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How to Install Throttle Cable on Motorcycle?

How to Install Throttle Cable on Motorcycle?

Riding on your favorite motorcycle is much more than fun especially if it’s with your friends. Unfortunately, your fun can be spoiled if you don’t inspect your motorbike properly.

More often, damaged, broken, corroded, mis-adjusted throttle cables are the serious issues and can be of high risk if not changed or fixed properly and also can damage the motorcycle engine.

Throttle cable controls the breaks, acceleration and any damages or improper fitting can be dangerous. It is advised to check your throttle cable before and after each ride as it gets damaged very easily.

Friction between inner wire and housing goes on increasing with the passage of time as throttle cable ages. Coating of the wire get damaged and start to wear off and the broken pieces can jam the wire which can be hazardous.

There are 4 steps involved in replacing and installing the throttle cable on Motorcycle:

  1. Basic checks and adjustments
  2. Selection of new throttle cable
  3. You have to remove the already installed damaged, broken or faulty throttle cable
  4. Installing the new throttle cable

How to Install Throttle Cable on Motorcycle?

Installing or replacing throttle cable is not a difficult task but yes, it’s a technical job especially if you are new for this. Fortunately, you have a good option to read the instruction and step by step guide for installing or replacing throttle cable.

Just go through the article, follow the steps and you are ready to install throttle cable.

Selection of throttle cable

Variety of throttle cables are available in the market according to type and quality. For different motorcycles, there are different throttle cables. Before selecting a new throttle cable, it’s better to check the old one for length, width, etc.

Quality of throttle cable also matters a lot. Repetitive wearing or tearing of the motorcycle reduce its life. Good quality throttle cable has a good life span and minimizes the chances of wearing and tearing.

Quality of insulation of throttle cable must be very high quality otherwise insulation gets tears off with time and broken pieces cause trouble in the throttle cable.

Selection of proper room for the installation of a throttle cable

Installation of throttle cable requires enough space to be performed without any difficulty. In narrow spacing, tools and motorcycle parts will get mixed and when you need, difficult to find out.

Basic checks and adjustment

There are different types of throttle cables according to length and size. Before selecting a new throttle cable you first have to perform some basic checks and do adjustments accordingly. Selection of throttle cable depends upon the type of motorcycle you have.

In small bikes, there is only one throttle cable used both for acceleration and deceleration. In large bikes, there are two different throttle cables, one for acceleration and for deceleration.

A thorough examination of the motorcycle and throttle cable is necessary. Check the already installed cable for damage and the route of installation of the factory-installed cable.

Next thing you must have to measure is throttled grip movement with reference to a fixed point at housing to check cable free play.  2 Р3 mm free play is best for most of the motorcycle. By checking the free play, you are actually measuring the length of throttle cable require for your motorbike.

For measuring the free play of your throttle cable, you just have to identify the reference point on your motorcycle.

Then mark the grip in accordance with the reference point with a marker. For measuring the amount of movement, move the handle until you feel resistance.

Lube the throttle cable

Lubing of the throttle cables is essential for increasing the lifetime of the throttle cables and increasing the efficiency of the throttle cables. There are different types of lubes available but I am using motion pro cable luber due to its best designed. You can use any.

Now take Motion pro cable luber. It will be a highly sealed system. After putting the cable inside, it will allow the plunger to depress. It will feed the lube forcefully through the cable.  Motion pro cable lube system is a well-sealed system for lubing the throttle cable.

Attach the two body parts of the luber and at the nozzle, with the help of luber pipe, compress the lube into the throttle cable. It will lube the throttle cable in a very efficient way.

Cleaning of the throttle body and housing

Before installing the throttle cable, cleaning of the throttle body and housing is essential. Remove the throttle body from the motorcycle handle and with the help of smooth piece cloth, clean the housing properly. After cleaning, apply the lube on the housing the throttle body.

Removal of the throttle cable

For removing the throttle cable first remove the seat of your motorcycle and then remove the fuel. Check if any cable zip or ties with the throttle cable and if there is any, remove it also. Next, with caution remove the cover of the throttle cable. Inspect the throttle housing, and remove the throttle cable from the throttle body.

Installing the throttle cable

Different motorcycles use different numbers of throttle cables. Old model, small bikes mostly use single throttle cable while large and new model motorbike use usually 2 throttle cables. There is a minor difference between the installation of both these types of throttle cables.

Single throttle cable installation

Single throttle cable installation is easier than double cable as there is no problem of identifying which cable is for acceleration and which is for deceleration. And there is the only single point for the single throttle cable. So you can do it with confidence.

For installing single throttle cable, you just have to remove the dust covers as mentioned above. lose the locknuts. Then after placing the throttle cable at the point, adjust the cable, maintain the free play of about 2-3 mm and then tight the locknuts.

Then resettle the throttle body. Make connections of the throttle cable with throttle housing. Reassemble the fuel body and a cover of the motorcycle.

Double throttle cable installation

It must be divided into further two steps to avoid any kind of problem.

1) identification of cables

2) installing the cables

Identification of cables

Double throttle cable installation is somewhat different but basic steps are the same as removing the dust covers. The main step is identifying the accelerator and decelerator cables. When you twist the throttle, there is tension in the accelerator cable.

When throttle it’s closed there is tension in the decelerator cable. You can identify both cables by this visual inspection. If you are unable to differentiate between accelerator and decelerator cables visually, then by minor adjustment you can identify which one is affected.

Installation of cables

After proper identification, the next step is to install them. Don’t attempt to install both in a single attempt. It is better to install them one by one. In common practice, decelerator cable is first adjusted and then accelerator cable.

First, you have to lose the locknuts with the wrench. For adjustment of decelerator cable, there must be no free play after completely closing of the throttle grip. Adjusdeceleratoror cable well and tight and then go for accelerator cable.

For the accelerator cable, there should be of 2-3 mm free play in the throttle cable tension. Confirm the mentioned tension and then tight the locknuts and snugged them tightly. And in the last dust covers which were removed should be adjusted accordingly.

Check for proper functioning

When the installation has completed, before having a ride, check the adjustments for proper functioning. By rotating the handlebars, check the tension and notice very carefully if there is any misadjustment. By rotating the handlebars, increase or decrease the speed and check the response.

Tools required for installation

Some basic tools required for installation of throttle cable are

  1. Wrench
  2. Throttle cable lube
  3. Piece of smooth cloth
  4. Lube

Precautions while installing the throttle cable

  • Installation of a throttle cable in the motorcycle needs your keen observation and full attention. It’s not a difficult job, you can do it easily at home but it can be dangerous in case of minor negligence. Do it when you are mentally prepared for this job with a relaxed mind.
  • If it’s your first time, it may take some extra time, be patient and be focused
  • Lubrication is the necessary part of throttle cable to reduce friction and increasing the shelf life of throttle cable
  • If by reading the all above mentioned steps, you feel its beyond your ability and you can’t do it perfectly or you have any confusion, then better to handover to a technician.
  • For further guide, read the manual comes with the throttle cable.

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