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How to prevent mud from sticking to ATV?

In this article, we have explained 9 best and proven methods to prevent mud from sticking to your ATV. ATVs are used in off-road tracks so they collect dust and soil because of the vertex which is created when they move.

When you pass from a dirty and muddy road, the mud sticks to your ATV. If you park your ATV without using an ATV cover, it will collect dust. Even fast driving also results in collecting dust from the road. When you drive on grass, dirt, sand, your ATV will become dirty faster.

How to prevent mud from sticking to ATV? You can prevent mud from sticking to your ATV by washing it frequently, using mudslinger, protective film, oil, and mud prevention spray. You can also use soda water to remove any dirt attached to your ATV.

If dust and soil are attached to the body of ATV, it will cause the ATV to get rusty and eventually lose its performance. Too much dust can also reduce the airflow of the ATV’s engine and can cause internal damage to it. 

The combination of dust and sun can also damage the paint of your ATV and clears the paint’s topcoat. The dust can also result in the reduction of the strength of your windshield. The mud or dust can also diminish the quality of the engine oil of your ATV.

How to prevent mud from sticking to ATV?

You should wash your ATV frequently to protect it from dust so that it could not damage your vehicle. Most of the people think that the summer rain is a natural way to wash your vehicle, but it is wrong. The rain wash results in leaving dust on the vehicle. This results in leaving moisture along with soil on the ATV, which is too dangerous for the body of ATV.

You should wash your ATV once in a week. To protect your ATV from dust, you can use a paint sealant. It helps you to prevent the ultraviolet rays and keeps the dust away from your vehicle. You can use protective films to prevent dust to get stick to your ATV.

Removing the mud from the ATV, again and again, can be a headache for you if you use your ATV very often.

Park it in a Shaded Area

You should always park your ATV in a shaded area, your garage, or under a shady tree. If your ATV has mud on it and you leave it in the direct sunlight, then it will be a disaster for your ATV. As a result, its paint is faded, and the dust is stuck to it. It becomes difficult to remove this dust and mud from your ATV.

Parking in the shaded area is also beneficial to protect your ATV from ultraviolet radiation because UV radiation can cause internal damage to the machinery of your ATV. It is also harmful to your ATV’s engine. The leather seats of ATV can also be damaged if you park it in a place where dust can easily stick to it.

Besides all the benefits, it has become a trend to park a vehicle under a shaded area. You should not always park your ATV under a tree because the falling leaves can damage the air conditioning system of your ATV. 

Insect’s fluid is another reason for it as it looks disgusting when there is an insect’s fluid or bird’s poop all over the surface of your ATV. The tree should be an option when there is no other shaded area nearby. Parking your ATV in a garage is recommended as there is no risk of getting damaged. 

There are fewer chances of dust or mud to get stick to your vehicle. The sun rays are also presented in this way. The internal and external parts of your ATV are protected from different problems and damages.

Wash ATV frequently to prevent mud from sticking

You should wash your ATV frequently so that all the dust and debris would be wiped away. You should wash it at least once a week. But if you live in a sandy area or it’s a stormy season, you should wash it at least three times a week. It is the easiest way to clean your vehicle and to prevent the dust to damage its machinery.

It is not necessary to wash it daily because in this way you will damage the paint of your vehicle. If you use wax to clean your ATV after each wash then your ATV will not lose the shine of its paint. You can also use a car wash soap to clean your ATV as it removes the dust particles from the surface of the paint safely without damaging it. This method can also be used to repair a punctured ATV tire.

Using Mudslinger

Mudslinger provides a non-stick layer to protect your ATV from dirt, snow, mud, etc. It helps in removing the dust with low pressure without damaging its paint. You can apply it to the rear mudguards that are the dirtiest part of a vehicle. About 98% of the dirt is removed from your ATV by using the Mudslinger.

It not only helps in removing the dust but also provides a protective layer against the ultraviolet rays. It also gives shine to the painted surface of your vehicle. To make your ATV shiny, spray it on the clean surface and leave it for about 15 minutes. It will result in a brilliant shiny surface.

People also face problems in snowy areas. If you want to avoid snow from sticking to your ATV, you should spray the mudslinger over the ATV before riding. Do not spray it on the seat or the handlebar. You can spray it on your ATV’s tires to clean them. It is recommended to spray it over your vehicle right after washing it for protection.

It can be used to protect the snowblower from the sticky snow. You can also spray it on the engine of your ATV to make it brand new. Shake it well before applying it. You must lay some newspaper under the windshield because the spray is very fine and will easily get on it.

Buy an ATV Cover

An ATV cover is the best way to prevent the mud or dust from sticking to your ATV. It protects your ATV from becoming dirty from external dusty particles present in the environment. If you are painting your garage, you can cover your ATV with a removable cover to protect it. A rectangles shaped cover is mostly used to cover the ATV.

These covers not only protect your ATV from dust but also protect it from scratches, dings, and dents. It provides a shield against different natural hazards. It works as a barrier between the damaging weather and the paint of your ATV. If you use a cable or a lock to your ATV cover, it will not only keep the cover secure, but your ATV also becomes difficult to steal by a thief.

The ATV covers are available in different sizes and multiple styles. You should buy the cover according to the size of your ATV as these covers are a bit expensive. Buying universal ATV covers is recommended as they are almost into the budget and provides much protection which you are looking for. You can also transport your ATV in a dirt bike trailer.

To put a cover on your ATV, first, you have to remove it from the packaging. Apply the cover to the front bumper of your ATV and then pull the rest of it over the ATV. You can also apply it in different phases, such as going from the passenger’s side to the driver’s side. It depends on you how you want to apply it. When it is applied on the roof of your ATV, pull it towards the rear bumper and secure it.

Use of Soda

Soda can be used for cleaning purposes as it consists of citric acid. It does a quick job by cleaning the dust or thick layers of the dirt of the insects. Soda is so acidic that it can remove the rust from the bumper of your ATV. This hack is tested by many experts and has been approved to use soda for cleaning.

Soda is carbonated, and it dissolves the metal oxides. The citric acid is used to remove the stains from your ATV. Bumpers, headlights, grout can be cleaned using soda. You can use a cloth or a toothbrush along with the soda for cleaning.

You need a bottle of soda, sponge, old toothbrush, water, soap, and clean rags for cleaning your ATV. Pour some soda on the rusty or dirty surface of your ATV and scrub it gently using the foil. You can use a sponge or a dry cloth to clean the rust and soda from its surface. Repeat this process to clean all the areas of your ATV and make it free of dust and rust. At last, clean it with the soap and water to remove all the debris from it.

Fog can also be removed from the headlights of the ATV using the soda. Instead of applying the soda directly on the surface of your ATV, you can pour some of it to the microfiber cloth and then clean it. To clean the small areas of your ATV, pour some soda and use an old toothbrush to clean them.

Use Protective Film

A protective film is just like a thick plastic which is coated with the thickness of a specialized PSA. It lasts for about ten years. A protective film keeps the dirt away from your ATV and keeps its body brand new. It makes your ATV looking better for a very long time. You should apply it right after buying your new ATV to prevent the dust or mud from sticking on it. You can also apply this when you spray paint ATV rims.

It also protects your ATV from scratches and road debris. It is resistant to corrosion and acidic rain. It acts as a guardian against ultraviolet rays. The top layer of a protective film is made up of elastomeric polymers. 

You can also wash your ATV after applying the protective film as it is made up of a water-resistant material. Protective films can be a plus one to your ATV in such a way because if you want to restyle your ATV, there is no need to paint on it or remove the original paint. You can only change any layer of the protective film with a different color to make it look attractive.

Another benefit of protective film to your ATV is that, if you remove this protective film from your ATV after a while, you will notice the paint job on your ATV is still the same. So, the protective film will not only save the ATV from mud but it will also keep your ATV as new after so many years. You can also add windshield to protect yourself from dirt.

Using Mud Prevention Spray

Mud prevention sprays are also used to prevent the mud from damaging your ATV and leave a greasy film on it. It not only prevents the mud but also makes the paint surface shiny. It is the fastest solution to remove the water spots, dust, mud, or other debris from the surface of your ATV. It also protects your ATV from UV rays.

The oil sprays can also be used to prevent mud. They are super slippery and protects your vehicle from debris. They also provide shine to the surface of your ATV. The cooking oil can also be sprayed for this purpose. Stains can be removed using such sprays. Avoid spraying it on the connections and switches of your ATV. You can use the same method to paint your motorcycle exhaust black.

Using some amount of oil

You may haven’t heard of this technique but it is the best one among all. The oil is not only used in the engine but it has some other benefits too. You may have understood until now that your ATV needs protection from mud to prevent it from sticking. But if you use a used mobile oil on your ATV, you will experience something different.

You can use mobile oil in such a way, that you will apply it to the ATV and feel nothing. Take a cloth or a towel that you are not going to use in the future and apply a used mobile oil on it. When the cloth is wet with mobile oil completely, take that cloth and apply the cloth to the tank body and mudguards of the ATV.

What it will do is that it will leave some amount of oil on your ATV as a layer. When mud will get on your ATV, it will slip down the ATV and your ATV will be safe. If your ATV is exposed to dust or dry soil, the dust will stick to the layer of oil. When you are back from your ride, you can wipe out that dust from ATV easily with a piece of cloth. 

The Dust or mud will wipe out with the layer of oil. This process should only be done when you have washed your ATV. It is cheap to do and effective in mud areas.

By Sprinkling Cream of Tartar

You can use cream of tartar to clean the debris from your ATV. It can be used to clean the windshield. Mix the vinegar and cream of tartar and use it to clean your ATV. It is an alternative of bleach used for household purposes. Sprinkle some of it on the surface of your ATV and wipe it using water. 

Fill a bucket full of water and a bowl full of cream of tartar. Put the cream on the area where there is dirt or debris. Dip the sponge into the soapy water and scrub the ATV in up and down direction. At last, wash it with clean water and can use a dry cloth to dry your vehicle.


You can protect your ATV from dust and sun in many ways. If you are driving in a sandy area, do not drive at a fast speed. It is because your ATV will catch more dust in this way. Do cover your ATV when not in use or stormy weather. Park it in your garage or under shade to protect it from sunlight.

The ultraviolet rays can damage the machinery of your ATV and can damage its paint. It can also cause rust to your ATV. You can use ATV covers to protect it from UV radiation and other external damages. The protective film is like a plastic that is used to cover your ATV and can prevent the mud, dirt, or snow from sticking to your ATV.

Wash your ATV at least four times a month. You can use detergent to clean the mud from it. Soap water can also be used for cleaning. You can also use baby oil, cooking oil, cream of tartar for cleaning your ATV. 

Dust preventing sprays can be used to prevent the debris from sticking on the surface of your ATV. These sprays provide a polishing surface and let your ATV look brand new even after 10-15 years. Soda can also be used to clean your ATV as it consists of citric acid and carbonic acid. Wipe the soda on the surface of your ATV and clean it using the sponge or cloth. Then wash it with clean water. All the dirt will be removed in this way.

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