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How to Replace Brake Lever on Motorcycle?

How to Replace Brake Lever on Motorcycle?

You were rushing on the road, and then suddenly, from nowhere, a child appeared right in front of your car. Boom! Smash! Of course, no. You must have pulled the brake lever in a fraction of second.

In this article, our editors have explained best and proven methods to fix and replace brake lever on a motorcycle.

Yes, you can replace brake lever on your motorcycle by removing the old brake lever, clean and grease it, and then add the new brake lever. It is recommended that you carefully secure the new brake lever for your motorcycle.

With a history of almost two centuries, brakes have indeed saved several lives and accidents. But sometimes we have to replace the brakes on our motorcycle. Brakes are directly linked with your life safety.

How to Replace Brake Lever on Motorcycle?

This is a step-by-guide and you will learn everything related to the brake lever on a motorcycle. Motorcycle brake lever can go through wear and tear with time. Besides wear and tear with time, dust also gets accumulated in levers.

So you can have a brand new brake lever being installed in your motorcycle and say goodbye to all of these problems. Before going into today’s topic detail, let me explain the reasons that make you replace the brake lever.

When and why to replace the brake lever?

When it comes to the question that when should I replace the brake levers, it could have multiple answers and reasons for it. May God save you from every kind of accident, but still, bad luck happens. Sometimes brake lever gets badly damaged in these kinds of incidents.

Even in normal conditions, sometimes the lever gets poorly bent, so it is the time that you should replace brake levers of your bike.

Besides these reasons, one can have multiple other reasons to replace brake levers. You may want to add some aesthetics to your motorcycle. These days brake levers available in the market provide aesthetically rich multiple color brake levers.   

Another reason to replace brake levers is that the levers which are available in markets are adjustable, unlike the default brake levers of bike. In this way, you can have more customized control of your bike.

Another benefit of replacing brake levers is that you may replace the brake levers with levers according to your hand size. In this way, you pull the brake in time.

Another infamous reason for replacing brake lever could be that with time, brake lever keeps on getting exposed to physical factors. Let these factors be human or environmental like weather etc. Due to this, the wear and tear in this lever is a normal phenomenon.

Types of Motorcycle brake levers

You are going to replace the brake levers of your bike. Do not just take the old brake lever with you and buy a ditto copy of it. Come on, man, it is the time to make choices that are best for you. Go through these types of brake levers available in the market and make your best decision.

Short brake levers

If you are a person who has comparatively small hands, then short brake levers are the best option for you. If you have not got small hands but still you are used to pulling brake lever using only two to three fingers. Then, man hurry! The short brake levers, and you are made for each other.

Are not you a person who just hates the gloves every time getting trapped with brake levers? This is actually due to extra length of brake lever, which interferes with fiber of your glove. Then what are you waiting for? Go and buy your motorcycle a short brake lever as a replacement for the older one.

Do you hate damaging your brake lever due to the falling of bike on earth? Do you want to keep your brake lever safe, in case of any falling of motorcycle on the ground? If there is yes to both of the questions than go for a short brake lever. Yes, you are right; both of these issues are also due to the large length of brake levers.

Long brake levers

You are a person with slightly bigger hands and got dismayed after reading the benefits of short brake levers? Do not worry, pal. We have another best option for you, the long brake levers.

Sometimes, it is more convenient to grip the brake lever with full hand, exceptionally, in case of long journeys. Only using three to four fingers can be very tiresome for your fingers. So hold the brake levers using all fingers and purchase a long brake lever for your bike.

There are some cones attached to long brake levers. The long brake levers are more prone to getting a break due to the falling of motorcycles. They can easily smash with the floor due to their large size.

Adjustable brake levers

Having a short or long brake lever provides you an easy to grip the brake lever properly. But perfect braking is not just about correctly gripping the brake levers. You should also have a comfortable approach to pressing that brake lever.

Having adjustable brake levers attached provide you more custom facility to position the brake lever according to your ease. It will further help you a lot in pulling brake lever in the worst circumstances.

Folding brake levers

Do you want to have long levers but you but advantage of short lever that it is unbreakable in case of falling off the bike, keeps your mouth watering? Are not you trapped between your ease and potential safety of motorcycle brake lever? 

Do not worry as we say that there is a solution to every problem. This problem also has a solution called folding brake lever. It is folded upside, and in this way, it prevents the breakage of brake levers fingers while motorcycle falls on the ground. At the same time, it gives you enough space to hold it with all of your five fingers.

Step-by-step guide for replacing brake lever on motorcycle

You must have made your mind to replace your old brake levers with which type of brake lever. Now let us move towards the replacement process.

Tools required:

Before installing new brake levers, you have to collect some tools. Some of these tools are,

Open-end wrench:

You will need an open-end wrench while disassembling the old brake levers.


You will require a socket to keep the rotating nut in its place. It will also use to tighten the nut back in the new brake levers.


Screwdriver will be used to open the screw holding the brake lever in its place. You will also require a screwdriver to re-screw the screw into the place while screwing the new brake lever into it.


You will need grease to lubricate nut, screw, and brake lever. You can use multipurpose grease. These days spray grease is very in. These are also very user-friendly.

Cleaning cloth:

Cleaning cloth will be used to clean the parts around the lever. You will need a clean piece of fabric.

Brake lever:

You will, of course, require a new brake lever to replace it to the old brake lever. There are many kinds of brake lever available in the market. Go and choose the best one for you.

Have you collected the tools required for replacing the brake lever of your motorcycle? Good work. Now let us discuss the whole procedure step by step. This entire procedure will barely take fifteen to twenty minutes of your time.

Pre-requisites for installing brake lever on motorcycle

To make an operation more comfortable, there are always several pre-requisites for it. The same goes for the replacement of brake levers of motorcycle.

You should park the bike in some comfortable place. In these days it is winter. So you may stand your bike in your garage with lights on, or you can stand it outside if you can find sun in the sky.

In case you read this article in summer, you can park your motorcycle in some shade in outdoor. The purpose of all this place selection is nothing more but to facilitate the brake lever replacement procedure. Having sufficed amount of light present can ease the whole operation a lot.

Removing the old brake lever

You have stood your bike in a comfortable place. Good. It is the time to move towards the formal replacement procedure.

You should start by removing the old brake lever. The old brake lever may have broken or is not attractive much.

Firstly, to remove the brake lever, you have to remove the screw holding the brake lever in its place. It will be kind of a pivot bolt screw. You can use a screwdriver to remove this screw. It is advised to use a flathead screwdriver for more convenience.

The nut under the bolt of brake lever can be very troublesome sometimes. It keeps on rotating while unscrewing the bolt. Due to this, the screw never comes out. To hold this nut in place should firmly grip it with hands; this will be much difficult, so you better use a socket.

Also, be careful not to damage the brake switch during whole this unscrewing process. We do not want you to screw yourself up while unscrewing the brake lever.

Keep your eye wide open during the whole of this process. Either it is screw or nut attached to it. Both tend to fall on the ground and then getting disappear for eternity. So keep your hand beneath your nut and screw during the whole of this disassembly process. You will require these things wile attaching the new brake lever. Otherwise, you have to cry over the spilled milk. 

Cleaning the brake  lever areas

Cleaning the areas of a motorcycle in the vicinity of the brake lever is not that insignificant as it sounds. Over time the dirt and other small particles get accumulated in these areas. These dust and particles can seriously affect the efficiency of brake ever. These particles will increase the friction.

Friction due to dust and dirt can interfere with the timely function of brake lever. You should use a clean cloth to remove the dust and other particles from this area. Clean these areas very carefully and do not leave even a single dust particle.

Greasing the brake lever areas

The brake lever has to come in contact with metal of the motorcycle. We know that these kinds of moving surfaces will develop friction between them. This friction will again result in the loss of efficiency of the brake lever. 

You have cleared the dust and other particles from your lever area. But still, two moving surfaces will generate enough friction to disturb the timely function of the brake lever.

Are you getting nervous about this whole situation, the friction, the loss of efficiency, etc.? Do not worry. Just grease it.

Grease remains in contact with the moving surfaces. It does not fall from the surface on which it is applied. Also, it has minimal effect on the temperature on it. It is best for lubricating the areas of machinery which are sliding on each other and cannot be frequently lubricated. Like we cannot regularly lubricate brake lever.

You will firstly grease the area in which you have to place the new brake lever. After carefully greasing, it now grease the screw and nut of the brake lever. Also, grease the parts of the new brake lever. 

Be careful not to apply too much grease. We know that you do not want too much resistance to the movement of the brake lever.

Screwing new brake lever

With everything greased, now it is the time to place the newly bought colorful brake lever into the motorcycle. We hope that you have kept bolt pivot and nut saved. Now it is the time to take them out of inventory.

Put the pivot bolt in its place and nut in its place. Take the screwdriver and tighten the screw and tight the nut using the socket.

You can place your hands beneath the screwdriver. It has a superpower of dismounting suddenly, falling off to the ground, and then to magically disappear.

So, congratulations for successfully replacing your brake levers. You can have the brake levers of customized color. Add them to your bike with matching rim or other motorcycle components. Now it is the time to pull your bike out of the garage and set off to a safe journey.

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