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How to Make Your ATV Faster?

How to Make Your ATV Faster?

ATV stands for an all-terrain vehicle. This is the vehicle that can be used to travel wider type of roads, areas, and terrain than another vehicle. It is a faster and less weight vehicle. It is useful to natural and field areas.

The ATV is usually known as four-wheelers in New Zealand, Australia, India, South Africa, and the United States. An all-terrain vehicle is also known as three-wheelers or quad four-wheeler and quadricycle.

Yes, you can make your ATV faster by:

  • Maintain your ATV
  • Get better tires
  • Clean air filter
  • Having a power engine
  • Ultra-Jet Fuel

To make you ATV faster it depends on your ATV and also depends on your terrain or areas where you want to travel. There are different variables to make your vehicle faster, easily handled and long-lasting. It also depends on the rider of ATV that how he uses ATV and handle in different terrain.

To make your ATV faster also depends on the vehicle’s tire blocks, wheel, suspension, engine and shocks. There are ATV available that produces great stump-pulling power.

ATV’s are less weight, easily handled, more powerful agile and tough. ATV’s already have many characteristics but we can make them faster by using different methods.

How to Make Your ATV Faster?

There are many things that make ATV faster by using cheap and other methods. Although ATV is already faster you can make it faster and powerful and less weight by using different ways.

We can make ATV faster by using different methods.

Change tires:

We can make ATV faster by changing stock tires to a set of CST pulses. Changing tires helps to make your quad faster and more powerful. So it can travel faster on the wider roads. 

Good tires can make your ATC fast. To reduce weight if you swap in tires. To increase speed and have faster it depends on the weight and size of tires. There is da different type of tires taller and smaller. Taller tires cut down the acceleration and have. low speed.

Using precision stabilizer:

To make your quad faster add precision stabilizer on your every quad.

Rock section:

when you are travelling to and the wheel of your quad are filled with rocks than you should do one thing to hammer down and let it eat. You can also travel to the mountains and you can do it.

Best shocks:

To make your ATV faster you should add best shocks on your career. These to work best with rider and style of riding. Use the custom Auxis shocks is one of the best shocks in the world.

Low-cost methods to make ATV faster:

If you do not have a wallet and cash to make your quad faster than there is no need to worry about how to make your quad faster. Cheap methods are affordable. Cheap methods are more useful when your pocket does not allows you. There are many cheap methods to make your ATV faster.

Air filter:

Air produce energy and power when mixing with the gas. To increase the power of your engine you should glow the air. It is the quickest and cheapest way to make faster ATV.

Air pressure can add horsepower. This makes your engine pull harder, more powerful, quicker and make your ATV faster. The engine can get more powerful of you to increase air filter. ATV uses air filters that well hold up and increase power.

Add Exhaust system:

Adding exhaust system make the engine breath easier and make great power. It also controls the sound system of ATV. It makes the sound low and much pretty. It restricts the sound system.

Full exhaust system replaces everything but it is costly or expensive. It performs in the best and better way. It can lose weight significantly. To install the exhaust system won’t help the professional rider.

Plug programmer:

We can make ATV faster by getting an electronic system and programmer on your ATV. Programmer adjusts the fuel injection system. Programmers are plugged into ATV’s electronic system.

They can easily plug and take just one minute to attach with ATV. It is also a cheap or low-cost way to make your ATV faster.

The practice of a rider:

The last one of the cheap method is the practice. To increase speed and get faster it depends on the practice of rider. The ride style and skills of holding quad can increase the quad speed and acceleration. To better the skill of the rider is to go for trial again and again.

ATV racing:

If you want of your quad racing that it is necessary to get more trial and practicing of your racing again and again. This will helps you great to make your quad faster without the use of money. It is a very cheapest way to get the faster quad and you can easily practice and do racing.

This is the best way to make your ATV faster to give time to your trial and your ATV. Everything gets some time to adjust with the environment just as your quad and racer get time to adjust with quad and terrain.

Tight your quad’s nut:

It is also a cheap, quick and easy way to make ATV faster it to tight all the nuts and bolts.the sounding frame provides you secure frame that can ride in a better way.

Here we will discuss some methods to get faster speed on which you have to spend money on your ATV that you already have. Small changes in your existed quads make your quad faster and quicker. We are using some ways to make quads faster.

Brake Pads:

It is very surprising to know that brakes can faster and quicker the speed of your quads. In various models of quads as OEM brake pads can not go trial rides and are not long-lasting. There are MX brake pads that are not only can break suddenly they also save you from bumps.

There are two kinds of brake pads that you can buy for your ATV:

Organic brake pad: They are mostly formed with a different type of materials such as glass, rubber, resins, and kevlar that have high heat. Before organic brake pad, there was an asbestos pad that resists from heat and pressure. But they are very harmful to our bodies so they break down.

When they are stopped at very high speed they release a very large amount of dust. Asbestos is not used today. The organic pad is more useful than asbestos brake pad because they are stopped very quieter, soften and do not release dust.

Sintered brake pads: Sintered brake pads are most famous brake pads that can easily stock on your vehicle. This bra I e pads are heated with a high amount of pressure. These pads are available to the rider as longest lasting. They are very popular for their riders because of their qualities. It works well under all type of weather have a break.


It is the most important thing that can make ATV faster. A vehicle has a different level of suspension that can easily adjust to your vehicle. Some quads offer preload adjustment. It is only the compression adjustment for most of the quads.

Most of the racers do it quickly to adjust with the suspension of their vehicles. They do not try to adjust with the vehicle’s suspension and shocks. They quickly change their suspension that is very costly.

Gear ratio:

Gear ratio is also known as a sprocket. The sprocket of front and rear sprocket have a relation with each other. In many times when front sprocket completes its rotation that makes rear sprocket revolves.

Gear ratio will be 39/15 if your quad has 15 tooth sprocket in the front and 39 tooth sprocket in the rear. So the front tooth sprocket makes 2.60 per cycle complete made by the rear sprocket.

Ratios 1’s will give you higher-end speed but have poor acceleration. Gear ratios 5’s will provide you with low speed and high acceleration. Gear ratio depends upon the front and rear sprocket.

You may also know about two types of scenarios, gearing down and gearing up. We will discuss these ty poo e of gears.

Gearing down:

Gearing down means to have teeth away from the front sprocket and add teeth on your rate sprocket. Gearing down have more acceleration with little amount. If you are a professional rider then you will definitely about gearing down.

Gearing up:

Gearing up to have a higher speed but have poor acceleration. This is useful for the riders who more speed in dessert terrain. It is very important to change slowly and gradually from your sprockets.

Alignment adjustment:

Alignments on your quads are too much essential. Professional MX riders give time and trial to choose their alignments. There are some items you must have when you are testing their alignments.

You will take 3 items chamber, toe, and caster when you take testing alignments. Alignments affect the way of your quad 4 wheeler rides and run.


Chamber refers to the tires and wheels that are tilted inward and outward on the top of the tire. To adjust chamber negatively os depends upon the specific terrain you have to travel. Zero degree chamber means that the tires of your ATV are perpendicular to the ground. MX racer refers 3 to 4-degree chamber’s adjustment.


The best degree of the caster is from 5 to 7 for racer ATV and negative caster degree between 1 to 3 for motocross racers.


Toe out word means that the front point of the tires. Toe-in means the front tires of the point inward. Toe set toe are varied by vehicle but usually, the toe should be set 1/4 inch. Toe point in the front tires of your quad.

Fuel upgrades:

To make your TV faster it is necessary to upgrade your fuel such as gasoline. Gasoline runs on the ATV, lawnmower, a weed wacker and on the car. Your quads or ATV run faster if you have a high quality of gasoline.

The good quality higher octane gasoline performs well on your cars and quads. Gasoline with higher octane gasoline can run your quad faster, fluency of fuel and have more power.

There is some gasoline available that are used for quads faster. Race gasoline is not positivity better for your quad and also for your racer. So you must be careful about having race gasoline. You can use them when you race for a short time. Race gasoline acts as a lubing agent and makes your engine slightly cooler.

Using nerf bars to make your quad faster:

Nerf bars protect and comfort the racer’s legs and feet. Nerf bars provide racer much space to adjust and grip your feet on your ATV. These protect your feet and legs to hit suddenly with ground and ATV. They also prevent your feet from hitting with tires. These are extremely helpful to fix your feet even in the tough road.

These provide the racer with an extra area to fix and keep your feet planted while you ride the ATV. They also helped to transfer weight when you. These have less weight. These have become very famous for the professional rider because of their qualities and characteristics.

Various companies offer their nerf bars. They are different in shape and size and high to low quality.

These are made without 1 3\8 alloy tubes and have meaty heal guards on it. They locate on different ATV according to the space and shape of quads. Nerf bars quality depends upon the brands that make them.

While choosing your quad’s nerf bars you must check the brand, grip, space and their metal. Before having your nerf bars specify your model and brand of your quad.

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