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How to Use a Winch on UTV? Ultimate Guide for 2020

How to Use a Winch on UTV? Ultimate Guide for 2020

Ah, these beautiful summer days! Summers are a blessing especially if you plan to spend your vacation in the countryside riding on UTV’s. The scenery, the lush green forests, and absolutely wonderful hills that are yet to be explored, they all call for your attention.

The best way to explore the beauty of the forest or hills is to ride your UTV or side-by-side vehicle through those steep ways.

But what if you’re UTV gets stuck in a pool of mud or a place where it cannot steer up? What to do in these types of situations?

The best way is to take the help of a winching tool that will pull the UTV out. Winching is not a difficult thing to do you just need the right technique and tools. Start slow and do not rush after attaching the Winch with a UTV. 

So in this article, our editors have gathered some expertise from the local farmers as they use UTV a lot on the hills. We will tell you some easy steps to use a winch.

How to Use a Winch on UTV? Ultimate Guide for 2020

This is a step-by-step guide for using a winch on your UTV. Our editors have explained every step in detail. Just follow this guide and you are good to go.

Read the user manual

The first thing after taking out your tools is to read the user manual of your winching device. Every winching device has its manual with distinguishable features.

You might want to know how to fix the tools and join them and the safety precautions before starting the procedure.

Take the cable out

The next important thing you need to do is stretch out the cable. Take it out and stretch it all straight so that it would work properly.

If you do not stretch the cable before using it might not function well or cause permanent damage.

Choose the best path

Now you may want to consider a path for winching. You have to make sure that there is no obstacle between the winching rope lines.

Decide to use a single line or double line

An average winch can pull up weight about 4500 pounds approximately. That is like 3 times more the weight of your UTV. You can use a single line for that.

The issue comes when your UTV is stuck in the mud where you need an extreme amount of pull and weight to take it out so a single line may not be sufficient enough.

So, in that case, you might need to use a double line which means double the pull force of winch (almost 9000 pounds) with the help of a snatch block.

Look for a strong tree

Now that is a tricky find indeed. You have to look for a strong tree to etch your winching rope. Try looking for a strong-rooted tree.

Now the trees at the jungle are often struck by lightning and become hollow so you might check the tree thoroughly before attaching the ropes.

Picking a weak or dead tree can fall when a force exerts on it and that might damage your UTV or seriously injure you.

Attach the winch on your UTV

After finalizing the tree, it’s time to attach the winch on your UTV. After fitting the device, take the wire and drag it straight to the tree you chose.

Always wear your heavy-duty gloves in this process. Connect the wire straightly to the tree.

Now if the distance of the wire and tree is greater than the length of the wire then you can attach an additional synthetic wire to it.

Connection with the tree

Put the tree trunk protector around the tree to protect it from getting into contact with steel or any other damage.

Now the strongest part of the tree is the roots so you will put the protector around the base of the tree trunk to achieve maximum resistance.

Connect the shackle and rope

 Connect the shackle with the tree trunk protector. Then put the rope into the shackle and join them by tightening up the shackle.

If you want double line (optional; depends on circumstances)

In case you need to double the rope, put a snatch block on your UTV. On the tree side, put another snatch block and cross the rope from it.

After crossing the rope, one rope will be pulling upwards and one to downwards giving double power to your winch for an extra pull.

Slacking the excess wire

Now you want to make sure that the wire forms a straight tightened line for efficient pulling. In order to do this, you slack the excess wire back into the winch.

Just hold the wire, start the winching and let it pull the wire. Do not let the wire to be pulled just on one side of the spool, but let it evenly pull the wire.

When you see there is no excess wire left to stop the winch. Using a winch on UTV requires technique.

Put the blanket over the wire

Now that the wire is tight, put the blanket accessory on the wire. You may put one in the center. You can also out two, one placed near the tree and the other near to UTV.

The purpose of this is to protect your UTV from the wire failure as if the wire breaks down it will pull back with enormous force and might hit your UTV.

The blanket bags will prevent the steel wire from hitting and resist its force.

Start the engine

Now it’s time to start your UTV’s engine. This procedure takes a lot of battery to be careful about the drainage of the battery.

Do not put extra load on the battery and be patient while winching.

Use the remote

If you do not want to be inside your UTV then simply use the remote and let the winch do its work.

This situation is best when your UTV is stuck in the mud and you do not want to put extra weight to the machine.

Be patient

Winching takes time. Do not hustle the process or it may cause the wire to break or your battery getting dead.

The best way is to winch for a minute, and then let it rest for another minute so that the heat caused by winching and the steel wires cool down a bit and your battery gets a recharge.

Drive the UTV

Now that the UTV is out of mud or a place where you can hop inside it, get in.

Driving the UTV will provide better steerage and less stress on the battery. Just give a small amount of gas to push the UTV forward.

Do not speed the UTV faster than the winching speed, keep it parallel to that. It will also prevent the winch from heating.

Carefully go up with regular intervals, set the blanket bag up near to the tree so that it would not collide with the UTV.

Destination reached

Once you reach the tree, come out of the car and detach the synthetic wire from the tree.

Now you may notice that the wire might be stacked on one side of the winch, it is best if you restack it evenly so that it may not wear out for future use.

So these are the steps to use a winch on your side-by-side UTV vehicle. It is recommended to practice the winching on an easy ground so that you may be able to use it properly in case of an emergency.

But the most important thing is that you take these tours in the daylight as the night is dark and full of terrors and wild beasts.

Tools required

Before telling the process it is necessary to discuss the tools required for winching. You must carry these tools with you every time in case of an emergency. You should follow this guide for using a winch on UTV.

The tools you will need are:

  • Winch
  • User manual
  • Tree trunk protector
  • Winching gloves
  • Extension strap
  • Blankets/weights
  • Shackle
  • Snatch block
  • Winch remote

Precautions and Tips

Below is the list of important points to follow while you are using a winch.

  • Always get help when you start this.
  • Wear Goggles, gloves, and helmet.
  • Carefully attach the winch with the UTV.
  • Always go slow, do not rush into this.
  • Stay hydrated.

Good Day!

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