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How to Stud Dirt Bike Tires

How to Stud Dirt Bike Tires

If you like to ride a dirt bike in snow than you must be familiar with the term,” Studded Tires for Snow”. It is an awesome experience to ride dirt bikes in snow. Many small towns have an annual winter sports event for dirt bikes.

Last year, I decided to go for a dirt bike riding in the snow. I took my kids with me and they enjoyed every bit of it.

When I decided to go for a snow riding event, my main concern was, “How to Stud Dirt Bike Tires”.

Let me tell you without studded tires, you will not be able to ride a dirt bike in the snow.

It is recommended that you use stud tires for both front and rear panel. Drill holes in the knobs of the tires, use concrete screws and fix them with the electric screwdriver from the inner side. For external tire surface, use nuts to fix the screws. Use foam or mat on the internal tire surface to prevent damage to the inner tube.

Whenever you plan for snow riding, always go with a powerful dirt bike, and don’t forget to wear protective gear. I have already written an article on riding dirt bikes in the snow, that will also be helpful if you are just starting.

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How to Stud Dirt Bike Tires?

This step by step guide will explain in detail, how I studded dirt bike tires at home. 

Studding dirt bike tires will stabilize the bike when you ride in the snow. The process to Stud Dirt Bike tires is easy, you will need to fix screws on the inside of the tire and nuts on the outside of the tire.

Use yoga mat for inner tube

Be very careful about damaging the internal structure of the tire and the tube. I personally use yoga mat with foam for protection of the inner tube.

Remove the tire and take the inner tube out, let us start the process to stud a dirt bike tire.

You will need a drill, concrete screws, electric screwdriver, and a yoga mat or foam. Start by drilling the holes in the knobs of the dirt bike tire. Hold your drill and make holes as small as possible.

Drill holes for larger and small knobs

Now there are two types of knobs on the dirt bike tire, for larger knobs, drill two holes and for smaller knobs, drill only one hole. You will also see knobs on the sides of the tire, you don’t need to drill holes there. 

I used 1/4 and 1 1/4″ flat head concrete screws, as they are better and more durable. Concrete screw with the flat head is harder than the standards screws, these screws will last longer for snow and even rocky terrain. I used 250 concrete crews for one tire, you can go accordingly to the dirt bike tire size and number of knobs on the tire. 

Fix concrete screws on the inside of dirt bike tires

Now after this, start the process of fixing concrete screws on the inside of the dirt bike tire with the help of a manual or electric screwdriver. I recommend starting with the manual screwdriver, fix concrete screws a bit and then use the electric screwdriver. 

The electric screwdriver will you to fix concrete screws better and firmly on the inside of the tire, also it saves a lot of time.

Use an electric screwdriver for fixing nuts

After this, with the help of the electric screwdriver, fix a nut on every concrete screw on the external surface of the tire.  While fixing nuts, ensure that these nuts must not get embedded into the external knobs.

I have seen riders using washers under the nuts to fix properly, I don’t think, it is necessary. Also few riders weld the nuts to the concrete screws, again a useless effort. Just fix them properly and they are good to go in the snow.

How to Protect Innertube while you stud dirt bike tires?

I have seen many riders who are using gorilla tape to protect the inner tube of the dirtbike tire. I have also used it in the past but now, I don’t recommend using that.

The reason is simple, it cant hold the screws pointing end and will eventually damage the inner tube of the dirt bike tire. You can use strips of Camping Mats but it should be big enough to cover total inside area.

Fill the inner surface of the tire completely with the camping mat. I have also used a Yoga Mat for this purpose and that too worked well. Now if you use a yoga mat along with the foam, it may get a little bit hard for you to mount but once done properly, it will protect the tube. You will notice that this protection shield will avoid all kinds of punctures and tears of the inner tube.

Repeat the same process with the rear tire, once both tires are ready, fix them back. You should be careful while using nuts, fix them properly. 

Final Words

I hope I have answered the question for today that was, “How to Stud Dirt Bike Tires”. I have given a detailed step by step process to stud a dirt bike tire. Follow this guide and you will be good to go. Studded dirt bike tires are normally used for snow riding. Whenever I plan to ride a dirtbike in the snow, this process is the main preparation that I do for the event.

You must make the dirt bike tire stuffed with concrete screws in a proper manner as I mentioned. It will help to stabilize the dirtbike at the snow and avoid any sort of slipping and accident.

I have few riders using Square shaped studs and that works well too. The main purpose to stud dirt bike tires is to avoid slipping of the dirt bike. Using the concrete screws is one of the “best ways to stud dirt bike tires”. 

I recommend using protective gear and helmet. Don’t forget to add anti-freeze in the engine while you plan to ride in the snow. Using special gloves and goggles is a must. You can also use sun-screen lotion to protect yourself from the dangers of radiation.


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