginner. New dirt bike will be hassle-free and you will learn all the details in due time. You don’t want to end up every weekend at a mechanic shop asking for help.

So plan your budget, get in touch with local riders and I would suggest joining any club. This will bring amazing benefits, you will not only have a track to ride but most important is the company of other fellows who share the same passion.

Where do you plan to ride?

Another important thing that you must know at the time of buying a dirt bike is to know exactly where you plan to ride. If you are buying a dirt bike just to ride it in your backyard, you will not need a high powered dirt bike.

If you are planning for any event things will be totally different. Dirt bikes that are used for trail riding are a totally different thing if compared to normal bikes. So plan and choose dirt bike accordingly. If you love sand riding, go for a powerful dirt bike with wide tires.

2 Stroke or 4 Stroke

Now, this is a never-ending debate, I have already written an article on 2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke. I will share a brief summary here. If you are a new rider I would suggest going for a 2 stroke.

2 stroke dirt bikes require less maintenance and their power handling is easy as compared to 4 stroke dirt bikes. If you are a regular dirt bike rider, you already know what is best for you.

Choose according to your height

Again a common question that concerns almost everyone. People are worried about their height and weight, for my readers, I have already posted an article, Dirt Bike Sizes. In that article, I have given a detailed guide about dirt bike sizes and along with that, I have added charts that explain all questions related to height, age and weight of the rider.

Always choose a dirt bike according to your parameters, don’t follow others. Select what best suits you, you are buying for yourself, not for others. One advice that I always share, if you are a parent buying for your kid who is under 15 years of age, you must supervise him on track.

Rent a Dirt Bike – Take a Demo

Don’t buy a dirt bike until you have experienced a ride on that very bike. There are companies who even rent a dirt bike for you to access and there are companies that allow you to take a demo. The other method is to get in touch with local riders, join their community and in this way, you will have a chance to closely monitor dirt bikes.

With time you will know what is best for you. Take a test ride and then decide if you really want that dirt bike.

Buying a dirt bike for kids

I always ask this question whenever someone asks for a suggestion. Dirt bikes for kids is a totally different thing. You can not really compare them with the beasts who run wild in the tracks. If you are looking to buy a dirt bike for your kid then there are a few additional things to consider.

For kids, dirt bikes depend on their age. I have already written an article on Electric Dirt Bike for Kids and in that article, I have given details about dirt bikes for kids and also added recommended age group for every dirt bike reviewed. Kids always take time before they can ride properly.

Do I need Electric Start Dirt Bike?

Once again, a common question that almost everyone asks at the time of choosing a dirt bike. My answer is, Yes. Yes, why not. You should always go for every option that is best for your dirt bike. Electric start is always better then kickstart.

Many dirt bikes don’t come with a kickstart for many reasons, so you should always go for electric start dirt bikes.

Choose a dirt bike according to your riding skills

You must choose a dirt bike as per your skills and riding style. If you are pro, you know your best. But if you are just starting, don’t buy something that is very big for you. Go for a medium-sized bike, you can always select 110cc or even 150cc dirt bikes.

I have seen riders who buy 250cc dirt bikes and then they can’t ride because of many issues like the weight of the bike and they are not experienced enough. For Kids, I recommend buying a 50cc dirt bike, you can customize your dirt bike as per your requirements.

Choosing a Used Dirt Bike

Now if you are planning to buy a used dirt bike, there are different things that you should consider. You should check in detail about the engine and any sort of oil being leaked.

Check the quality of the tires and look for the maintenance record. Access air filter it will show how the owner was dealing with the dirt bike. Give it a ride and don’t forget to check the braking system. I have already written an article on the checklist for buying used dirt bikes. Give it a read and you will know all the details. Check if a kill switch is installed, it is important o secure your bike.

Also, ask for backup support or warranty even for a used dirt bike,  normally local stores offer 3 months to 6 months local warranty. You must check dealer or shop owner details and about its reputation for used dirt bikes.

There are a few who just sell crap and then no return, You must ask others who have bought from the same shop about these details. Just by putting dirt bike on stands and displaying for sale does not mean they are to be trusted. Always double-check. If you are planning to transport your dirt bike with a car, read this guide.

Choose Best Brand for your Dirt Bike

Now there is a long list of self-proclaimed best brands, you don’t want to end up buying a creepy brand. When it comes to dirt bikes, there are few brands that take the lead.

I personally like Honda, Yamaha, and KTM. These are among the top brands. I will write a detailed article on Best Dirt Bike Brands for my readers very soon.

Buy Riding Gear

Now you must be thinking what has this to do with dirt bikes. Without protective gear and helmet, you will put your life at risk. You never know about the crash, I would suggest at the time of choosing a dirt bike you should also go for protective gear. I hope I have answered the question, how to choose a dirt bike. Good luck.


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