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How to Transport a Dirtbike With a Car

How to Transport a Dirt Bike With a Car?

Transporting a dirt bike with a car can be tricky for a few. You should always be very careful while you attach a dirt bike with a car. In this article, our editors have explained 3 of the best ways of transporting a dirt bike. We have tested all these methods before posting here.

Last year when I decided to attend an event that was around 60 miles from my home, I was in a dilemma, I was struck at this very question, “How to Transport a Dirt Bike With a Car?”

Like always, I started looking at different online forums and different websites to have some idea about the things work.

I wanted to transport 2 dirt bikes with me to that event and it looked that I may not be able to take even one dirt bike. I decided to search for a trailer that can hold the bike and then fix that trailer with my car.

Let me tell you guys I had Honda Accord but I was concerned about the distance. I was sure about the car engine and its power but will it be a good idea to fix a dirt bike at its back end for 60 plus miles and then back.

Find a suitable car with good engine capacity and preferably a 4 wheel drive. Look for a trailer that is strong enough to hold the weight of the dirt bike. Fix it properly at the back of the car and you are good to go.

How to Transport a Dirt Bike With a Car?

This is a step-by-step guide that explains in detail, best methods to transport your dirt bike with a car. First, you need to access your dirt bike, its weight and engine power. High powered engines normally have more weight.

Measure the dirt bike

Measure the dimensions of your dirt bike, now find a suitable trailer that matches the size of your dirt bike. I would suggest trailer should be 5-10 cm larger in size then the dirt bike for easy placement of bike if you are going for a closed trailer. 

Select a suitable trailer

If you select an open trailer, access the floor for strength and its dimensions. A dirt bike should be able to stand on the trailer properly and securely. I recommend adding a few nuts and bolts where you can tie the dirt bike. You should always select good quality dirt bike trailer.

Also now you can use fixators that attaches with the dirt bike and fix it at the floor of the trailer. Whatever you choose, go for a secure placement of the dirt bike on a trailer.

Use a good quality toe hitch

Next thing is to access the car on which you plan to transport the dirt bike. Check the engine power, it should be minimum 2000L for a trouble-free journey. Select a good quality toe hitch that can withstand the weight of the trailer.

Talk with dealers who are selling the toe hitch and tell him about your dirt bike, go for a stainless-steel and you will always appreciate this. These are not costly, you can easily find suitable toe hitch in a couple of hundred dollars. Don’t compromise on the quality, you don’t to standing in the middle of nowhere with your car and dirt bike.

Attach the trailer with the toe hitch

Attach the trailer with the toe hitch properly and go for a test drive, try moving around the turns. It will help you better understand how the trailer will respond at turns. You must be familiar with this, check the brakes of the car.

Check air filter and tires of your car

Before leaving for the journey, it is better to check the air filter and tires of the car and also of the dirt bike. You want to win the event and for that, you need a dirt bike that is ready to roar aloud.

I personally suggest buying a small truck and you can always put the dirt bike on the back and boom, you can go anywhere. You can always choose, what is best for you.

Attach the dirt bike over the trunk

Another way to transport dirtbike with a car is to fix your dirt bike at the trunk and use the cables to fix it securely. A dirt bike should be properly fixed and tied with ropes or cables.

In this position, front tires of the dirt bike will be landing on the roof of the car and the rear tires will be fixed at the trunk. Although not a good way to transport, I have seen riders doing this when no other option is available. Always access the size of the dirt bike before transporting it in a car. 

I personally have never tried transporting my dirt bike over the trunk of the car. I don’t recommend using this way. I suggest you keep a schedule for your dirt bike maintenance, this may include keeping the air filter clean while maintaining engine oil.

Use a dirt bike carrier for your dirt bike

Another way is to attach a carrier at the back of your car. Fix the carrier properly and secure it with nuts that should embed into the holes. The carrier should be able to bear the weight of the dirt bike. Now stand the dirt bike on the carrier floor and use bolts and belts to secure it properly with the carrier. Secure the front and rear tires with strong cables. 

How I Transport Dirt Bikes with a Car?

Now let me tell you how I transported a dirt bike with my car, I have used a trailer in the past but now I own 4×4 truck. With that truck, I can easily transport dirt bikes to almost anywhere.

The trunk of the truck is big enough to hold 2 dirt bikes simultaneously. Believe me guys, life is fun when you are into dirt bike riding. I now enjoy traveling to different cities with dirt bikes loaded in my truck. You can always pick your beauty at any event and win the crown.

I have explained all the necessary details that will help you with transporting a dirt bike With a Car. Feel free to contact me and you can use the comment section and I will respond to you.


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