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How to replace motorcycle seat foam?

Using a motorcycle on a daily basis can reduce the comfort level of the seat. In this article, we have explained 8 easy steps to replace motorcycle seat foam at home. Along with this, we have added materials and tools required for this procedure.

How to replace motorcycle seat foam? You can replace and add new foam in your motorcycle seat by removing the seat and its cover, removing old foam, and add new foam. It is recommended to properly staple the foam in the seat for a better experience.

The foam inside your seat cover determines how much easy and convenient ride you are going. When he foam inside your seat cover is deteriorated and it becomes flat you are unable to sit on it comfortably. You may slide from your seat during the ride. The foam of your seat must be intact and fresh.

A soft and heavily padded seat cannot give you comfort but also it gives you support during the ride. In this article, we will discuss in detail how we can change or replace the foam of the seat of a motorcycle. This thing you can do by any repair shop but it is a fun thing if you do it by yourself. If you love your motorcycle and are very possessive about your motorcycle then you should try this at home.

How to replace motorcycle seat foam?

The procedure to replace the motorcycle seat foam consists of some simple steps. You need only a few tools and materials to replace the foam of the seat with a new one. It won’t take your much time and money to replace the foam.

The following are some simple steps you will follow while changing the foam of a motorcycle seat. I hope you will find it an easy procedure to accomplish at home.

Material required 

To replace the foam of motorcycle seat require following materials. These materials include fabrics or leather for the outer covering of the seat. In almost every case when you are replacing the foam you also need to replace the outer cover of the seat which is also deteriorated.

The fabric should be of high quality and if you need more elegance and comfort you can try the leather coverings. Synthetic fibers are also a good option. Always buy double the length and width of the fabric which is used as a seat cover.

Fresh foam is another and irreplaceable material required for this procedure. Fresh foam can provide you easy sitting and protect us against jumps and jerks. The amount of foam depends upon the height and width you require of the seat. The amount of foam can be increased depending upon your requirement. If you need a heavy and more cozy seat then you can add layers of foam.

Tools required

The tools required for the replacement of motorcycle seat foam are the following. These tools are your household objects mostly.

A staple remover is required to remove all the staples. Staples are used to stapling the fabric with the seat. To remove these staples if you lack that professional staple remover you can use what you have. That can be a knife or some hard blade. You can use the screwdriver to remove all the staples. Carefully handle these tools they can cut your hand or finger if mishandled.

A knife is also needed to carve and shape the size of the foam you want. Try to take a sharp blade so that it can easily crave the foam. Scissors are another important tool to cut the foam and fabric which you are going to replace.

Scissors can cut the fabric and foam in any shape precisely. Glue is another important thing which is required to stick the foam to seat accurately. All these tools should be of high grade and you also need a clean place to perform this whole procedure.

Remove the seat

Before removing the seat make sure to turn off your bike and place it in some clean place. Then wear some old rough dress so that you may not damage your new clothing. The second thing to do is to read the instruction booklet which is provided to you along with the motorcycle.

This booklet has complete information regarding parts of the motorcycle and how to replace or remove them. Read this booklet carefully and get comprehensive knowledge about the type of motorcycle you have. Different models have a unique way of removing the seats. It is recommended to follow these steps to avoid damage to handlebar grips on your motorcycle.

All bikes have some latch which helps you to lift the bike. You have to release this latch. You can release this latch simply by turning it to left. Firstly you need to open all the bolts and screws which are sometimes hidden inside the seat.

Carefully look on both sides of the seat and open all of them. After removing the seat keep the screws and bolts at a safe place so that they are not lost. Keep them in a separate box or packet to make them safe. 

 Remove the seat cover

When you have finished the step of removing the seat from the motorcycle place it on some table. Don’t forget to cover the table with some cloth. Then start to remove the cover of the seat. Firstly determine how the cover is attached to the seat.

Then remove it if it is attached to the seat by staples remove these staples by a screwdriver. Carefully remove all the staples and discard these staples otherwise they can hurt you when mishandle. If you do not have any screwdriver you can use any knife or sharp object to remove these staples. Here your creativity works that how you do this task.

If the seat cover is attached with some plastic lining remove it by using some knife or blade. Sometimes the cover is simply stuck to the seat by some glue. You can easily remove the cover by pulling it in the opposite direction.

Be careful while removing cover if it is new and fresh you can use it again as a seat cover. Otherwise, it may tear into pieces. If your seat cover is made of leather keep it away from moisture. YOu should take good care of your motorcycle to prevent tires from going flat.

Remove the old deteriorated foam

After removing the fabric you are facing the old and worn out foam which is fitted in your seat. Here you have two options either you can fully discard this old foam and fill a new one pr you can simply add some extra foam to make a thick extra padded seat. To remove this from your seat carefully. When you have removed the foam do not discard it immediately.

Keep it there as it serves as a model for the shaping of new foam. You can cut the new fresh foam according to its height and width. Removing the foam is not a difficult task and it does not require any special tool. You can do it easily on your own.

If you want to reuse this foam assess the damage to the foam. Then cut that particular side and add some extra foam to compensate for the loss. You can mark the required length and width which is to be filled with foam.

Cutting of fresh foam

Now comes the most crucial step of this procedure. Cutting the exact size of the foam which is required for the seat is somehow difficult. Firstly take a fresh piece of foam and then place your old seat foam on it. Take a marker to mark the width and length of foam. The old seat foam is used as a template to cut the piece of foam. Cut the foam according to the marking which you have made based on previous measurements.

You can cut the foam using a sharp knife or blade. Carefully cut the foam and always place it on some flat surface while cutting. When you have cut the fresh foam exactly according to the size which is required by your seat carve the foam shape precisely.

This will help to give it a more accurate shape for your 500cc motorcycle. Any extra foam which is present can be cut during carving. A proper shape is made by carefully carving the foam. If you are using padded foam or making layers you can stick these layers with glue.

Staple the cover

Now you have cut the foam exactly according to the size of the seat. It is time to cover the seat. Seat cover could be of synthetic fiber or you can use leather cover if you want. When you are buying fabric always choose synthetic fiber.

Try to buy some extra length or double the length and size of the fabric. Then take a marker and a ruler. With the help of these, you will be able to draw the size of the cover. Take some extra measurement than those of the motorcycle seat to completely cover the seat. Now paint the seat cover according to the color of your motorcycle. You can use the same method for painting the exhaust of your motorcycle.

Now place the cover of a seat on foam and fold it tightly around the seat. Then staple the cover of the seat. Start stapling the cover from one side and go onto the other side. Be careful that you have staples the cover all around the seat. You can use glue to cover the seat with fabric or some transparent tapes are also available to cover the seat with a cover. The first motorcycle in America had no foam in the seat.

Place the seat on a motorcycle

Here comes the final step which is placing the seat back on the motorcycle. Firstly you need to clean the base of the seat. You can clean the base of the seat using some brush or clean cloth.

After cleaning the base thoroughly place the seat on the seat base and tie the seat with a motorcycle by using screws and bolts. Bolts and nuts are screwed tightly by rotating in an anticlockwise direction. Carefully attach all the bolts and screws otherwise any ignorance can cause you a big loss. You should keep it clean and prevent mud from sticking to the seat of the motorcycle.

When you are confident that you have replaced the seat then take a ride on the bike to check that how much comfort is giving you. Test drive makes sure that all is done and there is nothing wrong with your motorcycle. I hope you will feel the comfort and joy you have been longing for. You have also transport your motorcycle on the dirt bike trailer.

If you have any questions about this topic, just post in the comment section and our team will post a detailed guide to answer your question. 

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