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How to Wire a Killswitch on a Dirt Bike

How to Wire a Killswitch on a Dirt Bike?

So, you have recently bought a new dirt bike and now you are concerned about its safety. Installing a killswitch will help you to keep your dirt bike secure. Killswitch will not only help to prevent any theft of dirt bike but it will also provide you with peace of mind.

I have received a couple of emails last week from readers of and they were confused about wiring a killswitch on a dirt bike.

To wire a killswitch, locate the ignition wires, disconnect them and install the killswitch between the black and blue wires. Connect these wires properly and cover the kill switch wires with isolation tape.

Step by Step Guide to Wire a Killswitch on a Dirt Bike

Here, I will explain the whole procedure to install a kill switch on a dirt bike. Get all the required tools that I have already mentioned above to your table and let us start the process:

Tools Required to Wire a Kill switch

You will need the following tools to install a kill switch on your dirt bike. Now amazing thing is that you can use the same method to wire a kill switch on a motorcycle or any Motorcross bike.

  • Kill Switch
  • Wiring Sketch or diagram
  • Screwdriver
  • Instructions Manua
  • Soldering tool
  • Wire cutters
  • Wire Stripper

Locate Ignition Wires

Now in order to start the installation, you need to locate the ignition wires, these wires normally arise from the motor to the dirt bike ignition. Normally all dirt bikes are made this way. Also, you may use the diagram that comes with the product to locate the ignition wires and how to start the process. 

Disconnect the Ignition Wires

Now dirt bikes killswitch normally made to be used with a smaller sized motor. So it is better to disconnect the ignition wires. Fewe killswitch comes with a connection at both ends, for such devices you may need the wires to strip in the center and make the connection at both ends.

Install a Kill Switch in the Dirt Bike

Now take out the kill switch and locate the negative wires, these negative wires are to be attached to the negative points. Similarly, positive wires should be attached to the positive points. After you are finished connecting the wires, check the stability of the kill switch. It must be properly fixed with the handlebar. 

Now test the kill switch, it should immediately put the engine to dead once pressed. Now once checked place all the wires at their places and put all nuts together. Always use specified oil for the dirt bike engine. You should always do this sort of customization and it will help you secure your dirt bike in a better way even during trail riding. Keep a schedule for your dirt bike maintenance.

Check all wires

I have mentioned above about the sketch of the wires that need to be adjusted during the process. It is important that you understand the mechanism of how wires connectivity works at your dirt bike. You don’t want to end up with a destroyed engine wiring. You must carefully access all the wires and get all the tools in order before you finally start the process of installation of a kill switch. 

You can always buy a standard kill switch from the market. Now latest kill switch comes with the user-friendly installation. Just place the kill switch between the black and blue wires and connect the wires as explained in the instructions manual and you are good to go. Read about How to Bleed Dirt Bike Brakes.

If all the wires are not connected properly, it will not kill the engine and you will have to repeat the process again. When connecting wires, it is better to mark all the wires on a paper before you finally open them. 

You have to wire the kill switch properly with the CDI to get it functioning, I have seen many riders confused at this very step. They can’t locate the CDI where the wire is to be connected.  Use an isolation tape to covers the wires properly once you are done with the making the connection. Read this guide about putting a dirt bike on a stand.

Benefits of Installing a Kill switch on Your Dirt Bike

Let me explain the benefits of a kill switch. These are widely used around the globe and the sole purpose is to make your dirt bikes secure.

Once the kill switch is pressed the engine will die, no matter what. Now in order to start the engine, you have to reverse the kill switch.

So once you have a kill switch on your dirt bike, you will never have to worry again but its security. Choose wisely and live a trouble-free life. 


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