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How to Make UTV Street Legal in Florida?

How to Make UTV Street Legal in Florida?

UTVs are attractive and fun to use. People buy UTVs for many purposes. But when they buy it, the most common issue they face is how they can legally drive on the street.

You can drive your UTV off-street and off-highway, but you cannot drive the UTV on the streets and highways. Because the UTVs are low-speed vehicles and cannot adapt to the speed of the streets.

You can make your UTV street legal in Florida by registering your UTV, adjusting headlights, add parking and reverse lights, adding a proper spoiler and it must not have a loud exhaust.

People face so much trouble when they drive their UTV on the streets in Florida. Some bypass the cops, but some so many people get tickets for driving UTV on the streets. You may want to go to a golf course with all your stuff on your UTV and not on your car.

Everyone has a specific reason to drive their UTV on the streets. There are some rules and regulations which you need to follow for other people’s and your safety too. Some want to go to their farm which is a couple of miles away, and they prefer to take their UTV by driving it on the street.

How to Make UTV Street Legal in Florida?

In Florida, you cannot just drive a UTV on the streets, and you need to get your UTV registered and take a permit to drive. The govt of Florida does not restrict off-road driving but they want you to be responsible when you drive on the streets.

To make your UTV legal for streets in Florida, you have to follow some steps and guidelines that we offer. By following these steps and regulations, you will be able to get your UTV registered in a while and will be able to drive on the streets.

Inspection and registration of UTV

So, if you want to drive your UTV legally on the streets in Florida, you need to get your UTV registered first. But before registration, they need to inspect your UTV completely because they care about your safety. Inspection is the most important process you need to pass if you want to fulfill your purpose.

People face so much trouble when they try to get their UTV registered for streets. They sometimes fail the inspection tests, and sometimes they do not fulfill the requirements that cannot be ignored. We have a piece of detailed information about those necessary things to get your UTV registered.

To pass the inspection procedure, you must get the following things checked and repaired if they seem faulty or may cause your UTV to fail the inspection.

UTV Lights

Many people make mistakes in setting up their UTV, they spend a large amount of their money on lightings but still get tickets when they are on the road. How can you avoid tickets? And how can you bypass the legal cops legally by using the correct lighting?

All-time on lights

The answer is simple. First of all, starting from the beginning, you must have an all-time on lights. Whenever you turn your key on, you must have a set of lights at the back and the front that is always working even in daylight. We are not talking about the brake or parking lights. We are suggesting the all-time on lights.

You must get your UTV lights set by the electrician in such a wat that the rear and front lights are always on. You can use your park lights for that purpose, or if you think that those lights are not that bright, you can also use brake lights for that purpose, whatever you like.


After these lights, now come to the flashing lights. As required by the law, you must have a set of parking lights that are on when you have turned your parking lights on. For this purpose, you must get four pairs of button lights that are not much visible when they are turned off but are eye-catching when they turn on.

Now that you have got those types of lights to get them configured in such a way that when you turn on the parking lights, then they are all on. So, you have your always-on lights and the button-like lights on your UTV. The next step is to set these button-like lights with your indicator. The correct way to set these lights is when you turn on a flasher, the required sidelights are blinking, but the other side remains turned on.

You may get the idea by knowing that, as the parking lights are always on at a car and the flashers blink when you turn on an indicator. It works the same way. These button-like lights are known as marker lights. But there is one more important thing that you need to keep in mind.

Where to mount these four pairs of marker lights? You must install these marker lights in such a way that one-two lights are near to headlights, and two are near to rear lights. While the other four must be installed on the sides, two on each side, One on the front of the side and one at the back. You may have got the correct idea after reading all the information.


The headlights are for your safety, because you may be driving on the street in the night sometimes. You cannot properly look on a dark road when you have a light power beam. You need a high and low beam as required by the situation.

The headlights that are required by the law should be both high and low beam. Because all the vehicles that run on the streets have both high and low beam supported headlights. Because of the law in Florida, they are required for every vehicle, not only UTVs.

Reverse light

Some low-speed vehicles do not have specific reverse lights when they are backing up. Some require them of the providences, but as a matter of safety and carefulness, you must get them on your UTV. It is a good gesture and a good thing to use especially when you need to drive your UTV mostly.

Not only streets, but whenever you are driving off-road, and you want to backup your UTV, the backup lights can be very beneficial because they are not just simple glowing lights. These are throwing lights, and they can brighten the area more than 10 feet behind the UTV. So, get them installed before you go for an inspection.


Some UTVs have stock horns that are not too loud for a street because they are designed for off-road driving. Those UTVs which has horn are stock horn and are not recommended for streets, but those UTVs which do not have stock horns need to get a nice set of horns.

You do not need to go for high priced horn or a pressure horn, just go for a simple horn that is cheap and easy to install. Mount the horn at that place where it cannot be easily visible but easily audible. The horn should be installed in a place where you can easily replace them when they are dead.


Every car or vehicle that is used on the road has a fine glass on its front, which is called windshield. Most UTVs do not have a stock windshield, but those who have pre-installed windshield should not worry about it. If your UTV does not have a windshield, then you should get a windshield for your UTV.

Windshield does not only prevent you from the wind, sand, or smoke but can also protect you from the things that can hit you while driving. Sometimes when you are driving on the street, any stone or something harder is thrown by the tires of the next moving vehicle. If anything hits you like that, you can be seriously injured.

So, it is better to install a windshield on your UTV, and this will serve the purpose of law and safety. When you install the windshield, do not forget to install the windshield wipers. Some officers will not bother to pull you over if you have a good windshield, and every other thing on your UTV is working fine. But if you do come across the cops who do not like to see your UTV like that, they will give you a ticket for not having your windshield wipers.

They may not bother you when you are not driving in the rain without windshield wipers, but it is better to install them. Let us not give the cops any chance to pull you over and get you a ticket.


Of course, all UTVs have a good combination of brakes, but we are discussing brakes with you because not every UTV has an emergency brake. Like all moving vehicles on the street has an emergency brake, the law requires a registered UTV to have an emergency brake too. These emergency brakes should also be connected to the rear brake lights.

Creating a great set of combinations for brakes can help you with law and safety both. There are third brake kits available in the market that can be installed on the UTV. These brakes will satisfy the inspection team and will be of good use for you too. They are flipped down like a handle, and the UTV brakes are working.


All cars, jeeps, and heavy transport vehicles have a set of mirrors that are used to view the rear and sides of the vehicle where you cannot easily see. As the UTV will eventually drive on the street, then it is recommended that you use at least three mirrors, two on the sides, and one for rear view.

You can also use only two mirrors if you do not want to install three, it can be either one on the left and one on the right side or one in the center and one on the right or vice versa. It is about your choice and what is more suitable for you because the law states at least two mirrors. But it is better to use all three for a good view.


The most important part is the seatbelt. Like every other four-wheel vehicle on the street, following the law, your UTV must have seatbelts. Seatbelt is a necessary thing in case you collide with any other vehicle or any road divider. It keeps you safe.


We often heard that the cops mostly pull you over and are very picky due to the tires you use on your UTV. The stock tire that you use in your UTV is not meant to drive a high speed because they are for carrying heavyweight and they will eventually wear off if drive at high speed.

The UTVs has nine or twelve-inch tires mostly, but you should get a 14-inch tire if you want to be clear when the cops ask you about fourteen inches tires. But the recommendation for that is this you must have two sets that are used for automotive light vehicles for highway roads. The light vehicle tires will meet the law, and you are clear from that side too.


Your UTV must have a spoiler on the upper side of your UTV at the very important rear. You may have installed the flashers, but spoiler is also an important thing. If you cannot install a spoiler, then install a marker light on the place of spoiler, too, which will be sufficient.


Some UTVs have a loud exhaust, which can be annoying for people and of course, is against the law so, immediately get it removed with a less loud exhaust. Exhaust must be with a quiet one. Otherwise, cops will pull you over and will give a beautiful ticket in your hand.

All the things that are needed to pass the inspection process are mentioned above. You must get these things done before getting your UTV inspected. Otherwise, you may fail the inspection procedure.

After the inspection process, go to the respective authority for your registration with all the paperwork that is required and complete the process.

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