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Most Expensive Side by Side UTVs

Most Expensive Side by Side UTVs

People are more interested in UTVs nowadays than other vehicles and people spend more money on those things which are interesting for them. UTV manufacturers such as Honda, Polaris, Can-Am, and Yamaha have created those UTVs that can give provide you comfort like no other UTV can do.

There are UTVs for people who can afford from 4k to 8k USD, and there are people who can pay a lot of money for quality and comfort. We have already discussed many UTVs from USD 3000 to USD 8000. But now, we have a list of those UTVs which cost more than $20,000. The most expensive UTV is Maverick X3 Max X RS Turbo RR that starts from $30000.

There are few things that are responsible for these UTVs, this includes brand, accessories, engine power and color, etc.

In the past times, when there were no expensive UTVs, people who needed more comfort and performance spent thousands of dollars to install aftermarket accessories to create a luxury ride for them. But now, as technology has evolved in the modern era, the manufacturers know what people want.

Most Expensive Side by Side UTV

Most Expensive UTVs in the World Features Price
YXZ1000R SS XT-R Pure sports, powerful chassis, perfect engineering, high revving engine $22,000 
Polaris XP4 general 1000 Deluxe Fox Shocks QS3, Bucket seats, Arm-rest, storage, Powerful engine $25,000 
Honda Talon 1000 X 4 Dual-clutch transmission, power steering, strong body $22,500
Can-Am defender max XT CAB Digital Display, glove box, Bench Seats, Metal Bumpers, Improved entrance and exit $27,000 
Maverick X3 Max X RS Turbo RR Maxxis tires, disc brakes, differential locking, warranty, powerful engine $30,000

The UTV manufacturing companies create UTVs in a wide range to support the needs of people of every type. They build UTVs that are powerful but budget-friendly and they also create UTVs that have all the luxuries of a powerful and comforting machine.

What can an expensive UTV possibly have to charge more money? Well, the manufacturers do this in this way; they build a stock UTV with high-end specs and then launch it for sale. They announce the starting price of the UTV and keep that price for a stock model that they are offering.

Some people who spend more money on items and want that machine to be customized according to their needs have the option of paying the company for modifications. In this way, the customer maintains the warranty and does not even take the pain of going to the workshop or modification center. The manufacturing company does it all for them.

So, we have a list of those UTVs which give you the comfort of upgrading your UTV on the factory level and can give you the comfort of a smoother ride. Here is a list of best UTVs which come in the luxury class of UTVs and can give you the best performance that you require.

Yamaha YXZ1000R SS XT-R 2020

The first expensive UTV on our list is the Yamaha YXZ1000R SS XT-R. The Yamaha has made great changes in the 2019 model and given us the 2020 model with many upgrades. The Yamaha XT-R comes with a 1000cc engine, which is a triple-cylinder and 12 valve-engine. The compression ratio of the engine is 11.3:1, which is a great compression for better performance.

The Yamaha has installed its stock Yamaha fuel Injection system with three throttle bodies to give the best performance to the driver. The Yamaha XT-R comes with a 5-speed automatic gear shifting. It also has a manual paddle shifting with an auto clutch system.

The UTV has a differential locking technology that gives three different options to the driver; the 2-wheel drive, 4-wheel drive, and the shaft drive. Yamaha has also surprised the followers with the suspension system. They have installed Fox 2.5 Podium suspension in the front, which has 16.1-inches of travel in it.

The rear suspension is also Fox 2.5 Podium, which is fully adjustable and has a 10-inches of travel in it. The Yamaha XT-R comes with disc brakes in all four wheels of the UTV. The turning radius of the XT-R is 236-inches, and it has a ground clearance of 12-inches. The fuel tank can store up to a maximum of 34-liters.

The weight of the UTV with all the fluids and fuel is 730 kilograms, which witnesses the quality of chassis and build quality of the UTV. The most important thing to know about the UTV is that the Yamaha YXZ1000R SS XT-R comes with a 6-months warranty. So, you can drive with free tunings and maintenance for 6-months.

The UTV delivers a powerful experience to the driver. The engine that is used in the UTV has high revving power and provides better performance with a triple-cylinder feature. The UTV has a smart cooling feature, and how is that? The radiator is located at the rear side of the UTV which keeps it clear of the mud and sand.

The UTV has special features for in-take and exhaust. The Yamaha has made sure that the UTV inhales clean air only. They have installed an exhaust system that can exhale the pressure as soon and efficiently as possible. The chassis of the UTV is a sports type and can bear too much aggressive hits by the environment.

The Yamaha XT-R gives the complete comfort of the luxury sitting arrangements and smooth control. The shoulder support in the seats is available. High back seats enable the passengers to look clearly in the front and experience like they are driving the UTV by themselves. The roof of the UTV keeps you away from the sun.

The Yamaha XT-R is a machine with high specifications and quality. Tests have shown that performance is tremendous and can be used anywhere off-roads. Yamaha can be driven roughly in an aggressive style, however, you want. Because of the aggressive support of the UTV, it is the favorite among people.

The price tag for Yamaha YXZ1000R SS XT-R starts from USD 22,000, and it is the cheapest among the list.

Polaris XP4 general 1000 DELUXE

The Polaris general 1000 XP4 deluxe has been the most favorite among the people who often travel with crews in the dirt areas. The reason is that it is both sporty and multi-functional side by side. It looks cool. People want to share the experience of Polaris in general with other passengers.

The Polaris General is the predecessor of the Polaris general XP4. The predecessor was so popular among the people that they had to launch the 4-seat Polaris general with many changes. Well, the questions are; is the 4-seat Polaris general good enough like the 2-seat Polaris general? Does the 4-seat Polaris general take away the goodness of a 2-seat Polaris general?

The answer to these questions is, yes, the Polaris general XP4 is as good as the 2-seat Polaris general. It has been extended to 4-seats, and it is exactly the same as the Polaris general XP4. Instead, it is a long side by side with the same performance as the 2-seat side by side. It is one of the Most Expensive Side by Side UTVs.

Let us tell you about the specifications of the Polaris XP4 general 1000 Deluxe side by side. The Polaris general XP4 comes with a 1000cc engine that has 100 Horsepower, and the engine has a twin-cylinder and contains a liquid cooling technology. The electronic fuel injection system manages the fuel efficiency.

The Polaris general has a drive option of 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive. It has a cargo box of 270 kilograms of capacity. The weight of the UTV is 680 kilograms and has a fuel capacity of 36 liters. The UTV has a payload capacity of 500 kilograms of weight. It has a seating capacity of 4-persons, including the driver.

The Polaris general XP4 has a glovebox in the dash and cup holders in the front and the back-seat of the UTVs. It also has an armrest between the back-seats and the front of the UTV. It even has a strong handlebar to grab when the track gets rough.

The UTV has 4-wheel disc brakes with dual-piston calipers. The interesting thing is that it can pull 680 kilograms of load on hitch. The UTV has an automatic transmission and has five options; Park, reverse, neutral, low, and high. The UTV does not have a hand-break because the Parking gear parks it.

Let us talk about the electronics, and the UTV has a 4-inch LCD mounted in the dash. It has an analog speedometer. The LCD has all the information regarding the temperature, mileage, and everything that you need to know while driving. There are LED headlights installed on the UTV which can make it easy for you to view at darker places.

The suspension that is used in Polaris side by side have stabilizer bars; the front suspension has a travel of 12-inches. Whereas, the rear suspension has a travel of 13-inches. When you drive this UTV on the tracks, you may have to rethink how you are going to drive, because it is one of the longest UTVs with this performance.

When you are power sliding in the corners, your turns need to be planned. Otherwise, you may hit the sides of the track to anything or slip from your track. So, you have to plan each turn you make from corners or any simple area because you have to balance the load and the length from your perspective.

The price of this UTV starts from USD 25,000.

Honda Talon 1000 X4

The Honda Talon 1000X-4 has the power that we can expect from Honda engineers. The Honda Talon 4-seater is exactly what everyone expects from Honda. They have installed a high-tech suspension. They have installed a high-power engine. They have installed a powerful chassis to bear the bumps and jumps of a desert or rocks at high speed. It is one of the most expensive side-by-side UTV for 2020.

The Honda talon can go up to 119 kilometers per hour, which is plenty fast side by side UTV, and it is an off-road expert. It is a laser focus machine designed especially for off-roading. The new and expensive UTV is 64-inches wide. This is best for those places which have narrow tracks.

Sometimes people go through forests and trees which have narrow paths to pass through them. This expensive UTV is a better option for narrow paths. You can go quicker than other vehicles through narrower paths and place your wheels better on the tracks. 

It also gives you an option to add more power to your UTV. You can install a supercharged turbo kit for yourself if you are a mechanic, or you can go to a Honda dealership center and get it installed for you. What can this supercharged turbo kit do? Well, the supercharged turbo kit can add 60% more power to your vehicle. It is among the Most Expensive Side by Side UTVs for 2020.

When the supercharged turbo kit is installed in this expensive UTV, it will be a competitor to high powered 2-seater sports UTVs. The engine has a displacement of 1000cc and 104 horsepower. It has a twin-cylinder engine that has a liquid cooling technology.

It has an electronic fuel injection system which makes it a fuel-efficient UTV. It has an automatic six-speed transmission system and has three modes, which are sports, standard, and manual. It has paddle shifters available beneath the steering for manual driving. UTV has a dual-clutch system for better performance.

The Honda Talon has Parking, Reverse, Neutral, Low, and High options in gears. The front suspension has 14.5 inches travel in it whereas, the rear suspension has 15 inches of travel. All four wheels have disc brakes for proper handling. The fuel capacity of the UTV is almost 27 liters.

The new and expensive side-by-side 1000X-4 comes with the window nets, which are very beneficial for you if you are going through trees or farm. The nets save your face from hitting the branches of trees or plants. The Honda talon also has a roof which is good for you even if you are taller than 6 ft. It contains backseats taller than the front seats to provide a better look at the front.

It has better legroom in the back too. This expensive side-by-side UTV has a cargo box that can load up to a maximum load of 135 kilograms. Honda has installed a Bosch control unit to determine how stiff the shock should be. The control unit determines that by gathering information from throttle, brake, steering, and accelerometer.

There is an electric valve on the shock that opens and closes to make it softer or harder, and it can happen in milliseconds. So, this may be an expensive UTV that is worth the price. The price tag of Honda Talon 1000X-4 starts from USD 22,500.

Maverick X3 Max X RS Turbo RR, Most Expensive Side-by-side UTV for 2020

This new and expensive side-by-side UTV comes with a huge amount of power. It is specifically designed for sports and off-road playing. The UTV comes with a triple-cylinder engine having 900cc displacement and 195 horsepower which is a huge one for the UTV. The engine is equipped with a turbocharged technology to take the best performance from it.

To deliver the best performance in best fuel efficiency, the Turbo RR is equipped with intelligent throttle technology along with an electronic fuel injection system.  The UTV has a differential locking technology with smart lock features that can lock up to four modes; 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive with front differential locking, and 4-wheel drive active trail and 4-wheel drive trail.

This expensive UTV has high traction and comes with a dynamic power steering to prevent you from getting tired. The suspension that is used in the Maverick Turbo RR is Fox 3.0, which has piggyback style on the front and remote reservoir bypass on the rear one.

The front and rear suspension has 22-inches of travel in it, which gives you enough room to hit the tracks with almost 1 foot of jumps in it. The suspension can be adjusted for soft, stiff or hard; it depends on your choice of track. The brakes used in the wheels are dual-piston calipers disk brakes.

This expensive UTV features a 19-inch wide display with a keypad to show all the gauges related to UTV, for example, speed, RPM, gear, kilometers, modes, seatbelts, etc. The fuel capacity of the Maverick Turbo RR is 40 liters and storage capacity of 11-liters. The UTV has cup-holders, glovebox, and center console. The UTV has a weight of 840 kilograms, which shows that the UTV is a real beast in terms of build quality and chassis.

The Maverick Turbo RR has a wide legroom in both the back and the front seats. It has a strong grab handle for the passengers to grab when the ride gets rough in tracks. The Maverick turbo RR is a beast in terms of build quality and performance. It has a strong cage that can withstand anything with almost 200-horsepower.

The maverick Turbo RR comes with Maxxis Tires that are the masters of off-road driving. Other information related to the UTV is; it comes with a bumper at the front, the doors are quarter-sized. It also has a full roof and shoulder pads. The UTV has powerful LED headlights and taillights and it comes with a D.E.S.S anti-theft security system.

The starting price of Can-Am Maverick X3 Max RS Turbo RR is $30,000 and it increases with more customizations.

Can-Am Defender Max XT CAB

The Can-Am Defender Max XT CAB is a full option luxurious and expensive UTV. It is a 4-seater UTV and can go through mud, sand, and rocky areas. The Can-Am defender has a 976cc engine with 82 horsepower. The engine has a twin-cylinder and has a liquid cooling technology. An electronic fuel injection system operates the engine.

The UTV is a fully equipped vehicle for everyone. If you want to go hunting in any condition, the Can-Am defender is the right choice for you. The UTV comes with a heater and an air conditioner. The UTV also has a 4500lb of winch to tow it.

The Can-Am is equipped just like a car. The UTV has three power modes, which go from power to normal and then normal to eco mode. The UTV also has a differential locking system, with the help of it, you can select among the 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive. This expensive side-by-side is fun to ride.

Suppose you are going through ups and downs, and you think you need more power; you only need to enable the power mode and change the differential to 4-wheel drive. The mode changes in the blink of an eye. There is another interesting thing about this UTV; the UTV has glass windows; that is why it can create a hot or cold atmosphere inside the UTV.

The windshield can pop out in case you do not want to use it and want to see more clearly on the front. But when you are out driving your UTV, and it is rainy, muddy, or dusty, you can close your windshield with the help of a lockable handlebar. It also has wipers on the windshield to clear the windshield for a better look.

There is also a glovebox on the right side of the dash. This may be an expensive UTV for few but it offers great features. The glovebox is completely removable and can also be attached. It does not bother you while driving because the lock is stiff and keeps it intact. The UTV also has power windows on each side. The UTV has full doors and it has keys for that.

This expensive UTV is completely like a car. It also has a window on the rear side that can be opened too. The Can-Am defender also has a cup holder that makes it more luxurious. Let us tell you about the shocks of Can-Am defender CAB; the front suspension is a double A-arm with bars having 10-inches of travel in it. The rear suspension also has a 10-inches of travel in it.

Both the shocks are gas charged. The UTV has disc brakes that are dual-piston calipers. One more quality of the UTV is that it comes with a power steering so you will not be tired after going through sharp turns. The manufacturers have offered a 1-year warranty to the buyers because they do not want you to worry about your UTV.

The price of the UTV starts from $27,000.

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