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How to True a Dirt Bike Wheel

How to True a Dirt Bike Wheel?

If you are a dirt bike rider, you must be familiar with the term, truing dirt bike wheel. I have seen many riders who get confused at this. In this article, I will explain methods to adjust the dirt bike rim and spokes.

Follow this guide for adjusting the wheels. You just have to understand the connection between the rim and spokes. 

The main thing this that you will need a wheel stand, you can buy a stand or just create a temporary stand. I have seen a few riders who create a simple temporary stand, by just fixing the wheel in a swingarm. This is the least expensive and will help you true a dirt bike wheel. You should evenly tune the rim to true a dirt bike wheel.

How to True a Dirt Bike Wheel?

This step by step guide will explain in detail about, How to True a Dirt Bike Wheel? Just follow all the steps and you will find it very easy.

Now you may need a small setup if you plan to true dirt bike wheels. You will just need a small bench, rear axle, a couple of spacers, a washer, block to adjust and nuts and bolts. Setup truing stands to start the process.

Setup a Truing Stand

I normally clamp the hub securely to prevent any slipping during the process. If you do not properly secure the hub, it can slide from its place and you again have to start from the beginning.

Next step is to use the gauge to access the amount of runout. I normally use a dial attached to the base of the magnet. However this is not compulsory but if it is your first time, then better follow the guide.

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Many riders will measure a runout but let me tell you that it is absolutely not necessary.  Now you should focus on the gap area in between the pointer end and rim, keep an eye on the gap as the wheel continues to move on.

You can even use any rod, or any object to be used as the indicator. I have seen people using shirt hanger as an indicator, wow.

Now, remember that you will always have to go with the axial correction first and that too, in a  side to side manner. You will start observing a very small gap which will be more noticeable if you access the area between rim and pointer.

The main target is that you should be able the relax the tension in the spokes and with due time because of the tweaking, you will see that the gap between rim and the pointer becomes even. With every rotatory circle, the process will even the rim more and the process of truing a dirt bike wheel will continue.

How to Tight the Spokes?

The focus should be on decreasing the Gap.

To achieve this you should know that the gap can be either increased or decreased and it totally depends on the spokes. If you lose the spokes, the gap will increase and similarly if you tighten the spokes, it will reduce the gap.

To decrease the gap, you have to tighten the spokes on the side of the rim where you are planning to decrease the gap. You can do so by pulling the rim to the right side. For that you don’t need extraordinary effort or power, you just have to turn it 1/8 to 1/4 part of the nipple and you will appreciate the change. Keep the rim tight.

If you think that the rim needs shifting, then lose the other side spokes and it should be equal to the tightness of your side. Means tightening the spokes on your side should be equal to the relaxation of the spokes of the opposite side. By doing this, you will ensure that all spokes share equal and even tension. Read here about Best 50cc Dirt Bikes for Kids.

The process of Tightening and Loosening the Spokes

Now, this process of spokes tightening and loosening will continue around all sides of the rim. Keep the rim that is being turned and rotated, stable, until the gap that exists there decreases.

Some areas may require tightening the spokes and pulling the rim one way while other areas may need to be loosened to allow the rim to move back the opposite way. Slowly progress and go with small changes. It is very easy and within a few minutes, you will notice a change in the rim along with the process of tightening the spokes.

As the process of fine-tuning of the rim continues, you will observe a decrease in the gap. Continue the process until you are left with very small gaps.  Now observe the total runout.  

Most of the technicians recommend that a maximum of 2mm runout is fine. So try to be in these recommended limits.

You can also use a straightedge to access the surface, edges or disc. You will require to minus the thickness of sprocket from overall measurements.

How to Position the Rim Properly?

Access the rim when you are done with correction of the runout from all sides. If the rim is not positioned properly, it should be fine-tuned now.

Now many riders, get confused here. Let me explain, you simply have to tighten the spokes of the sides, where you plan to move the rim. Once you think, the rim is positioned properly, fix it there. 

Now check the radial runout, you also have to correct it. For this, you have to direct the pointer until it fixes away from the outer edge of the rim.

The gap that is present between the rim and the pointer should be tweaked and this will help to maintain an even rim. If you tighten the spokes it will force the rim to move inwards. Similarly, if you want to lose the rim at any side, simply relax the spokes and rim will move away from that side. 

How to Achieve a True Rim?

Continue the process and only stop when you have achieved a true rim. Now that you have achieved a trued rim both axially and radially, even at this point some of the spokes will not be tight enough. Gradually start tightening spokes again.

Follow one color at a time, start with the red spokes followed by green and after that go for yellow and at the end tight the blue spokes.

Once you are done with this, the next thing to access nipples, which will be hard at this time. Continue your work at the rim, until both the nipples and the spokes show equal tension. 

At this time, you can use your own hand to access and squeeze the spokes, do this evenly around the rim. It will help relax the tension and stress in the spokes. 

Final Words:

Once you are done with all the tightening both the axial and radial sides, it is better to check one last time. Check the runout. That’s it, you have done it. This process to true a dirt bike wheel is simple and easily repeatable. Just follow this step by step guide and you will have no issue. 

Feel free to contact me by using the comment section below. Goodluck.

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