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How to Ride a Dirt Bike

How to ride a dirt bike?

True practice definitely makes a man perfect and there is no shortcut to success. In the case of dirt bike riding, you can also become an expert only by practicing more and more.

we are here to tell you guys that how you can ride a dirt bike and practice on it so that you can become a professional rider. Although, nobody forgets their first time experience and riding mistakes.

Riding a dirt bike is very safe and thrilling. Before starting the bike, you must wear riding gear, check air filter, battery and fuel in the dirt bike. Start the engine and drive slow.

How to ride a dirt bike?

This is a step-by-step guide for beginners who are looking to ride dirt bikes. Remember practice will make you strong in riding. I have explained the entire methods of riding a dirt bike in teh following parts:

Start the Dirt Bike

First of all, you have to turn on the battery power of your dirt bike by turning the key to the ‘’on’’ position. Other dirt bikes also have a button to start, so you just have to press the on the button to start up and this is very much easy and simple to do.

Actually, this will not start up your dirt bike but it will initiate the bike’s battery so that the engine can be started because it is the first step.

Starting the dirt bike engine with and without a clutch

After, you on your dirt bike and have done the choke, now you have to hit your dirt bike to the neutral if it is a kid’s dirt bike or otherwise in case of adult dirt bike, drag the clutch and go the first gear because when you are in the first or second gear, the bike is in neutral state.

The manual clutch system is not in the case of children dirt bikes and there is no need of gear and clutch dragging but if he learns how to operate the clutch than it’s a good thing.

Use Choke in winter;

It depends on you that either you want to choke or not. If there is cold outside then your dirt bike will need a choke and it is also recommended in this case but if you have run the dirt bike all day and it is already warm, then there is no need to choke, just start up.

To choke the dirt bike, some dirt bikes have provided a flip beneath; near the battery and other dirt bike have a pull-out on the left side of the bike near the leg’s placing area to choke the dirt bike.

After that, you will have to pull the clutch that I will explain to you below, because I want to explain you each and everything in a sequence. Read here: Best 50cc Dirt Bike for kids

Wear riding gear

If you are an adult bike rider or a kid, a professional or a beginner in dirt bike riding, you must wear the protection for the sake of your own protection. You have given the blessing of life for once, so try to spend it safely.

You must be protected from head to toe because riding a dirt bike off road in the rough terrains is a double and more thrilling fun and safety measures are the basic demands while riding off roads. You should wear a helmet, gloves, boots, chest and back protection, knee and elbow protection, neck brace and goggles. 

How to Find Neutral on a Dirt Bike?

In case of adult dirt bikes, basically, the left handle is your clutch which you have to pull at first. Pull the clutch completely so that it completely disengages the gear and your bike will come to the neutral state.

In case of kids dirt bike, if there is no clutch then sit on that bike and by the help of your left foot, attain the gear shifter and step down on the lever constantly for about 6 times to make sure that your kid’s dirt bike is in the neutral state. You can also do this procedure on an adult’s dirt bike. Clutch is a very easier starting spot

Then after that, you have to start the engine actually by doing a kick start and that metal kick starter is on the right side of your bike. Firstly turn over the kick starter with your hand and after that stand over your bike and by the help of your right foot, just kick the starter lever. Some of the dirt bikes are also having the electric start button now a day, instead of the lever to start.

In case of the kid’s dirt bike, teach them how to operate the clutch and make them to practice that how to release the clutch slowly and to gently open the throttle so that they can understand the relationship or collaboration work between them. Once they practice this, changing gears will become a lot easier for them.

Here’s a suggestion for adult bike riders not to drag the throttle too firm or long because when you do this, the throttle of the bike will let the gas to propel to the engine and submerge it if you have a gas operated dirt bike. 

So your bike will be completely started then because you have on the bike and started the engine.

Clutch control and shifting in Dirt Bikes

You can change the gears of the dirt bike by using the shifter because it’s the only way for this. The shifter is on the front of the left footpeg. There is not any display or an indicator to keep you update about which gear you are in, so you just have to feel to get it to know.

There are usually 5 gears in an adult dirt bike. When you will step down, then definitely you will attain the first gear. Read here about: Razor MX350 vs MX400.

Start riding your dirt bike with the first gear. After pulling the dirt bike clutch you have to move forward. Now you have to roll back your throttle, which means your right handle grip. After this, slowly leave the clutch from your left hand along with this slowly roll back the throttle with your right hand.

Keep in mind that it is must do these both things at the same timings because if you let the clutch very fast and early without enough gas, it will move forward abruptly and kill the engine or if you provide too much gas.

once the throttle is disengaged, your dirt bike will shoot powerfully in the forward direction and badly leave you on your bum. So it should be a normal and moderate movement to avoid such kind of issues. Read here: How to Bleed Dirt Bike Brakes.

If you find that your bike is going very fast than you can just let go of the throttle. The throttle will spin forward on its own and will come to stop. You just need to remember the thing always, that whenever you realize that you are going too much fast than just go off your right hand. But definitely, if you are riding in the first gear then you want to switch into the second, third and the higher gears because you will be enjoying the high speed at that moment.

In order to shift up while in motion, keep the throttle in your right hand to the exact position where it was already positioned. You have to keep some throttle, so never move it while shifting. After that, you have to quickly pull the clutch and reach your left foot under the gear shifter and pull it up for the next gear.

Remember always that now you have to leave the clutch quickly. Now you will be in higher gear by doing this, enjoy the safe and thrilling amazing dirt bike ride.

Slowing down a dirt bike

Whenever you want to slow your dirt bike, you need to pull the clutch first. If you haven’t pulled the clutch while slowing the bike, you will damage your bike. To slow down, first, use the clutch by pulling it, and then use the brake. You can easily tap the brake to some extent without the clutch in but don’t do a mistake of cutting your speed to half without pulling the clutch.

Use the gear shifter to slow down the dirt bike’s speed if you just want to slow down and not to stop it at all. The best thing about the gear shifter is that you do not need to use the clutch totally while shifting down the gears.

Just remember to use the clutch while you have to go in the up gears and just kick down to go into a down gear without using the clutch at all. You can always customize your dirt bike for a better trail riding experience.

Rider’s position                  

Rider’s body position or sitting position on dirt bike matters a lot. This is something that will make your ride more comfortable and safe. I have many riders that don’t feel comfortable while sitting, choose a dirt bike that suits your style.

If you just sit on the dirt bike like your normal sitting position or you just hop on the dirt bike than definitely, you are putting yourself at greater risk. It is completely okay to ride on the paved clear roads in a normal sitting position for just a while.

When you go off-road with your dirt bike, you must know about the sitting position. When your riding area is smooth sit in a normal position but as you find the bumps and other obstacles, sit in a proper rider position.

A most important part of the proper rider’s position is the standing up on the footpegs. You have to lift up your butt a few inches above from the seat and this will enable your legs and the whole body to soak up the shocks of jerks and other impacts of off-road. If you don’t stand up in this position especially while riding on the rough terrains then you can easily hurt your spine or your whole back.

Protrude your elbows forward, parallel to the handlebars. This will make a comfortable and safer position that will give you greater power and a reaction time for safe turning. Always keep your dirt bike well maintained with good suspensions for an amazing ride.

Your feet position should be like that, your ball of the foot is on the footpegs and your heel in the air. This position is most important for your right foot otherwise you can ride the brake slightly with your right foot easily. 

Regarding the position of your head, it should be in the forward direction as such that your chin is over the handlebars. Read here: 2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke Dirt Bikes.

This could be the pretty much good riding position that you can maintain while riding on dirt bikes especially off-road riding and will help you to protect from any fall or accident. In fact, you will feel how much safer you are with this riding position.

You do not need to worry about the maintenance of this position on the dirt bike because its tires are also made specially to ride on the rough pathways and maintaining the balance. Don’t forget to add a kill switch in your dirt bike.

The dirt bikes have knobby tires that leave other bikes behind in the dust and are properly made to allow you to ride on the mountain or hilly areas or on any unpaved rough pathways. Read here about the top speed of 50cc110cc,   150cc,  dirt bikes.

Breaking system of Dirt Bikes                                     

Breaking is one of the most important thing in riding. Every biker must know how to apply the brake when he starts learning to ride the dirt bike because without it riding is incomplete. For the kids especially, you should teach them about applying the brake. Read here: Dirt Bike Tire Sizes

First of all, even before starting the engine, allow your kid to roll down on a gentle slope with their new dirt bikes and let them apply the front and rear brakes.

Actually, the dirt bikes have two brakes. One of them is the front brake and mostly the beginners find it easier to use this break. This is basically with the right handle of your dirt bike, a silver lever in front of your right hand that you have to use to stop your dirt bike. But some people don’t rely on the handle brake and found it notoriously grabby. 

In the handle brake or front brake, you have to squeeze it gently nor hard. This front brake controls the first tire of your bike. When you squeeze it tightly, it will immediately press down the first tire, so it is not great for going down hills or on the slopes.

In case of such sloped areas, it is recommended not to use this front brake at all because going down an applying this front brake will immediately stop this tire and give you’re an unsafe jerky brake.

This brake is completely safe and easy to use in the case in all cases except for the hilly and slope areas and you should remember this thing always. Read here about places for dirt bike riding. I personally love to go for sand riding.

The other type of brake is the foot brake that is a primary brake on dirt bikes. You will just learn to use that foot brake in a single second only and you would definitely love using this foot brake. Actually, foot brake controls the back of the tire and will give a smooth and safer stopping that you will find very comfortable to use.

This foot brake is actually a small metal lever near the right footpeg and it is of about 6 inches. You should place the ball of your foot on the footpeg and then pick up your foot and push it forward to the foot brake whenever you want to stop.

The foot brake is not as grabby as the front brake. If you have to stop with the front brake with a full speed you would attain the smooth brake but after some difficulties, because your dirt bike will become a little out of your control like a fishtail, so it is recommended to use the foot brake in this case for a smooth and safe stop.

A front brake which is on the right side is also very good but the foot brake is best recommended to the riders especially to the beginners because it is more smooth and easier.

How to Ride Comfortably on Dirt Bikes?

Enjoy a comfortable ride on the dirt bike. When you completely know how to ride the dirt bike than no need to be a worry at all, just take it as fun. Do a lot of practice first to make yourself, confident. It is recommended to follow all the steps that are told here from starting of the dirt bike till its brake for the new riders either a kid or an adult.

Never be afraid of starting your first ride because practice makes a man perfect and by practicing definitely you will gain a lot of self-confidence because there is no way to become a perfect rider than by practicing.

So, seek guidance from this detailed article and become a perfect dirt bike rider and don’t be afraid of learning and practicing. Once you learn from all the guide and began practicing, you will truly love dirt bike riding from the core of your heart.

You have to look ahead during riding to make yourself updated about what’s coming on the way and to enjoy a perfect and safe dirt bike riding.

Do not worry about the crash

As I said earlier that crash is a part of learning dirt bike. You can become an expert by just practicing a lot and crashing is just a part of learning. You should gain complete guidance about dirt bike riding and take care to avoid any crash or injury by taking the safety but saying truly crashing seems to be simple. It happens with many of the people. Main a regular oil change schedule for better functioning of the dirt bike.

So when you feel that you are going to crash take the measures that we will tell you in just a while. Actually, crashing also needs a little practice. Most of the biking injuries occur below the waist. Let me tell you some tips to follow whenever you feel that you are just going to be crashed, actually highlighting the things that are rider’s most commonly made mistakes. 

So if you are losing your balance from the hilly or a slope area than you should keep your foot against the ground for stability and many of the pros do the same all the time while crash. But the most important thing to keep in your mind is that you must have to keep your foot turned horizontally to the bike but away from the foot pegs. Your bike will absolutely make no harm to your foot and legs if it is lying down and your foot is in the normal riding position.

Because most of the people made a mistake to stick their foot at a place or turn their right foot out and try to push forward on the ground to avoid the crash and keep their foot near the footpegs that injured their foot and shin. Mostly the foot between the footpegs and the ground gives more injury because the foot is mostly trapped in the footpegs in such kind of situations.

The next more important thing is that you should dress like a pro so that you can avoid any kind of injuries and are protected so much by the safety gears that you feel fearless of any crash.

So you should dress up properly and along with protections that are must like Dirt Bikes helmet, goggles, gloves, boot, elbow and knees protection gears, chest and neck protection so that if you may fall any time while riding, then you may protect yourself by these safety measures.

Most important tips for Dirt Bike Riding                  

Along with the safety measures, safe riding position tips let me tell you other important things that you might be interested to know. Normal riding time of dirt bikes are about 6 hours or more but if you have exceeded this limit and searching for help than read this thing below. 

So in this case, when your dirt bike is out of gas and looking for what to do then get off your dirt bike and look below at your dirt bike, there you will find a metal switch that controls the gas tank and it has three option of on, off and reserve. Flip that ‘on’ switch to off and then at the reserve and you will have a little more gas to get back to your place.

So, I have detailed all the information about riding a dirt bike in an easy way along with the tips and safety measures so that you may get complete knowledge about dirt bike riding and do a safe and comfortable ride. 


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