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How to Put a Dirt Bike on a Stand

How to Put a Dirt Bike on a Stand

If you are new to dirt bike riding, you must be thinking how to put a dirt bike a stand. Normally new dirt bike riders assume that the dirt bike with come with a kickstand, however, it may be true for a few but the majority of dirt bikes comes without a kickstand. I always say that if you are new then consider dirt bike stand as the jack of your car.

Many riders get confused when it comes to putting dirt bike on its stand. Different people have come with different approaches to this, but I will share the most suitable and easy method to put dirt bike on the stand.

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Many riders have a phobia of getting a hernia when lifting the dirt bike. This may be true if you just force yourself on the dirt bike. For me, it is very easy to put a dirt bike on the stand. It is a very easy process and here I will share step by step guide for this along with different kinds of methods that are being used nowadays.

Different Methods  of Putting a Dirt Bike on Stand

I will share complete details of a variety of different methods that riders use to put a dirt bike on a stand.

Lift Stand

Now in order to put a dirt bike on the stand, the easiest method is to use a lift stand. This is the easiest method and requires almost no effort. You just have to move your dirt bike over to stand, place it in proper position and lift stand will do the rest. It will fix the dirt bike in a proper way at the stand and you will not have to worry about a hernia or any other injury.  Read here about: Razor MX350 vs MX400 Dirt Bikes.

However I have seen a few riders who prefer to go with the normal stand, it depends on your priority. Both work well, its totally your own decision. The easy and trouble-free method is to use a lift stand. You can always use this method to access engine oil.

Side Panel Lift

One of the commonest method that riders to use to put a dirt bike on a stand is to use side panel lift. This method has been in use for years now and I bet you must have seen many riders using side panel lift to put dirt bike on a stand.

Now let me explain how side panel lift methods work. For this, you have to lean the dirt bike and then by using arms and hip for the support, you will place the dirt bike on a stand. This is very easy once you get used to this. The very common sight at any dirt bike event is when riders use side panel lift to put bikes on their respective stands.

Rear Tire Lift

Once again this method is very similar to the side panel lift, however, the only difference comes in way of placing the bike on the stand. You can say it is a better and improved version of the side panel lift. Read here about the maximum speed for 250cc,  150cc, 110cc, 50cc dirt bikes.

Now in this method, you have to slowly and carefully lift the dirt bike to the stand. For this, you need to use your strong hand for the rear tire and be careful with the front tire. Front tire may try to slip during the process of placing the dirt bike on the stand. 

Triangle Stand

One of my favorite when it comes to placing bikes on the stand. Inexpensive method and with least effort, you just have to place the triangle stand carefully with the side of the rear tire. And that’s it and you are done. There is no need of lifting the tires from the ground and this works well. This almost eliminates the need for expensive tools that are used for standing a dirt bike. Read about How to Bleed Dirt Bike Brakes.

Nose Wheelie

It may be new for a few riders but if you are into doing wheelies, you must be familiar with this technique. For riders who love to boost their skills and show what they can do with their bikes, they love to do this. While riding and doing fun, you will put the bike on the stand. Simple with a wheelie you will just place the dirt bike on its stand. Read about: Best 50cc Dirt Bike.

Rear Wheelie

Now, this is something to talk about, a much more fancy way of putting a dirt bike on a stand. However, it will take a lot of experience and practice before you can do this accurately. You can find youtube videos for this on the internet. You can always customize your dirt bike for a better performance, always choose products that are compatible with your dirt bike. Keep a regular schedule for your dirt bike maintenance.

The easy way is to roll your dirt bike manually and don’t forget to turn off the engine, use front brakes and rear wheel will rise, it may require some practice before you are an expert on this method. Remember to add a kill switch in your dirt bike, it will keep your dirt bike secure even during trail riding.

Why Dirt Bikes Don’t Come With a Kick Stand

Now, most of you must be thinking why dirt bikes dont come with a kickstand. There are many reasons for this, I will mention a few here for my readers:

  1. Kickstands will add more weight to the dirt bike and since they are built for races, little weight is considered more.
  2. Kickstands are not secure for dirt bikes, they may get lose and this ll damage the dirt bike. They force the dirt bike to lean at a certain side which can cause damage to the site.
  3. Kickstands may get caught to certain things at the time of a race which can distract the rider resulting in a crash.
  4. Dirt bikes without a kickstand cost less, so it helps to reduce the price of a dirt bike. Thus helping the buyer at the initial step.

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