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How to Load ATV into Truck Without Ramps?

How to Load ATV into Truck Without Ramps?

Sudden plans are always the best ones especially if it leads you to the jaw-dropping scene of gigantic mountains and fascinating hills. These hills call for an epic hike and sight-seeing on your ATV.

After a day full of adventure and fun when you are finally done with it and want to go back home, then is the time to load your ATV into the truck and head back.

But oh wait! You forgot to bring the ramps with you. How will you be able to load your ATV into the truck without ramps? Is there a way to do it without ramps?

You can load your ATV on to the truck by positioning it vertically and then loading the front tires first and then the back ones. You can also find an elevated spot for your truck so it may be easy to load your ATV into the truck.

How to Load ATV into Truck Without Ramps?

In this article, our editors have described all the possible ways to load and unload the ATV without ramps. It is necessary to check the precautionary measures mentioned above to ensure maximum safety while carrying on with this process.

Follow these easy steps to load your ATV into a truck without ramps. You must be patient while doing this procedure and be calm. Take your time.

By lifting

You can lift your ATV with hands, for this, you need the right technique and proper space. To start this process you should follow these steps. This is an easy process and I will explain all the details here.

Pull down the tailgate

Align your ATV with the truck and let down the tailgate of the truck. Lock the tailgate so that it would not slide while loading the ATV

Lift the front side

Now put your ATV in the first gear so that it does not slide away when you lift it. You might as well turn off the gas to avoid any fuel wastage.

Now come to the front side and lift the ATV from the bumper or axle. Lift it until it’s fully up vertically standing on the back tires.

Push it forward

After lifting the ATV up, it is time to make it neutral so that it can be moved forward.

Now hold the handle of your ATV. Make sure that it does not go down. In that same vertical position take the ATV straight to the truck’s tailgate slowly.

Use the support of your legs and feet to maneuver the ATV. It will give you a good balance too.

Loading into truck

Once your ATV has its front tires resting on the tailgate of the truck, it is time to lift and load the ATV. Just do these little steps.

Make sure that both the front tires are straight otherwise they will change direction during loading that will cause issues.

Now you can do two things. Either you can lift the ATV at one single lift or you can use a little support if you have.

You can place a toolbox or any hard plain box that can go under the axle of back tires so that they can be put on the box while lifting, which will give your muscles some relief.

Or you can simply lift the ATV and until it goes in a horizontal position and then push it forward. Your ATV is finally loaded into the truck.

By using an elevated spot

Well, this idea might not be available as per your requirements but if you find some elevated spot like a hilly elevated driveway or any bumpy surface you can do it.

Find an elevated spot and park your truck in such a way that it becomes tilted downward. Open the tailgate of the truck.

Now you can use the same procedure of standing the front tires up and putting it on the tailgate.

The loading will become much easier when the path is elevated. It will put less stress on your elbows and legs.

An alternative method for an elevated spot

Or you can choose an alternative method that has a fine success rate but it might have a possibility of errors, if you have good driving skills then you may try it.

Park the truck in an elevated spot where the tailgate appears to be in close proximity to the ground, then all you have to do is ride the ATV into it.

Before doing it, put on your helmet. Slowly crawl your way to the ATV and when you come closer to the truck’s tailgate, put on a little gas to make it mount the track.

You have to do this without a pause so that it can easily mount on the truck, reach the truck and then turn off your ATV and gas, don’t forget to push the emergency brakes.

The only drawback of this scenario is that if you are an inexperienced driver, you might have difficulty in loading the ATV, plus if you fail your ATV might go reverse or in worst cases do a backflip that can be severely dangerous for your body and head.

How to unload your ATV without ramps?

Sometimes it is the other way around. You load your ATV into the truck and go to the hills but forget the ramps at home and now you want to unload it.

This is not a difficult task but it requires some great effort as quad bikes are usually heavy and the gravity pulls maybe harsh too.

Just lower the tailgate and grab the rear axle or bumper of your ATV. Slowly take it to the tailgate and then let it come down gradually.

When you see that the rear tires are touching the ground and the front tires are on the edge of the tailgate, simply give it a good pull and let the impact of the front tires on the land.

This will be a good bouncy impact but you need to be firm to withstand it.

Few things to look out before loading the ATV into the truck

So our editors have gathered a few precautionary measures that must be taken before lifting the ATV into your truck, following these will prevent you from any possible danger or injury.

Loading an ATV into a truck can be quite tricky and requires massive man force. You just need to remain patient and look a few things before loading.

First of all, you must look at the surroundings; it will be difficult to load your ATV if the road is bumpy or is steeping upward or downward.

For a better grip, you should wear some good quality gloves so that your hands would not slip while pushing the ATV forward.

Always look for a clear road, do not try to do this on a muddy or slippery road otherwise it can make you slip away and cause damage to you or your vehicle.

Another thing you can do to not slip is to wear some good anti-slippery closed boots. The friction in those shoes would not let you fall.

Make sure that the truck has enough space to home your ATV and also be absolutely sure that the truck has good brakes otherwise it will move forward when putting in the ATV.

Your truck must have some protection because a good push on the ATV may let it slide at a good speed and collide with the truck’s back that can damage your ATV’s lights.

Before loading, check the tailgate if it is working properly, sometimes the locks/chains that hold the tailgate are worn out and it can cause a serious issue while loading the ATV.

Try exercising your legs and muscles for a little bit so that they don’t get severe cramps during the lifting, use your legs in a squat position for a better lift.

After loading an ATV into the truck

There are a few precautionary steps to be aware of after loading your ATV.

When you have loaded your ATV put the emergency brake on so that it remains stationary while driving the truck, otherwise it can fall out in a sharp turn.

Do not leave your ATV on any gear, as the ride can be rough and it can damage the gears and your ATV. Keep it in neutral.

Ensure that your ATV would not fall off by fixing it with the help of straps or ropes. This will tighten the quad with your truck and won’t let it slide away on a bumpy road.


Some precautions or don’ts that you need to follow strictly:

  • Don’t try to unload your ATV by riding it the way down; you might get a serious injury.
  • Use a proper squat position to lift the ATV otherwise it can cause pain in the back.
  • It is preferable if you load the ATV with the help of a friend.
  • Do not try to load the ATV by doing a front wheelie, it does not succeed most of the time and cause you severe head and back injuries.

Final words:

So we hope that our editors have gathered enough information for you so that you may know what and how to load your ATV into your truck if the ramps are not available.

We still recommend you to keep the ramps with you as they are much helpful and would definitely save you some hard work. Good day!

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